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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Man-O-War loadout for CoD: Mobile Season 2

Here are the best attachments and perks to run with Call of Duty Mobile’s Man-O-War Assault Rifle in Season 2.



Man-O-War in CoD Mobile

CoD: Mobile’s Man-O-War is a dangerous Assault Rifle that comes with extremely high damage and impressive accuracy. Here are the best attachments and perks for it in Season 2.

There are various weapons in CoD: Mobile for you to choose from before jumping into battle. The Man-O-War Assault Rifle is at the top of our weapons tier list for Season 2, as it continues to dominate matches.

This compact weapon of mass destruction boasts impressively high DPS, manageable recoil, and almost precise accuracy, making it the best gun that you can carry in Season 2. You can further enhance it with our loadout.

Best Man-O-War attachments for CoD: Mobile

Man-O-War in CoD: Mobile
  • Muzzle: OWC Compensator
  • Barrel: OWC Ranger
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

Our loadout will focus on boosting the Man-O-War’s accuracy and effective damage range. We’ll start off with the OWC Compensator that will help reduce the Assault Rifle’s lateral recoil while also reigning in Vertical Recoil Control.

The muzzle will have the adverse effect of reducing the weapon’s ADS bullet spread accuracy, but we’ll make up for that by equipping the OWC Ranger barrel. This will also improve the effective damage range.

Equipping the OWC Tactical Laser will help with accuracy during medium-range engagements, and will complement the Man-O-War’s movement speed when using ADS. However, the laser can give away your location so be careful.

CoD Mobile's Man-O-War

The Strike Foregrip Provides vertical recoil control and increased accuracy when ADS’ing, but at the cost of a slight reduction in mobility. However, this is weapon already has the highest mobility, so this won’t matter much.

Finally, we’ll cap off this loadout with the Granulated Grip Tape to improve aiming stability and aim walking steadiness so that you’re able to pick off enemies from a distance.

Best perks to use with Man-O-War in CoD: Mobile

  • Red Perk: Lightweight
  • Green Perk: Toughness
  • Blue Perk: Dead Silence

Lightweight gives a 10% boost to your sprinting speed, which will allow you to get yourself out of intense combat situations quickly. If you do get hit, then the Toughness perk will reduce your flinch, allowing you to keep your aim.

Finally, Dead Silence will allow you to move throughout the map undetected. You can use this to your advantage and flank the enemy.

Lightweight Perk in CoD: Mobile

How to unlock the Man-O-War in CoD: Mobile

In Season 2, this powerful Assault Rifle will become unlocked once you reach player Level 52. You can get to this rank by jumping into various games of CoD: Mobile, and playing well in them. You’ll get there quicker by securing victories.

Best Man-O-War Alternatives in CoD: Mobile Season 2

If you haven’t unlocked the Man-O-War yet, or you’re looking for other options, there are plenty of other Assault Rifles to try out. The DR-H has a superb fire rate for an Assault Rifle and packs an incredible punch.

The ASM10 also comes with impressive rounds that are capable of obliterating your enemies with just a few hits.

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

When does CoD: Mobile Season 4 start? Season 3 end date

The handheld version of Call of Duty continues to dominate with Season 3, but how far away is CoD: Mobile Season 4’s start date?



cod mobile season 4

CoD: Mobile’s Season 3 Tokyo Escape offered players a chance to explore new content and ideas in Japan. But we must already look to the future and start speculating on the start of Season 4 and what it will offer.

The one thing that CoD: Mobile devs TiMi have not done is rest on their laurels with Call of Duty’s mobile phone version. Tokyo Escape is the theme for Season 3, and this has been fully represented by fitting items to celebrate this, plus a hot new weapon in the PP19 Bizon.

As players revel in the delights of Season 3’s theme, the team is already hard at work on Season 4. We will look at CoD: Mobile Season 4’s release date, potential content, and other exciting details regarding the game’s future.

CoD: Mobile Season 4 start date

cod mobile season 3 operators

Until it’s official, the start date for CoD: Mobile Season 4 will remain a subjective topic. But given that every Season follows a similar formula, we would think that the transition from Season 3 to Season 4 will be no different.

The current Season 3 Battle Pass is scheduled to end on May 26, and there shouldn’t be any discernible downtime.

So we can expect Season 4 to start on May 27.

CoD: Mobile Season 4 content: Zombies, Prestige

cod zombies mobile

Two big features that have been requested for some time could be on the cards if recent leaks and hints are anything to go by.

CoD: Mobile leaks suggest that the Chinese version of CoD: Mobile has access to additional features over every other release of the game: including Zombies and Prestige.

The devs confirmed that Zombies would be returning to the Chinese version, and it’s basically a given that the Western version of CoD: Mobile will be able to tangle with the undead in 2021.

CoD: Mobile Season 4 buffs and nerfs

cod mobile season 4 man o war

In a community update post, the devs behind CoD: Mobile confirmed that Season 4 would be undergoing some big changes to many of its big hitters.

