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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Renetti loadout for CoD: Mobile Season 3

The Renetti pistol is a sidearm added in Season 3 of CoD: Mobile, and here is everything you need to know to make the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout.



best cod: mobile renetti loadout

The Renetti pistol is one of the strongest sidearms players can utilize in CoD: Mobile, so you will want to make sure you have the best CoD: Mobile Renetii loadout to take advantage of its maximum potential.

Season 3 of CoD: Mobile brought plenty of exciting content to the first-person shooter, with one of the biggest pieces of content being the addition of the Renetti pistol.

The Renetti has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with in Season 3, which is why we have gathered everything you need to know to make the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout so that you can take down all of your enemies with this formidable sidearm.

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout attachments

Barrel: OWC Ranger
Laser: MIP Laser 5mW
Stock: Folding Stock
Trigger: Match Grade Trigger
Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B

These attachments will help increase your recoil control of the Renetti’s high damage output dramatically and allow you to land accurate shots compared to a build without these particular attachments.

The increase in ammo and fire rate will also allow you to fire many more rounds down-range faster, which will help in you taking down multiple targets faster.

Best Perks for CoD: Mobile Renetti class

Having the right perks for this setup will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of this weapon, even more, so we suggest trying the following perks to help make your class even stronger in Season 3.

Perk 1 – Lightweight

Using Lightweight as your first perk will provide you with a 10% increase in your sprinting speed, which will allow you to fly around maps with the Renetti at incredible speeds and take advantage of this pistol’s power when playing aggressively. Lightweight will also cause you to take less fall damage.

best cod: mobile renetti loadout

Perk 2 – Ghost

Having Ghost equipped will keep enemy UAVs from being able to locate you and show you on your enemies’ minimaps making this perk choice a no-brainer.

It will allow you to get in close with the Renetti without the chance of an enemy player seeing you approach beforehand, thanks to a UAV.

Perk 3 – High Alert

Knowing where enemies that are outside of your line of sight are shooting you from is invaluable when playing CoD: Mobile, so having High Alert equipped when using the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout will allow you to instantly know where an enemy not in view is shooting you from and start a counter-attack.

Best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout

How to unlock the Renetti in CoD: Mobile

Players looking to add this pistol to their inventory will need to complete the Quick Hands challenge. The quick hands challenge consists of eight different steps that you will need to complete to unlock the Renetti in CoD: Mobile. You can find the eight steps of the Quick Hands challenge and how to complete the steps below:

  • Play 3 matches in any mode
  • Kill 15 enemies with pistols
  • Kill 30 enemies with any MW-11
  • Kill 30 enemies with any MW-11 equipped with the FMJ Perk + 4 other attachments
  • Kill 30 enemies with any Pistol equipped with 4 attachments
  • Kill 5 enemies with headshots using Pistols equipped with 3 attachments
  • Win 7 multiplayer matches with any J358 equipped

Best alternatives

If you are not feeling the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout, the J358 and MW-11 are excellent alternatives for sidearms and will provide solid firepower for your secondary slot if you are not using Overkill to have two primary weapons.

The PP19 Bizon is also a great alternative if you are looking for a powerful close-quarters weapon in Season 3.

Members of the community who utilize the attachments and perks above will have the best CoD: Mobile Renetti loadout at their disposal and should not have any trouble finding success in their future matches when using this powerful pistol.

Image Credits: Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to get back stolen & hacked CoD Activision accounts

Find out how to properly protect your CoD Activision account and retrieve it if its gets stolen or hacked with our guide.



call of duty activision logo

Call of Duty Activision accounts are regularly subjected to theft and hacking, so our guide seeks to help you reclaim stolen CoD accounts, plus we have some other useful methods to keep your account secure and safe.

Whether it’s issues with Call of Duty’s servers, cheating, or the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone stores, there are always problems that need to be tended to. Regardless of the size and wealth of the company, it’s presumably always going to be hard to keep on top of everything.

But questions have been raised about Activision’s ability to restore stolen Call of Duty accounts and provide support to those players. Thankfully, there are various ways to try and reclaim your account, and also ways to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

Activision Account Recovery for Call of Duty

cod cold war adler

Many people complain about their Call of Duty account being hacked and/or stolen in whichever CoD title they’re playing.

Players lose access to their data, and most importantly their CoD Points and any purchased bundles or cosmetics. But there is an official process that players need to go through for Activision to be able to take the appropriate action.

To begin proceedings to retrieve your account, you’ll need to contact Activision Support here.

It could take anywhere between 4-10 days for a response on average but maybe longer. This is reasonable given the large volume of queries that Activation presumably deals with on a daily basis.

Live chat & submitting tickets for a quicker Activision Response

cod activision support

Another solution you can try to speed things up yourself is to try and contact a member of Activision’s support team directly.

To do this, you’ll need to complete the following:

  1. Head to Activision’s ‘Support’ page
  2. Selection an option from “I need help with”
  3. Find one that allows you to “Submit a ticket” or will connect you to an advisor to help you personally

Two-Step Authentication CoD Account

activision account support

If you’ve been successful in retrieving your Activision Account or just want to know how to make it more secure, then it would be wise to enforce Two-Factor Authentication.

