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Best Competitive Class Setups for Public Matches in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4



Each Call of Duty comes with a wide array of weapons, gadgets, and perks. Choosing the right ones can make all the difference, so let’s see what the pros use.

Professional players in Call of Duty generally play under a different, more finely tuned ruleset than public players. With this said, the majority of professional class setups work perfectly well in public multiplayer.

This is especially true of Black Ops 4 due to the ruleset being very close to public matches in terms of class setups.

We will focus down on the main classes used by the majority of pro players as well as a few details on why the classes are so useful. The four class setups we will look over today are: Respawn Maddox, SnD Slayer Maddox, Trophy System ICR, and Quick Peek Saug 9mm.

Respawn Maddox

The class focuses primarily on the efficiency of the Maddox’s kill rates. The double Quickdraws allow for nearly SMG levels of ADS speed and the stock allow for quick strafing.

Due to Black Ops 4’s ADS mechanic retaining hipfire speeds for a split-second after you ADS, competitive players use Stock along with Left-Trigger spam to move at hipfire speeds while ADS’ing. This makes you a hard target to hit and allows you to cover more areas safely.

The class uses Tactical Mask to mitigate the effect of Concussion grenades and equips Dexterity for quick slide cancels.

The third perk is left empty in favor of a Concussion grenade of your own. The best of both worlds.

Lastly, the mandatory Stim Shot is thrown on as its effect benefits outweigh all other gear options.

Quick Peek Saug 9mm

This popular Saug 9mm class prioritizes speed over all other factors. The class will let you get to your objective quicker and stay alive longer.

It does this in several important ways. Let’s start with the double Stock. The stocks allow for very fast strafing speeds while ADS’d. This allows players using the class to safely “quick-peek” or “shoulder” around corners for less than a split-second.

This tactic can give you and your team vital intel on enemy postions around the corner without putting yourself in much danger. Due to the high time-to-kill in Black Ops 4, most players will be unable to kill you before you duck back into cover.

To double down on this strength, the class also features Lightweight. The perk will allow you to get to the objectives faster than the enemy, allowing you to get ready to quick-peek around the corners closest to their entry-point into the objective.

Additionally, Tactical Mask prevents serious harm from crowd control and the Grip stamps down on the kick of the 9mm. Dexterity rounds out the class to allow for quick slide cancels.

SnD Slayer Maddox

As this class is mostly the same as the first Maddox, we will skip over the similarities and focus on the difference.

In Search and Destroy, the gameplay moves slower and the map is naturally quieter due to more cautious gameplay. This means most players with a headset will be listening for those telltale footsteps to pinpoint your location.

The Concussion from the first class is thrown away in lieu of Dead Silence. This is the most important perk in Search and Destroy. If you ever find yourself playing SnD, make sure you equip it. It eliminates most sound made by footsteps. It is a staple perk used by nearly every professional player in SnD.

Double Trophy System ICR-7

Alright, let’s get started on the oddest class in the list.

The ICR-7 is a long range rifle with limited speed due to no Stock option. So what do the pros do in respawn game modes to ensure they bring the most to the table while using this weapon?

They add utility often times through the usage of Trophy Systems. This class rocks two of the anti-projectile boxes and foregoes both perk 1 and perk 3.

The class provides quick cover from incoming Concussions, 9-Bangs, Cluster Grenades, and more without the need for Tactical Mask or Flak Jacket. Better yet, the systems protect a wide area of effect which means teammates benefit from the effect as well.

Dexterity is kept on to allow for the quick slides and mantles. Quickdraw along with Primary Gunfighter 1 ensures that if the player is forced into a fight during rotations, they can fight without too much trouble.

Some competitive players may only take one Trophy System in order to allow for a perk 1 Flak Jacket, but these are interchangeable and dependent on the current course of the game.

These classes will help get you more wins in gunfights than ever before. Each is regularly used by professional players in high level matches and will work even better against the average player in Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty League

CDL Commissioner Johanna Faries set to be lead both CDL and OWL



This week has been an interesting week for Activision Blizzard’s Esports division and leagues.

It was first reported earlier this week that Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is in talks with Immortals to reacquire the OpTic Gaming brand. With that, H3CZ would also acquire the CDL LA Spot.

Since H3CZ is a part of NRG has Co-CEO with the Chicago Huntsmen, Activision’s rules state one organization cannot own two spots in the same league. Rumors of who H3CZ plans to sell the spot to is rampant, but no official information has been disclosed.

Late on Thursday, Esports Observed also reported that Pete Vlastelica, the Commissioner of the Overwatch League stepped down from his role.

