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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best Groza loadout for Black Ops Cold War Season 2

The Groza is a fantastic Assault Rifle, and you can make it even powerful with a few attachments in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.



Groza in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 gives you the opportunity to try out various different weapons, and the Groza Assault Rifle is a reliable pick. Here’s how you can improve it with the right loadout.

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War & Warzone has brought a ton of brand new Call of Duty content for fans to enjoy. There have been various map changes, and the game’s meta has been altered by the balancing updates from Activision.

After you manage to unlock the Groza in BOCW, then you can use this Assault Rifle to dish out some pain to your opponents. It has a lot in common with the MAC-10, and comes with great all-around capabilities.

If you apply the right attachments, then you’ll become an unstoppable force in battle.

Groza loadout for Black Ops Cold War season 2

Best Groza attachments in Black Ops Cold War

This Groza’s biggest draw is its damage, but recoil can become an issue while firing continuously. That’s why this loadout will focus on boosting the weapon’s effective damage range, and improving recoil control.

You can equip the following attachments:

  • Muzzle: KGB Eliminator
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Barrel: 16.7” VDV Reinforced
  • Stock: KGB Pad
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Magazine: 40 Rnd Speed Mag

We’ll start off this loadout with the KGB eliminator, which will keep you off your enemy’s radar when firing with a suppressor. It will also give you improved vertical recoil control at the cost of some horizontal recoil.

Luckily, the Spetsnaz Grip will make up for the horizontal recoil control that you lost. It will also reduce some shooting movement speed, that’s not too noticeable when using an AR, and this attachment is a staple with this gun.

We picked the 16.7” VDV Reinforced Barrel because it will give a gigantic boost to the weapon’s effective damage range, while also improving the bullet velocity. This prepares it for those long-range encounters where you want to pick off enemies from a distance.

The KGB Pad will improve your aim-walking movement speed along with your sprint-fire speed, but at the cost of your hipfire accuracy. Luckily, you can make up for that by equipping the Steady Aim Laser.

We’ll cap off this loadout with the 40 Rnd Speed Mag which will increase both your starting ammo and maximum ammo capacity. It will also give a slight boost to your reloading speed, which allows you to fire continuously.

That covers the best attachments that you can equip to the Groza AR in the latest season of Black Ops Cold War.

Best perks for the Groza loadout

You can combine a few useful perks with these attachments so that you’re prepared for anything that match will throw at you. You’ll be able to handle most surprises that you encounter in Warzone by selecting these.

Perk 1 – Tactical Mask

Enemies will often toss flash and stun grenades to disorient you, and this can leave you vulnerable to their attacks.

The Tactical Mask will grant you resistance to those projectiles, along with complete immunity to gas. Needless to say, this will come in handy at various points during a match.

Perk 2 – Quartermaster

Replenishing your equipment is a necessity, but it can take a while to do so. The Quartermaster perk allows you to get this done in just 25 seconds, which will prove helpful with every playstyle.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2

Perk 3 – Cold Blooded

This perk keep you from being targeted by both AI and player controlled scorestreaks. Your enemies won’t be able to find you themselves either. This can help save your life at many different points during a match.

With this loadout, you’ll be able to use the Groza AR to dominate medium and long-range conflicts. You can also try out different attachments and perks to see if they serve you well in the latest season.

Image Credits: Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War Season 3 patch update: New maps, weapon balancing & more

Everything you need to know about Black Ops Cold War’s Season 3 update.



Treyarch is releasing the latest patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on April 20 at 9PM PT on all platforms.

This new patch update, version 1.16, includes the Season 3 content, with Season 3 officially starting on April 21 at 9PM PT / April 22 at 12AM ET / 5AM UK / 6AM CEST.

The update includes early access to just some of the Season 3 content until the full season begins.

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 will include 2 new MP maps, new Zombies Outbreak location, new Operators, new Battle Pass, and more content to come.

Cold War Update Size

  • PlayStation 5: 12.3 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 8.1 GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 11.6 GB
  • Xbox One: 8.3 GB
  • PC: 13.1 GB

Treyarch says the full patch notes for the new update will arrive on April 21, but have given a high level overview of what’s included in the patch.

This post will be updated with the full patch notes once available.

Cold War Season 3 Patch Overview

  • New lobby theme
  • Strafe Run Scorestreak
  • Cargo Truck
  • New weapon tuning
    • All LMGs
    • All shotguns (including the Streetsweeper)
    • FFAR 1 • Krig 6 • Assault rifle Barrel attachments
    • SMG sprint speed
  • League Play Combat Record
  • Increased XP in Zombies
  • Expanded Outbreak objectives
  • Split-screen updates
  • Operator Randomizer feature + more 

Check back here on April 21 for the full patch notes on the update.

SOURCE: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

What is the “Hunt for Adler” event in Cold War & Warzone Season 3?

An exciting new event is set to take place in Cold War & Warzone Season 3, but what exactly is “Hunt for Adler,” and what can you earn?



cod cold war hunt for adler season 3

Amongst all the new content announced for Cold War & Warzone Season 3, a mysterious event has also crept under the radar. “Hunt for Adler” promises rewards and even an Operator skin, and here are all the details.

