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The Auger is Black Ops 4’s only semi-automatic Tactical Rifle and bears many reminders to the days of FAL from Black Ops 2.

The Auger DMR’s class setup can be fairly straight forward in public matches due to the power of High Caliber and High Caliber II. However, tweaks to perks and equipment can help you maximize the rifle’s potential in combat.

We’ll look four classes in this breakdown. Each class will have an image from which you can copy the class into your loadouts and a short explanation on why the class works.

Standard Double High Caliber Auger

This is the standard Auger DMR class that you may already encountered in your time playing Black Ops 4. The power of the High Caliber II cannot be understated. It turns the Auger into a 2-shot kill machine at almost all ranges. Flak Jacket helps protect you from explosives as the Auger is a bit of stationary weapon when firing. Gung-ho will help you move around the map more easily as the base sprintout speed for the Auger is quite long.

Dual Zoom w/ Double Stun

In this class, we retain the key attachments, but swap out the Red Dot for the Dual Zoom sight. The sight’s lower zoom is almost as at medium ranges fights as the Red Dot and the higher zoom can easily deal with Snipers and ICRs. The double stun grenades will give you some extra utility when breaching objectives and pushing enemies.


The NVIR gives an hefty increase to target acquisition, but it does cut away all of your peripheral vision. This class is best used in SnD to simply to stare down sightlines. You will rarely be beaten in a gunfight due to your High Caliber II, but be sure to have teammates covering your flanks.

Anti-Scorestreak Auger

As with any gun that has FMJ II as an option, a class for taking out scorestreaks is a must. FMJ II boosts damage to scorestreaks by a large amount and Fast Mags will help you keep shooting to take down Sniper’s Nests and other scorestreaks quickly. While Hellion Salvo are the traditionalist’s choice, FMJ II can actually take down most streaks faster.

We hope these classes help you out online or at least help you better understand how other players are 2-tapping you with the Auger. You can give your favorite Auger classes in the comments below or on Twitter @CharlieIntel.

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