Now, EsportsObserved reports that Johanna Faries, current Commissioner of the Call of Duty League, is expanding her role to become ‘Head of Leagues’ at Activision Blizzard. In this newly created position, she will lead both Overwatch League and Call of Duty League’s league administration and broadcast operations.

Brandon Snow, current Chief Revenue Officer of Activision Blizzard Esports, is expanding his role to include marketing & analytics for the league. The former Chief Marketing Officer of Activision Blizzard Esports left in early September to be VP of DC Comics division of WarnerBros.

Both these new roles will take effect October 12, per EsportsObserved.

The first season of the Call of Duty League ended on August 31 with the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend. The event featured the most viewers in Call of Duty esports history, capping off a dynamically changing year with the on going pandemic.

Call of Duty League’s second season is set to kick off in 2021 with some major changes. The league announced that it will return to a 4v4 format, leaving one player on each roster looking for another starting role. They also announced that matches will be played on PC using controllers going forward instead of extending the esports partnership with PlayStation.

Activision has not announced these changes officially at this time.

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Call of Duty League

Activision Blizzard allowing CDL teams to defer league payments



Activision Blizzard is providing financial relief for Call of Duty League team ownership groups in 2020 due to the on-going pandemic.

The Washington Post reported that the company is allowing Call of Duty League team owners to defer their 2020 franchise spot payments. EsportsObserver first reported in July about financial relief payments discussions.

The Call of Duty League started in 2020 with 12 teams. The 12 city spots reportedly sold for $25 million each, to be paid over several years as part of the agreement.

Teams are required to pay a portion of the franchise fees yearly until the full amount of is paid off.

As part of providing financial relief to the teams, Activision Blizzard is allowing teams to defer the portion that is due in 2020. Activision Blizzard is offering the same for Overwatch League team owners. 10 of the 12 Call of Duty League teams have the same ownership group as their respective Overwatch League teams.

“It’s a tough year for everybody,” said Philadelphia Fusion President Tucker Roberts to the Washington Post. “They’ve worked with us to make sure there’s support.”

The league expected to generate high revenues in 2020 with live events in all 12 cities. The League cancelled all live events in March. In April, the league transitioned to an online format.

Call of Duty League hosted four live events in 2020, with events in Minnesota, London, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, prior to the pandemic ceasing all future events.

This relief is a sign that the league and teams are facing financial pressures due to cancelling live events. The league expected to generate revenue from ticket sales, in person merchandising, and more thanks to home stead events.

Call of Duty League has revealed that the 2021 season will switch to a 4v4 competition, after being 5v5 for the first year.

The League is also making a massive switch in platforms from PlayStation 4 to PC + Controller. This will open the field, especially in the Challengers league, to new competition from Xbox controller players as the years progress.

Activision Blizzard Esports did not provide a comment.

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Call of Duty League

Call of Duty League 2021 season platform will be PC with controller



The Call of Duty League has announced a massive change for the 2021 season and the future of the league itself.

The league announced on September 14 that the 2021 season will be played with controllers on PC.

All Pro players who are part of the CDL will be required to compete on PC platform using a league sanctioned controller. A list of allowed controllers will be announced in the near future.

The League is announcing it will move pro team competition to PC + Controller beginning with the 2021 season. This means that all pro matches will be played on PC and all pro players must use a League-approved controller of their choice.

As part of this transition, Call of Duty League competition will maintain exclusive use of controllers for the upcoming season. This change provides players with expanded choice of controller, allowing them to select the League-approved controller style that works best for their game. More details and rules pertaining to peripherals will be released at a future date.

This marks the first time Call of Duty esports will not be played on a console. Activision’s first real sponsored esports event was the 2011 Call of Duty XP, which was played on Xbox 360. Call of Duty esports went on to play on the Xbox console for through 2015.

Call of Duty transitioned to PlayStation as the premiere partner of esports in 2015 with Black Ops 3, and all league matches have been on PS4 since then.

Call of Duty Challengers

Activision has also announced a big change for the Call of Duty Challengers division.

Call of Duty Challengers will be switching to crossplay, which means players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can all compete in online Challenger events in the 2021 season.


For the first time in Call of Duty esports history, competitors will be able to compete online in Call of Duty Challengers on their platform of choice across console and PC. We will continue to test platform hardware and make restrictions if necessary.

Players are required to use controllers. Mouse and keyboard peripherals will not be allowed.

Any LAN Challengers event that takes place during the season will be played on PC. Competitors may plug in their League-approved controller of choice.

More information on the 2021 season schedule to come. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Call of Duty League

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