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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best Streetsweeper loadout for CoD: Cold War Season 2

Here is the best Streetsweeper loadout to bludgeon your opponents in Black Ops Cold War Season 2, featuring optimal attachments and perks.



cod cold war streetsweeper

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you create the ultimate Streetsweeper loadout in Black Ops Cold War Season 2, with all the right attachments, perks, and field equipment too.

When discussions arise about which weapon is the most devastating in CoD: Black Ops Cold War, it’s impossible not to consider the Streetsweeper Shotgun. This relentless, semi-automatic cannon can unleash a barrage of devastating blasts in seconds.

The gun is incredibly accurate, has unexpectedly decent range, and doesn’t look out of place in any loadout you can conjure. The worrying thing is you can make it even more deadly with the right gear, and our Streetsweeper guide will make Treyarch’s Cold War Season 2 even more fun for you.

cod streetsweeper loadout

Best Streetsweeper Black Ops Cold War Class

  • Muzzle: Duckbill Choke
  • Barrel: 14.6″ Ranger
  • Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Magazine: STANAG18 RND Drum
  • Stock: Wire Stock

The first step to making a weapon of mass destruction is to apply the Duckbill Choke as we want to prioritize coverage. If your Hip Fire isn’t that accurate, or there are multiple enemies, then a wider spread increases your chances of hitting the target(s).

The 14.6″ Ranger Barrel gives Effective Damage Range a massive 30% boost at the cost of Aim Walking Speed, which we’re trying not to do anyway. The SWAT 5mw Laser Sight does wonders for Hip Fire Accuracy and complements the other attachments perfectly.

With this loadout, you understand that the Streetsweeper might just end up being a one-time use per life gun. On this logic, we’ve opted for the STANAG18 RND Drum meaning you can effectively fan the hammer of this monster. The reason we say it’s once per life is that reloading 18 shells into the Streetsweeper will take you a whole game!

cod black ops cold war streetsweeper loadout

To cap off the attachments, you should slap on the Wire Stock as it does nothing bad, and slightly increases your Sprint To Fire speed allowing you a bit more freedom to run around.

Best perks to use with Cold War Streetsweeper

  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket
  • Perk 2: Assassin
  • Perk 3: Ninja

Due to its overpowered nature, Flak Jacket is selected by almost every player and it will keep you safe from most equipment, especially Proximity Mines if you’re running around. You’re going to cause some serious damage with the Streetsweeper and get a lot of kills, so the Assassin perk will grant you extra points during matches.

For Perk Three we’ve gone for the Ninja Perk as you’ll be able to quietly scurry around the map like you’ve got a vendetta against everyone, unloading shotgun shells for fun.

assassin perk in cod cold war

Best field upgrade to use with Cold War Streetsweeper

To complete your loadout, we would suggest the SAM Turret as using the Streetsweeper will take up most of your focus, so just place a SAM Turret in an obscure part of the map and hopefully earn a few extra points.

That’s the finishing touch to our Streetsweeper loadout for Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War. You now have a venomous Shotgun that can destroy everything, very quickly.

It can be used on virtually every map and if you’re packing a solid primary weapon, then there’s no limit to your potential.

Image credits: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

CoD: Cold War devs respond to glitch making ping tracker disappear

Players are no longer able to track their ping during a game of CoD: Cold War and Treyarch have responded to this apparent glitch.



cod cold war ping wifi

Since online gaming began, ping has been the standard for measuring a player’s internal connection during a game. Black Ops Cold War’s players currently can’t see theirs, and a Treyarch dev has explained why.

Bigger is certainly not better when it comes to ping during Call of Duty’s online multiplayer. A low, steady, consistent ping is the key to a more stable connection to a game, reducing your chances of dying.

There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve seen and eliminated an enemy long before you’ve seen them, for the opposite to have actually happened.

So it’s always healthy to check out your ping and ensure your internet connection isn’t costing you several deaths per game. CoD: Cold War normally allows players to monitor their ping during games, but this isn’t the case at the moment heading into Season 3.

cod cold war ping settings

Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres had to respond to the alleged glitch in Cold War that prevented ping from tracking.

The complaint was posted as a Reddit thread titled “Can’t see your ping anymore,” and the statement was paired with a picture to highlight the issue.

