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Best guns in Halo Infinite Season 1: Every weapon ranked

Here are all of Halo Infinite Season 1’s weapons ranked from best to worst and a countdown of the top 10 weapons you should prioritize.



Best weapons in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite offers players a ton of unique weapons to learn and master, but some are better than others. We’ve taken every gun and melee weapon in Halo Infinite Season 1, placed them in a ranked list, and counted down the top 10.

After its surprise early release, Halo Infinite is finally here. Both casual and competitive players have been grinding the Season 1 Battle Pass, learning the new maps, and of course, mastering all of the weapons.

Halo Infinite offers 22 unique weapons that can be found all over the maps, so we’re breaking down the weapons you should prioritize in your inventory and those which should be left to gather dust.

Here’s Halo Infinite weapon ranked, and why you should be using the top 10.

Best weapons in Halo Infinite ranked list

Halo Infinite boats a wide array of weapons, all possessing unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ve taken all 22 weapons in Halo Infinite and placed them into a ranked list from best to worst.

Here’s every weapon in Halo Infinite, ranked:

  1. S7 Sniper
  2. M41 SPNKR
  3. Energy Sword
  4. Skewer
  5. Shock Rifle
  6. Gravity Hammer
  7. Cindershot
  8. BR75 Battle Rifle
  9. VK78 Commando
  10. Heatwave
  11. MA40 Assault Rifle
  12. Plasma Pistol
  13. Sentinel Beam
  14. CQS48 Bulldog
  15. Stalker Rifle
  16. MK50 Sidekick
  17. Mangler
  18. Disruptor
  19. Needler
  20. Pulse Carbine
  21. Hydra
  22. Ravager

Top 10 weapons in Halo Infinite

10. Heatwave

The Heatwave is a rather unique Shotgun, where the energy pellets will ricochet off surfaces.

You can’t ADS with the Heatwave – instead, it has two fire modes. The first is a wide, horizontal spread that will be able to hit several enemies at once. The other is a tighter verticle spread that’s designed for taking on one enemy at a time.

If every pellet hits, it can eliminate an enemy in only two shots. But, it’s also excellent for clearing out rooms. Just bounce the pellets into the room, and everyone inside will be left with no armor to defend themselves.

9. VK78 Commando

The Commando rifle is a bit of a skill cannon, where you need to master its fire rate and recoil to maximize its potential.

However, it will still rip of players’ armor in only seven shots, and then you can finish them off with a well-placed headshot. It’s best suited for medium-range combat but will also shred enemies if they push too close.

This isn’t a weapon new players can pick up and dominate with, but spend some time with it and you’ll realize it’s one of the best.

8. BR75 Battle Rifle

The Battle Rifle is perhaps the most famous Halo weapon of all, and it made it into our top five best FPS weapons of all time.

This burst-fire rifle is deadly accurate and can take out a fully armored enemy in only four bursts. You won’t have any trouble controlling the recoil – just focus on body shots until the shield is cracked, then go for the head in the final burst for a quick and effective elimination.

Whether you’re a new player or a returning vet, the Battle Rifle is a weapon you’ll always want in your arsenal.

7. Cindershot

The Cindershot is a unique grenade launcher that’s absolutely devastating in the right Spartan’s hands.

The Cindershot doesn’t appear great on the surface thanks to the long detonation time of its ‘nades. However, if you aim down sight and bounce them off the ground towards your target, you’ll find it to be deadly. Not only do the grenades deal significant damage, but they also pull their targets towards them – so you don’t need to be entirely accurate.

6. Gravity Hammer

Another classic Halo weapon, the Gravity Hammer returns in Infinite in all its glory.

This massive war hammer is capable of eliminating a fully-armored opponent in only one swing. And you don’t even need to land your swings, hitting the ground beside the opponent will rip their armor off and even send them flying off the map.

The Grav Hammer isn’t quite as effective as the Energy Sword, but it’s absolutely the next best thing.

5. Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle acts like a slightly less powerful S7 Sniper, but with a handy twist. It will still one-shot an enemy in the head, but will take three body shots to secure the kill.

However, the Shock Rifle actually chains damage – so if enemies are near each other, you’ll be able to damage several at once. The shots will only be truly lethal to the Spartan you’re hitting, but it’ll do an excellent job of punishing players that are too close together, allowing your team a quick and easy clean-up.

4. Skewer

The Skewer is more effective in large maps and Big Team Battle, but its incredibly satisfying one-shot potential is nothing to be sniffed at.

The Skewer fires out a large spike that will one-shot kill an enemy anywhere in the body, even in the toe. Plus, if enemies are in vehicles, you can Skewer them for a quick and easy multi-kill. It’s by far the most satisfying weapon on this list, so it makes the top five with ease.

3. Energy Sword

The Energy Sword will likely be one of the first weapons that spring to mind when you think of Halo, and for good reason. This deadly melee weapon also made it into our list of the greatest FPS weapons of all time due to its devastating slaying potential.

With Halo Infinite’s high time-to-kill, you can easily close the gap to slice and dice several enemies before they know what hits them.

2. M41 SPNKR

Another one-shot weapon, the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher is the perfect tool for giving your team a headstart. All you have to do is aim at the floor or a wall near an enemy and let the splash damage do the work. Any enemy caught in its radius will be killed instantly, making this one of the most sought-after weapons on the map.

Plus, because it’s a Rocket launcher, it’s also an extremely handy tool for taking out vehicles in larger maps and Big Team Battle.

1. S7 Sniper

The number one spot will come as no surprise to Halo fans – the S7 Sniper. This extremely powerful Sniper Rifle can eliminate a fully shielded opponent in only one headshot, and a body shot will wipe their shield and leave them completely vulnerable.