Several key weapons and classes will be updated accordingly to try and balance out the large selection of CoD: Mobile weapons available.

CoD: Mobile Season 4 Weapon class buffs and nerfs

  • SMGs – We aim to strengthen this type’s close quarters’ abilities through increased damage and mobility while optimizing bullet trajectory to ensure viability at other distances.
  • Assault Rifles – We aim to strengthen the range and accuracy of ARs to ensure they have a superior combat range of 15-30 meters. This is done through improved weapon type differentiation in relation to bullet trajectory, handling, and recoil.
  • LMGs – We aim to strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening their overall capabilities at different ranges.
  • Snipers – We aim to optimize the attributes of sniper attachments, provide more combinations of attachments, and weaken the advantages of snipers in close-range combat.
  • Marksman Rifles – We aim to make marksman rifles more nimble and agile by increasing movement speed via various attachments”


  • Highest Damage – 0-8 meters range (increased range)
  • Second Highest – 8-14 meters range (increased range)
  • Third Highest – 14-19 meters range (increased range)
  • Lowest Damage – 19 meters range or further (increased range from 17m to 19m)


  • Highest Damage – 0-6 meters range (increased range)
  • Second Highest – 6-15 meters range (increased range)
  • Third Highest – 15-28 meters range (consolidated)
  • Lowest Damage – 28 meters range or further (same range)

HG 40

Old Stats

  • Highest Damage – 25 damage at 0-10 meters range
  • Second Highest – 23 damage at 10-24 meters range
  • Lowest Damage – 17 damage at 24 meters range or further

New Stats

  • Highest Damage – 26 damage at 0-10 meters range
  • Second Highest – 24 damage at 10-15 meters range
  • Third Highest – 20 damage at 15-25 meters range or further
  • Lowest Damage – 17 damage at 25 meters range or further


  • Highest Damage – 0-8 meters range (same as original)
  • Second Highest – 8-15 meters range (increased range)
  • Third Highest – 15-25 meters range (increased range)
  • Lowest Damage – 25 meters range or further (increased range from 17m to 25m)

Type 25

  • Highest Damage – 0-10 meters range (increased range)
  • Second Highest – 10-17 meters range (increased range)
  • Third Highest – 17-25 meters range (decreased range)
  • Lowest Damage – 25 meters range or further (decreased range from 30m to 25m)
  • Increased the basic bullet spread (base weapon)
  • Light Barrel (short)
    • Increased bullet spread
    • Decreased ADS speed
  • Stopping Power Reload (mag)
    • Increased spread
    • Decreased the negative effects of reload speed


  • Highest Damage – 0-13 meters range (increased range)
  • Second Highest – 13-25 meters range (consolidated range)
  • Lowest Damage – 25 meters range or further (decreased range from 35m to 25m)


  • Highest Damage – 0-18 meters range (increased range)
  • Second Highest – 18-30 meters range (both increased and decreased range)
  • Lowest Damage – 30 meters range or further (decreased range from 35m to 30m)
  • OWC Ranger – Decreased movement speed penalty (buff)
  • Elite Foregrip
    • Decreased movement speed penalty (buff)
    • Helps push the weapon from close range to medium range
  • ADS Speed Improved
  • Optimized horizontal recoil, which increases bullet spread


  • Highest Damage – 0-20 meters range (same range)
  • Second Highest – 20-33 meters range (decreased range)
  • Lowest Damage – 33 meters range or further (decreased range from 40m to 30m)
  • Strike Stock – ADS Movement Speed penalty increased (nerf)
  • OWC Marksman
    • ADS Movement speed penalty decreased (buff)
    • Movement speed penalty decreased (buff)
  • Reload Speed slightly increased
  • Increased the damage magnification above the waist of enemies
  • Optimized horizontal recoil, which results in a slight bullet spread increase


  • Damage increased at the closest range (stronger in close combat)
  • ADS speed increased (nerf – takes longer to ADS)
  • Accuracy enhanced


Old Stats

  • Highest Damage – 26 damage at 0-10 meters range
  • Second Highest – 21 damage at 10-45 meters range
  • Lowest Damage – 20 damage at 45 meters range or further

New Stats

  • Highest Damage – 31 damage at 0-20 meters range
  • Second Highest – 23 damage at 20-55 meters range
  • Lowest Damage – 18 damage at 55 meters range or further


Old Stats

  • Highest Damage – 31 damage at 0-10 meters range
  • Second Highest – 24 damage at 10-30 meters range
  • Third Highest – 22 damage at 30-50 meters range
  • Lowest Damage – 21 damage at 50 meters range or further

New Stats

  • Highest Damage – 32 damage at 0-20 meters range
  • Second Highest – 23 damage at 20-55 meters range
  • Lowest Damage – 19 damage at 50 meters range or further

Akimbo .50s GS

  • Overall mobility decreased
  • Hip fire spread increased by 35%
  • Firing speed increased from 0.36s to 0.43s

We’ll continue to update this page with more information on CoD: Mobile Season 4 as it comes in.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

How to get the Renetti Pistol in CoD: Mobile Season 3

You can unlock the Renetti Pistol in CoD: Mobile Season 3 by completing the Quick Hands seasonal challenge, here’s how to get it.