Russell Adler has been the star of Black Ops Cold War since the game’s launch in November 2019. His scarred face, black shades, and glorious hair have made him one of the most memorable Call of Duty characters in years – he even got an exclusive skin in Season 2.

His story in Cold War has seen him come face-to-face with an evil foe called Stitch, and during Season 2 he was captured. Now, Season 3’s lore tasks players with finding him, and Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players now have to “Hunt for Adler.”

But what exactly is Call of Duty’s Season 3 special limited-time event?

When does Hunt for Adler start in Cold War & Warzone Season 3?

cod cold war warzone season 3 roadmap

According to the official event description on the Season 3 briefing website, Hunt for Adler will commence “with the launch of Season Three.”

It makes sense given the urgency of the season’s story. Meaning players will be able to start working towards the event’s goals as soon as the opening-day ribbon is metaphorically cut.

How to complete Hunt for Adler in Cold War & Warzone Season 3

cod hunt for adler season 3

Details on Hunt for Adler are rather limited at the moment with complete information to be available when Season 3 launches.

What we do know already is that there will be “unique in-game challenges in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to learn of Adler’s whereabouts.”

The description is clear in that to earn the special Adler skin, you only need to complete the full set of challenges for either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone, not both.

To reiterate, we have no idea what the challenges are just yet, but when Season 3 launches, we’ll be sure to update this page.

What rewards can you earn for completing Hunt for Adler in Season 3?

cod black ops cold war adler

For taking part in this limited-time event, CoD players can expect to receive a whole host of cool goodies for their efforts.

Completing challenges will earn players the following:

  • Weapon Charms
  • Calling Cards
  • New Operator skin
  • And more…

The challenges will more than likely coincide with your natural gameplay, meaning that you shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to earn the event rewards.

Hunt for Adler is one of many fun things coming to Cold War and Warzone, adding to a new battle royale mode for CoD: Cold War and the return of the PPSH-41.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

What is Cold War’s Multi-Team Elimination? New battle royale mode explained

Black Ops Cold War is confirmed to be receiving its own battle royale mode in Season 3, so here’s how Multi-Team Elimination works.



multi team elimination in Cold War

Call of Duty fans will be treated to a new battle royale experience in Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam maps, with ‘Multi-Team Elimination’ dropping in Season 3.

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 has been unveiled. Following Warzone’s live event, a ton of content will be coming to the game, such as new maps, the classic PPSH, and Captain Price’s arrival as a Cold War Operator.

These new weapons and Operators will also be available in Warzone, but Black Ops Cold War is set to get a battle royale mode of its own in Season 3.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cold War’s Multi-Team Elimination mode.

Vehicle gameplay in Cold War's Multi-Team mode

What is Cold War Season 3’s Multi-Team Elimination?

In the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 announcement, Call of Duty revealed that a new game mode, Multi-Team Elimination, would be coming to the game. This is essentially a mini battle royale played on Cold War’s Fireteam maps in the Ural Mountains.

Developers described how “multiple teams of four will fight to survive ever-expanding radiation zones.” Keeping with the nature of a battle royale game, “Redeploys will be limited and loadouts will be restricted, so teams will need to scavenge for weapons, Scorestreaks, Armor, Redeploy Tickets, and more.”

You have to be “the last team standing or the first squad to board the exfil chopper in the final safe zone to achieve victory.”

How is Multi-Team Elimination different from Warzone?

Cold War's Duga map

Multi-Team Elimination sounds a lot like Warzone, except it will be more similar to Blackout, as it’s played on the Black Ops engine. Movement and weapon mechanics will remain exactly as it is in Cold War, so you won’t get that jarring feeling as you switch between the games.

Rather than Warzone being played exclusively on Verdansk and Rebirth Island, it appears that Multi-Team Elimination will be played on the different Fireteam maps, such as Sanatorium, Ruka, and Golova. It’s unclear if the maps will be combined to create the Ural Mountains map leaked to have been designed for a scrapped Blackout 2.0.

Also, rather than the vast array of weapons in Warzone, Multi-Team Elimination will be exclusive to Black Ops Cold War and its own weapons.

Black Ops Cold War S3 gameplay

And it appears the way you win Multi-Team Elimination differs from Warzone. From the developers’ description, it appears you can win the game by being the first squad to board the exfil chopper in the final safe zone. If you’re a fan of ninja defuses in Search and Destroy, you’ll likely enjoy sneaking onto the chopper and leaving the last teams to perish to the radiation.

When does CoD: Cold War’s Multi-Team Elimination launch?

Call of Duty devs has revealed that Multi-Team Elimination will launch later in Season 3. The most likely time for its arrival is ‘Season 3 Reloaded’ which will take occur roughly halfway through the season.

There is plenty of content releasing over the course of Season 3, including the Multi-Team Duga map which premieres with Outbreak at the Season’s launch.

That’s everything you need to know about Cold War’s mini battle royale launching in Season 3! You can also check out the six new weapons that have been confirmed for Season 3.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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