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Best landing spots in Fortnite Season 5 by chest count

Fortnite Island has gone through some changes for Season 5. Here are the best landing spots based on how many chests spawn in each location.



The Fortnite map has gone through several changes in Chapter 2, Season 5. This means that there are brand new areas filled with chests. You’ll find more chests in certain locations and fewer and others. Here are the best places to land.

After the epic conclusion of Fortnite’s Marvel-centric Season 4 with the Galactus live event, The Mandalorian headlines Season 5 with brand new skins, cosmetics, and missions.

The map itself is considerably different, with new additions such as the Stealthy Stronghold and Hunter’s Haven. We’ve also seen the return of Tilted Towers, which is now called Salty Towers, as a combination between Tilted Towers and Salty Springs.

This means that you’ll find more chests in a few key areas. Here are the best Fortnite Season 5 locations that have the most chests.

Where to find the most chests in Fortnite Season 5

In Seasons 3 and 4, you would find the highest amount of chests in Misty Meadows, but after the latest map changes, this is no longer the case. Thanks to the Fortnite stats site LootLake, we can track the total amount of chest spawns in Chapter 2, Season 5.

Lazy Lake is the richest location in terms of chests with 41 possible chest spawns. Sweaty Sands comes in second place with the total possible amount being 34, and Misty Meadows closely follows with 33. These are the areas you’ll want to visit first in Season 5.

Now we’ll come to the new additions on Fortnite Island. Hunter’s Haven is located near the center of the map and is among the richest areas of chest spawns. You can find 21 chests, and you have a chance of getting 15 more from the surrounding area. This makes the location a hotspot for players to land, so be ready for a fight.

After visiting Hunter’s Haven, make your way to Colossal Coliseum. This new location isn’t as big as the others, but the loot is concentrated in one area as a result. You can find plenty of chest spawns across the entire Coliseum and that makes this a very popular location.

Stealthy Stronghold is also a great landing spot. You can find this area just north of Pleasant Park. There at least 16 chest spawns within this enclosure, with the possibility of more being in the nearby area.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

You can find the most chests at Lazy Lake, making this the best landing spot in Season 5. Once you’ve collected your fill, you can rotate to the other locations we listed. A few of these are near each other so that makes things a bit easier.

That covers all the best landing locations for collecting chests in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5. Just know that you won’t be the only one coming to these searching for loot, so keep your weapon ready.


Fortnite jetpack glitch lets players fly forever in Floor is Lava tournament

Fornite players are taking advantage of a ridiculous new glitch that allows players to fly forever in a jetpack.



infinite jetpack fortnite glitch

Fortnite has a weird new exploit that allows you to tower over your enemies, forever. The new jetpack glitch uses lava to make your character an unintentional superhero in Season 5.

There are only two months to go until the end of Fortnite Season 5. Aside from a few minor bugs, the first few weeks of it has been a relatively easy ride run thus far with few major stumbling blocks.

But a new problem has been discovered that is giving Fortniters a big boost over their rivals by exploiting an accidental mechanic.

players using jetpacks in fortnite

Fortnite Season 5 jetpack glitch

The new jetpack exploit is one that will become less effective as it becomes notorious. But in this moment, it’s making for a huge advantage, particularly in endgame circumstances.

First posted by Reddit user monty775 the new glitch requires the player to have access to a jetpack and to be within touching distance of lava.

The exploit only applies to the “The Floor is Lava” LTM as well. The main game is thankfully safe. But for anyone wanting to enjoy this exciting new mode, vigilance will be key.

As demonstrated in the video, our player jumps into some deadly lava which causes them to bounce up into the air. But they simultaneously trigger their jetpack which causes them to permanently ascend.

The player keeps their jetpack engaged and they continue to rise up into the air. It’s been confirmed that you’ll be able to go as high as the natural limits of the jetpack. So there is no floating off into space sadly.