How to unlock Renetti Pistol in CoD: Mobile Season 3

Call of Duty: Mobile just added the Renetti Pistol from Modern Warfare in Season 3, and unlocking it will require a lot of work and patience, so here’s what you need to do.

CoD: Mobile Season 3 added a plethora of new content to the game, including new maps, modes, characters, weapons, and more. Now, the developers have brought in a new gun in the form of the Renetti Pistol.

This burst fire weapon first appeared in 2019’s Modern Warfare and became a fan-favorite. Now, you can unlock it in the mobile game by completing a new seasonal challenge, so here’s what you’ll need to do.

Renetti Pistol in CoD: Mobile Season 3

How to complete the Quick Hands challenge in CoD: Mobile

CoD: Mobile fans have been excited ever since the developers confirmed the arrival of the Modern Warfare weapon. The three-round burst makes the Renetti Pistol extremely lethal, as you can eliminate your enemies almost instantly.

If you want to unlock it, then you’ll need to complete the “Quick Hands” challenge, which consists of eight steps. You’ll be required to tackle a wide variety of different tasks that will likely take multiple sessions to complete.

Here’s what you’ll need to do in this seasonal challenge:

Play 3 matches in any mode200 Credits + 1000 Battle Pass XP
Kill 15 enemies with PistolsPaper Star Knife + 1000 Battle Pass XP
Kill 30 enemies with any MW-1120 Weapon XP Cards + 2000 Battle Pass XP
Kill 30 enemies with any MW-11 equipped with the FMJ Perk + 4 other attachmentsDragon Delight Spray + 2000 Battle Pass XP
Kill 30 enemies with any Pistol equipped with 4 attachmentsMecha icon + 4000 Battle Pass XP
Kill 5 enemies with headshots using Pistols equipped with 3 attachmentsICR-1 Birthstone + 4000 Battle Pass Xp
Win 7 multiplayer matches with any J358 equippedRenetti + 6000 Battle Pass XP
Modern Warfare's Renetti pistol.

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of work that requires all of your dedication, but you’ll get plenty of other neat rewards on your way towards the Renetti. Earning 20,000 Battle Pass XP can be very handy.

The Quick Hands challenge will only remain available in CoD: Mobile for just 20 days, so you’ll need to make sure that you’ve gotten all of these tasks done before then.

Once the Season 4 update arrives, we don’t know how the Renetti might become available to unlock. The devs have also confirmed that Zombies will make their triumphant return later in 2021, so there’s plenty of new content to look forward to.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

New perk and battle royale class could come to CoD: Mobile in Season 4

The classic Gung-Ho perk and a brand new battle royale class are set to make their way to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 4.



CoD Mobile perk and BR class

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Public Test Build allows players to test new features, and now the Gung-Ho perk and a new battle royale class have been added, revealing they’re potentially joining the full game in Season 4.

We’re now in the final weeks of CoD Mobile Season 3, which is set to end on May 26. Season 3 added more content from Modern Warfare, with the PP19 Bizon, and the Warrior’s Path event. With the season set to be ending soon, players are looking forward to what the next season has in store.

Details surrounding Season 4 are sparse, but a couple of new features have been added to the Public Test Server that could arrive in the game’s next season. Features tested in the server usually make it to the game over the next couple of seasons, so Season 4 is a likely time for these to arrive.

Gung-ho perk black ops cold war

The test server has received the Gung-Ho perk, and a new battle royale class called Time Traveler. They can’t be used yet, but they can be seen in the Public Test Server.

Gung-Ho will be familiar to CoD fans, as the perk has appeared in almost every Call of Duty game since Advanced Warfare. It’s also included in Black Ops Cold War, being one of the best perks for fast gameplay and quickscoping.

In CoD Mobile, the perk allows you to hip-fire your weapon, throw grenades, and change ammo all while sprinting. For fans players who like to run and gun with an SMG, this perk will be the perfect accompaniment to your loadout.

The Time Traveler BR class has also been revealed, but there are very few details about its abilities. This hasn’t stopped players from speculating though, as players took an interest in the class’s ability: Glitch.

CoD Mobile BR

Glitch was a specialist ability in Black Ops III that allowed players to teleport to a previous position, so if it’s anything like BO3’s version, it’ll be interesting to see how it shakes up the CoD Mobile battle royale meta.

Alongside this new perk and class, the test build has added the Dome map, the Clan Wars feature, and various balance changes, especially to the AS VAL and NA-45.

Again, there is no confirmation that this ability and perk will make their way to the regular game as they are, but it’s very possible they will arrive in Season 4 or 5.

Image Credit: Activision

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