It’s now a given to see Two-Factor Authentication across the industry to protect accounts across all forms of media. It’s safe, secure, and easy to protect your account.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to activate Two-factor Authentication for your Activision Account:

  1. Head to Activision’s Two-Factor Authentication page
  2. Click ‘Set up Two-Factor Authentication’
  3. Sign in to your account, if you haven’t made one then do so
  4. Download the ‘Google Authenticator app’ for your phone or tablet
  5. Scan the QR Code using the app’s scanner
  6. Enter the Authentication Code for the App
  7. Press to complete the process

Now you have a secure setup that only you should be able to access.

It’s understandable that players will be frustrated with Activision for not responding to their queries as they want their account back.

At the same time, there are millions of accounts spread across Cold War, Warzone, CoD: Mobile, and Modern Warfare, with potentially multiple questions per player.

Image credits: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Release date, details, rumors

Activision has hinted that Call of Duty: Warzone could be set for its own individual game on mobile. We have all the latest news, dates, and rumors.



call of duty warzone mobile image

Despite the massive success of CoD: Mobile, Activision is looking to bring a fully-fledged version of Warzone to mobile phones separately. Here’s all the latest on a handheld version of Call of Duty: Warzone, including its potential release date, new information, and more.

Activision’s domination of the first-person shooter market doesn’t seem to be enough, as they are allegedly looking to expand their repertoire of Call of Duty games. Currently, Activision has Modern Warfare (2019), Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and CoD: Mobile as currently supported options.

The untitled Call of Duty 2021 project is still in the pipeline, and now it seems like we may be getting another mobile CoD game. Their free-to-play battle royale experience has proven to a big winner for the company, and now Activision wants Warzone on mobile.

Here’s everything we know about Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile so far.

Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile release date

cod warzone verdansk 84 map

Given how new the recent revelations are, it seems that it’s far too early to tell when Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile could be made available for download.

It was back in March that Activision sent out a survey asking Call of Duty: Mobile players if they’d like to see Verdansk come to the much-played handheld CoD game.

So it’s entirely possible that the game has been in development for some time. There’s also the obvious positive in that Warzone already exists, so they already know what works, what doesn’t, and how to transition it to handheld devices.

Furthermore, Call of Duty battle royale is already available to play on phones thanks to CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile details

cod mobile tokyo escape

The topic of conversation was really put under the spotlight when Activision announced in a LinkedIn post that, “Activision Mobile has put up new roles! Teams are focused on Live Operations and content expansion across CoD Mobile and Warzone.”

The official website is advertising for over 50 roles with many geared towards “a new mobile title.” It’s possible that Activision wants this knowledge to become more public to counteract the recent announcement from rivals EA / DICE that Battlefield Mobile is on the way.

If we go even further back to September 2020, we can see that Activision was recruiting for an “Executive Producer, Features” for a project called “WZM.” This further supports the idea that they’ve had this idea in the pipeline for some time.

June 7, 2021 saw a new job listing for a Mobile Producer at a new Mobile dedicated development studio appear with the job listing stating that the role will be working on a “new AAA mobile game in the Call of Duty franchise.”

It has not yet been confirmed that this role and new studio will be working on the rumored Warzone Mobile game, but it would make sense considering that it fits the bill for being a AAA game in the franchise.

News, and even rumors, are very scarce on the potential Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile project right now. But as always, once we start hearing more news then you can read it here first at Charlie INTEL.

Image Credit: Activision

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Activision’s new ‘Activision Mobile’ studio developing new CoD mobile game

A new Activision internal studio has been created focusing on Mobile development.



Unlock Holger 26 Cod Mobile Season 4

Activision has established a new internal mobile development studio to create a brand new Call of Duty Mobile title. The new studio is called “Activision Mobile.”

A new job listings on Activision site has revealed that the company has established a new “Activision Mobile” internal development studio that will focus on continuing the company’s push to expand their mobile presence following Call of Duty: Mobile’s success (first spotted by VGC News).

CoD Mobile Battle Royale

The description of the new internal studio states that Activision Mobile will focus on the publishing operations and live services of Call fo Duty: Mobile, but also expand to partner with development studios on creating a “new AAA Call of Duty mobile game”.

Activision Mobile is an emerging team within Activision Publishing focusing on both publishing and live-operations for Call of Duty Mobile along with our new in-house studio dedicated to the development of AAA mobile titles. Designed around the singular focus of creating the best games in our space, ours is a mobile studio like no other.

The new details in the job listing also states that Activision Mobile is now working on an AAA mobile title in the Call of Duty franchise.

Developing in collaboration with Activision studios around the world, work on a new AAA mobile game in the Call of Duty franchise has begun.

The team has job listings up for a “Producer, Mobile” that says the team’s “first project” is a AAA Call of Duty franchise game.

Activision has not announced what the new “AAA” mobile game will be or how it will connect with the currently existing Call of Duty: Mobile title.

There’s a bunch of rumors about the potential of Call of Duty: Warzone coming to Mobile devices at some point, with job listings and even Activision LinkedIn confirming mentions.

Activision has not officially announced a “Activision Mobile” studio at this time. We’ve reached out for a comment.

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