But as we said, if there’s only a few of you left and you’re miles above the ground peppering the enemy with almost phantom shots, you are increasing your chances of victory.

This isn’t an easy exploit to pull off. Given the precise timing needed to activate your jetpack, you could also just as easily become a toasted marshmallow. So it’ll all boil down to your conscience and whether or not you feel the risk is worth the reward.

Either way, this is a potentially game-breaking glitch for players that are unaware of its existence in the mode. Epic Games will have their eyes on it sooner or later and it will become a non-issue quite quickly.

Image credits: Epic Games

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How to sign up for the monthly Fortnite Crew Pack

Epic Games has announced more exclusive items coming to the Fortnite Crew subscription. Here’s how to subscribe.



Epic Games has announced more exclusive items coming to the Fortnite Crew subscription.

Fortnite Crew is a subscription service created to give Fortnite players the best value each month for Battle Passes and exclusive cosmetic rewards. These items cycle each month and will never be offered to players who don’t have the subscription, so be rest assured the items are truly exclusive.

Over time, rewards from the subscription will become rarer and rarer, so early adopters are the most likely to have some of the most exclusive skins in the future.

What’s in the Crew Subscription?

For $11.99 USD, players will receive the following items each month.

  • The current premium battle pass. (If you have already purchased it prior to buying the Crew Subscription, 950 V-Bucks will be refunded to your account)
  • 1,000 V-Bucks on the 5th of each month
  • An exclusive member skin
  • Limited Time: Crew Emote

How Do I subscribe?

You’ll want to first make sure you have an active credit card attached to your Xbox, PlayStation, or Epic Games account so the subscription can renew. You’ll then want to go to the Battle Pass or Store tab, then select “The Crew” to subscribe.

You’ll immediately be granted your membership and bonus skins. The current exclusive skin is DC’s Green Arrow. You’ll also get the tactical quiver back bling and boxing glove pickaxe.

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Where to find & destroy Slurp Barrels for Fortnite Week 7 challenges

Here’s how you can complete the Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenge that requires you to destroy Slurp Barrels.



Where to find Slurp Barrels in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5’s Week 7 challenges include an Epic Quest that has you destroy Slurp Barrels. Luckily, you can find these in one location so here’s the best way to complete this objective.

Week 7 of Fortnite Season 5 is here, and Epic Games have released brand new challenges for you to complete to level up and get cool new gear. This week has eight tasks available that you can learn more about in our weekly guide.

Many of these are fairly easy to complete such as visiting houses or consuming shield potions. One Epic Quest requires you to destroy a set number of Slurp Barrels. Here is where you can find them on the map.

Fortnite Slurp factory in Slurpy Swamps

Where to find Fortnite Slurp Barrels

As the name implies, you will come across a ton of Slurp Barrels when exploring Slurpy Swamp. This location is a huge Slurp factory, so you won’t face any trouble finding the barrels after a quick look around.

Another Epic quest from this week requires you to visit 3 Houses in Slurpy Swamp during the same match, so you should land directly at Slurpy after jumping from the Battle Bus. Once you’ve gone through the houses, you can focus on your other objective.

Fortunately, the Slurp Barrels often come in sets of two or three, which makes them easy to locate. It shouldn’t take you too long to find them all. There’s a building on the northeast end of this area that contains many of them.

Make your way towards that building if you want to destroy multiple Slurp Barrels at once. We’ve marked its location on the map below.

Fortnite Slurp Barrel Locations at Slurpy Swamp

Once you come across the barrels, all you need to do is pull out your pickaxe and destroy them. The Slurp Barrels are all over this location so finding 10 should be easy enough, and you can destroy them all in a single match.

Just be careful about other players that you will probably encounter while exploring Slurpy Swamp. Due to this week’s challenges, many of them will have the same idea to land there, so be ready for a fight.

Destroying all 10 barrels will net you 20,000 XP, so be sure to try this challenge out. While you’re at it, be sure to search for Chests in the area to complete another Epic Quest.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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