While it’s best at long-range, it has surprisingly accurate hip-fire accuracy, so it’ll even be effective when enemies are pushed up.

If you’re playing a map where the S7 Sniper spawns, you want to make sure it’s your team controlling them.

And those are all of the best weapons Halo Infinite has to offer! You can also check out the best FOV settings to improve your gameplay.

Image Credit: 343 Industries / Aozolai via YouTube


GTA V and Elden Ring could come to mobile with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming could see both GTA V and Elden Ring come to mobile, as reports claim that plans are underway.



Reports are claiming that both GTA V and Elden Ring could be seen on mobile, as Xbox ramps up their Cloud Gaming plans.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a new service from Microsoft which will allow players to enjoy their library of games on various devices including mobile versions.

The idea is to allow Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners to play their favorite games on devices other than an Xbox console. This can be done on either the Xbox Game Pass app or, and they have already announced that players will have access to “over 100 console games.”

To the community’s surprise, rumors are suggesting that both Elden Ring and GTA V could be part of the scheme, which would mean that both games will be available on mobile for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

According to Knoebelbroet, Xbox is “ramping up their plans to bring Games that are not part of the #XboxGamePass to Xcloud,” claiming that games “like GTA V, Soul Hackers 2, and Elden Ring” could be a part of that plan.

The Tweet also contains an image of both Elden Ring and Soul Hackers 2 on the Xbox Cloud Gaming website, but the Twitter user advises that the community should take this “with a grain of salt.”

It would be pretty big to see games like Elden Ring and GTA V on mobile, as these games are some of the most popular around. We saw Apex Legends take to mobile in 2022, so perhaps there’s more to come for mobile gamers.

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Image Credits: Microsoft

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Apex Legends’ popularity reaches new heights after Season 14 update

With the release of Apex Legends Season 14, the Battle Royale game is experiencing an unprecedented amount of active players.



Apex Legends Season 14 has achieved a new peak in popularity for Respawn Entertainment’s FPS Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends Season 14 brings some exciting new content to the game after the battle royale saw a slight dip in popularity towards the end of last season.

Luckily for Respawn, the brand-new Legend Vantage, overhauled Kings Canyon map, and huge Level Cap increase has been a massive hit with the fans, despite players finding bugs and glitches.

The new content has been so appealing that the game has even reached a new all-time peak player count on Steam, showing just how popular Apex Legends Season 14 is.

As of August 10, 2022, Apex Legends has a peak of 510,286 concurrent players, which is the highest it has ever been.

Although it’s only Steam‘s player count, this still shows just how popular the new Season of Apex Legends currently is.

Of course, the numbers are likely to decrease after launch week, but this is still impressive, especially as it shows that the game’s popularity is actually increasing despite being in its fourteenth season.

As Respawn continue to update and introduce new exciting content to the game, the player count will likely continue to rise, especially when players are now guaranteed an Heirloom.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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How to earn Rainbow Six Siege Twitch drops: Berlin Major 2022 rewards

Here’s how to earn Rainbow Six Siege Twitch drops including several esports sets by watching the Berlin Major.



Rainbow Six Siege players can access esports-themed cosmetics by watching the Berlin Major, so here’s how to connect your account and earn some valuable rewards.

The Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Major is one of the biggest tournaments of the competitive season. 16 of the best teams in the world will go head to head for the title of champion when the tournament kicks off in Berlin on August 15.

The six-day tournament will give fans of Rainbow Six Siege a ton of high-level gameplay to keep an eye on. The good news is that you’ll be able to earn in-game Rainbow Six Siege Twitch drops while enjoying the action. Here’s what you need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Major viewership rewards.

How to earn Rainbow Six Siege Twitch drops

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to earn Rainbow Six Siege Twitch drops, as well as the requirements that viewers must meet.

  1. Open Ubisoft’s drops website
  2. Link your Twitch account to your Ubisoft account
  3. Opt into the drops feature
  4. Ensure that your account is linked before tuning in
  5. Enjoy the matches and earn your Rainbow Six Siege rewards!

You can track all of your progression on the Twitch inventory page. Don’t forget that you must claim rewards manually, so you’ll want to visit this page eventually.

Once you’ve met the required condition for time watched, you’ll be free to click on the “claim” button found on the inventory page to ensure that your progress will continue to the next reward.

For the entirety of the Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Major excluding Grand Finals, players will earn 1 pack after 3 hours of time watched, with a maximum cap of 1 pack per day.

When it comes to the Grand Final, you will earn 1 pack after 1 hour of time watched, and 1 pack after 3 hours of time watched, with a maximum cap of two packs per day.

Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Major 2022 rewards

You’ll have 24 hours after each campaign to access the reward before the claim button disappears. In addition, you can expect to receive any claimed items 48 hours after the end of each campaign.

Here are all of the Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Major rewards up for grabs:

Esports Amaru Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Uncanny Motivation Uniform
  • Uncanny Motivation Headgear
  • Adamant G8A1 Weapon Skin
  • Amaru Charm

Esports Fuze Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Reliable Silence Uniform
  • Reliable Silence Headgear
  • Hard-Hitter 6P41 Weapon Skin
  • Fuze Charm

Esports Ying Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Starlight Uniform
  • Eclipse Headgear
  • Gamma Ray T-95 LSW Weapon Skin
  • Ying Charm

Esports Mozzie Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Cosmic Nexus Uniform
  • Chromosphere Headgear
  • Constellation Commando 9 Weapon Skin
  • Mozzie Charm

Esports Maestro Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Moon Flare Uniform
  • Lyrid Headgear
  • Shooting Star Alda 5.56 Weapon Skin
  • Maestro Charm

Cheer for your favorite team as of August 15, and earn cool new rewards along the way!

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Image Credit: Ubisoft

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