Under Black Ops Cold War’s usual Settings menu, the option to track your ping was missing from the screen, prompting the question.

But Josh noticed the bug query and weighed in with an official response saying, “We’ve temporarily removed these while we investigate some visual issues. This is currently noted in our patch notes, which will be live tomorrow morning Pacific Time, and we do plan on returning the functionality.”

He continued, “PC players should be able to enable/keep their Server Latency and Packet Loss widgets under Account and Network in their settings.”

This ping issue will no doubt be sorted very soon as it’s a vital statistic that players generally need. Just like recent dev action concerning Cold War PS5 controller issues and broken Zombies attachments, the matter will be noted and attended to ASAP.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Slide canceling receives major nerf in Cold War Season 3 update

Black Ops Cold War has removed one of CoD’s most controversial and powerful movement techniques, slide canceling, in the Season 3 update.



BOCW Season 3 gameplay

Call of Duty’s most common movement technique, slide canceling, has received a significant nerf in Black Ops Cold War’s Season 3 update, essentially removing the mechanic.

Although slide canceling arrived with Black Ops 4, it became especially prominent in Modern Warfare and Warzone, and continued into Cold War. As it says on the tin, this is a method of canceling the slide animation before it finishes to speed up gameplay and get the advantage on opponents.

By canceling the slide mid-way through, you could continue moving at full speed afterward, allowing you to move faster than usual. Players have long used this mechanic to maneuver the map quicker, precisely slide behind cover, and offensively push players using erratic and unpredictable movement.

However, Treyarch has essentially removed this mechanic in Cold War’s Season 3 update.

Player running in Black Ops Cold War

It has been clear that Treyarch never intended slide canceling to be as powerful as it was, as devs addressed slide mechanics in Cold War’s day one patch notes. “Sliding is intended as an escape mechanic or quick entrance into crouch or cover,” they explained. “It’s not intended to be over-used during engagements, or to be too advantageous in close quarters.”

Although they have made adjustments to sliding in the past, the Season 3 update has essentially eliminated slide canceling altogether. Instead of canceling the slide mid-way through and quickly returning to a standing position, Cold War will now force you to finish the slide, causing a significant delay before you can stand up.

For players who have been using this mechanic, it will be especially difficult to adjust to the new movement system. As it was a somewhat advanced movement technique, it was especially common in League Play and the CDL, so expect a different style of play in the upcoming Stage 3.

Alongside this update comes adjustments to all Shotguns and LMGs, as well as quality of life updates for Zombies. Once Season 3 officially goes live on April 22, new weapons, maps, and Operators will also arrive in the game.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War devs confirm weapon unlock challenges coming to Zombies

CoD: Cold War fans who love Zombies and dislike multiplayer can rejoice as specific weapon challenges are coming to its Zombies modes.



cod cold war zombies season 3

For a long time, Call of Duty fans that love Zombies have had to delve into Cold War’s multiplayer to unlock new weapons. But the devs have now confirmed that Zombies-specific challenges will now be available moving forward in Season 3.

Given that Zombies started out as a side attraction in Call of Duty: World at War, the mode has come a long way. Each year it’s grown, getting bigger and better, with improved stories and maps. Its popularity is now so huge that Treyarch went as far as to create an open-world Zombie experience called Outbreak.

That being said, there has been a hint of resentment from fans who believe that they are short-changed when it comes to unlocking new weapons for CoD’s Zombies. Treyarch has confirmed that this gripe will be fixed in Season 3, with new weapon challenges.

cod cold war streetsweeper

Since Black Ops Cold War launched, Seasons 1, 2, and 3 have offered a lot in the way of new weapons and gear.

Destructive Streetsweeper shotguns, insane LC-10s, and pinpoint R1 Shadowhunter Crossbows have all become a part of CoD: Cold War lobbies. However, their appearance in games of Die Maschine, Firebase Z, and Outbreak are far more infrequent.

Usually, Zombies players would have to hop into the online portion of Cold War and fulfill the standard unlock requirements to use new weapons in Zombies.

Thankfully for Zombies fans, this is no longer the case. An Official Tweet from the Treyarch Twitter account informed fans of the good news.

There’s no word yet just yet on what the various challenges will entail, but the guarantee is that they will all be specific to Zombies.

All should become clear when Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone launches on April 22.

Image credits: Treyarch

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