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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Best class setups & tips for the Spitfire in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer



The Spitfire SMG has quickly become one of Black Ops 4’s most used tools of close range destruction due to its rapid fire rate, quick moveset, and agile frame.

As a fellow Black Ops 4 player, you might have run into the Spitfire in Multiplayer or Blackout a few times. As in a few times per match, of course.

The weapon cemented itself as a key player in the meta of Black Ops 4 due to its excellent stats. Let’s take a look at those stats with the help of TheXclusiveAce’s numerical breakdowns.

While the damage profile shown here might make you second guess the stats, take a look at that rate of fire. The Spitfire sports the highest RPM of any gun within Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, clocking in at 1034 RPM…that’s 17 bullets a second.

Within average SMG gunfights, this means the Spitfire can kill two targets (if you don’t miss) within a single second. This is why the Spitfire can be such a pain to deal with in objective gametypes such as Hardpoint and Control. It’s closest range time-to-kill clocks in at 290ms, which is only 40ms more than the average human’s reaction speed to visual cues.

Audio cues average out at 170ms, if you were interested.

Now, for those looking to beat the average reaction time, there’s Wildfire. The Spitfire’s Operator mod allows it to overclock its rate-of-fire. This increases the fire rate to an insane 1500 RPM. This puts the closest range time to kill at 200ms, a lightning quick speed unmatched by anything else.

Moving onto ADS and sprint times, the Spitfire does not disappoint. Quickdraw does not provide a significant benefit to the Spitfire as its base ADS speed of 250ms is already quite fast.

The benefit the weapon receives from Gungho is notable however. The perk halves the sprintout speed of the weapon, allowing the gun to be pulled up near instantly after sprinting. This helps significantly as the Spitfire is the run-and-gun player’s weapon of choice.

So let’s move on to checking out a few class setups for the Spitfire.

The Spitfire’s inherent stats limit the need for attachments, so we can focus on perks for extra speed and utility.

The Stock allows for 95% of normal movement speed while ADS’d, making you a difficult target to hit. The Extended Mag will help stamp out the only key weakness of the Spitfire. Due to its rapid fire-rate, the weapon runs dry quite often.

The class packs Tactical Mask to prevent enemy stuns, Seeker Drones, and other annoyances from stopping the player. Dead Silence is included to keep you undetected as you flank enemy objectives.

Double perk 2 slots are used to combine the massive benefit from Gungho and quicker slides and mantles from Dexterity.

The class is rounded out with the Mozu, a revolver with a respectable kill speed itself. If the player runs dry on ammo for the Spitfire (which can easily happen), a nice backup plan is good to have.

As for the second class, we have flipped the tables. This time we opt out of perks to heavily lean into the mobile killing power of the Spitfire.

The Stock and Extended Mag remain for the reasons above, but double Laser Sights are added. This gives the Spitfire the tightest hipfire in the game and eliminates all movement penalties to hipfire.

While Gungho may allow for shooting while sprinting, sliding has asserted itself as the dominate form of movement in Black Ops 4. The mechanic makes the player a much smaller target and paired with Laser Sight II, the player can execute objective retakes all in one slide.

Thank you again to TheXclusiveAce for providing the community with excellent statistical information on the Spitfire. The work he does allows us all to have better insight into how the game works and plays.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

COD 2020 Teasers: Black Ops 4 Summit map, Treyarch social profile



As we opened our new crates that Activision sent through, Black Ops 4’s Summit map got an update.

The screens in the center of the map in Black Ops 4 turned on which seem to match to what some of our slides show:

There’s also a look at clocks of 4 out of the 5 locations that some of us got as part of the slides to see:

These changes do appear to be new, especially the screens with the targets on them. Analyzing older images of the maps showcase that the screens were not showing the same thing.

In addition, Treyarch has updated their cover photo on social channels.

It’s getting cold out there…

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Gameplay from Black Ops 4’s canceled campaign mode revealed



A user on Reddit, r/BlackOps4, has shared what appears to be the very first footage of gameplay from the canceled campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which released in October 2018, was the first Call of Duty game to not have a traditional campaign mode, instead opting to have three online-based modes.

Treyarch insisted throughout the year that they really didn’t have plans for a campaign and were focusing on an online connected experience for Black Ops 4, but many reports and sources described the campaign as being too ambitious and canceled because of issues with development.

On Reddit, a user has shared about two minutes of alpha footage of the gameplay of Black Ops 4’s campaign. The campaign, in alpha-state footage (meaning its not complete), had a very similar HUD to the MP experience of Black Ops 4. The user claims that the campaign and MP were supposed to be connected, and that’s why the HUD is so similar.

The gameplay starts by showing a message of “FIND THE AQUILUS CEO.”

Here’s the gameplay footage:

The user who posted this has not said where they got this gameplay footage as of now. He said he only has this footage, alongside an augmented footage of the engine of BO4, which he is not releasing at this time.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Double XP live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 through February 6



To celebrate the big game this weekend, Treyarch is activating Double XP Quad Feed in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this weekend – starting now.

Live in game now is:

  • 2XP in MP
  • 2XP in Zombies
  • 2XP Party Game Moshpit

All of this is live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This is live through February 6 at 10AM PT.

For those still enjoying Black Ops 4, enjoy a new XP weekend!

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