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Call of Duty: Warzone

Best RAM-7 loadouts for Warzone and Modern Warfare

How to maximize the RAM-7’s potential in both Warzone and Multiplayer.



The RAM-7 is a high fire-rate Assault Rifle capable of tearing through armor plates and downing enemies incredibly fast. Here’s the best loadouts to give you an edge in Verdansk

This weapon arrived in Modern Warfare’s first season and gained popularity in Warzone after the META shifted away from the Grau 5.56 and the Bruen. This weapon has been favored by streamer Tfue in competitive Warzone matches.

It’s fast fire rate and predictable recoil pattern allow it to kill fast at almost any range. Also, mounting the RAM-7 on a surface almost entirely removes recoil.

Here are the best loadouts to maximize the RAM-7’s potential in both Warzone and Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

Best Warzone RAM-7 Loadout

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • FFS Ranger
  • Cronen 2×2 Elite
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 50 Round Mags

With its fast fire-rate, if built right, the RAM-7 can dominate at almost any range. Stick to outdoor areas and you’ll find the RAM-7 can outgun the Kilos and M4A1s on the map if you can land your shots. The RAM’s recoil kicks up then towards the left, so compensate for this and you’ll find the weapon can be very accurate in the right hands.

To build the best Warzone loadout for the RAM-7, you want to boost it’s range and accuracy.

The Monolithic Suppressor and FFS Ranger Barrel maximize the RAM’s damage potential at range. The Suppressor also keeps you off the radar when firing, keeping yourself concealed, and less open to third parties arriving.

To further help with recoil control, we’ve added a Commando Foregrip. This is one of the best attachments for recoil control, as it helps with both recoil stabilization and aiming stability. Due to the fast fire rate, 50 round Mags are also necessary. You don’t want to have to reload mid-fight, especially with the prominence of Self-Revive in Season 6.

For optics, the Cronen 2×2 Elite is unique to the RAM-7. YouTuber JGOD recently uploaded a video testing out the RAM’s 2×2 Optic. He found that it gives a considerable boost to recoil control and the 4x zoom (which is slightly above the popular VLK’s) makes this weapon even stronger at range.

This RAM build is considerably slower than its base stats, but it’s damage boost more than makes up for its lack of speed.

Best Multiplayer RAM-7 Loadout

  • Compensator
  • Forge TAC Eclipse
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 50 Round Mags
  • Stippled Grip Tape

For multiplayer, this is an all-rounder build for the RAM-7. It’s capable of both moving around the map at a reasonable speed with a boost to recoil control for defending objectives. Due to the small map size and contested objectives, the RAM needs to be versatile.

To make the weapon faster than its Warzone counterpart, swap the Monolithic Suppressor for a Compensator. The Compensator boosts recoil control without slowing the weapon down. The Forge Tac Eclipse Barrel is shorter and lighter than the FFS Ranger while still giving the weapon a boost to range and accuracy.

The Commando Foregrip will also help with the weapon’s recoil control, allowing you to stay accurate even at those longer ranges.

These attachments do slow down the weapon, so we’re added Stippled Grip Tape to increase its mobility and ADS speed. The mag drains quickly with the fast fire-rate, so it’s worth putting on the 50 Round Mag to allow you to drop a few enemies before having to reload.

If you’re looking to try out something new in Warzone and multiplayer, the RAM-7 is a strong choice for either game mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

‘More content’ coming to Modern Warfare as Season 6 ends



While November 23 marks the end of the Season 6 Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, fans have been wondering about new content for the title.

There has been no official news on what’s next in terms of content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare after Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War.

The confirmation we have so far is that Modern Warfare will receive a new progression system to match the new system in Black Ops Cold War starting on December 10. Fans can learn more about the Progression system in a detailed blog post.

Now, an Infinity Ward developer has confirmed on Twitter that there is more content planned for Modern Warfare. He says that he’s not aware of the ‘official name’ of the new content, but more is coming.

It’s not clear at this time what the new content will be for Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare continues to be a very popular Call of Duty game, selling over 30 million copies in its first year. Activision has not outlined future plans for the game itself.

Season 6’s Battle Pass officially ended in Modern Warfare & Warzone on November 23. The pass reset timer says 0seconds left.

Warzone will officially be tied to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s system starting on December 10 with a new Classified Experience. Players playing Modern Warfare MP can continue to level up their overall player rank and access the Seasonal Prestige system. They can also contribute toward’s ranking up the Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Battle Pass, but content unlocked is only usable in Black Ops cold War & Warzone.

We’ll keep you updated as more information is announced.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

How Modern Warfare progression will change after Season 6

Modern Warfare will integrate with Cold War in December. Here’s how that will work.



Season 6 of Modern Warfare ends on November 23, so what’s next for the title after integration with Black Ops Cold War?

Season 6 appears to be the final season of Modern Warfare. With the launch of Black Ops: Cold War, the focus has been shifted to the new title and Warzone.

It’s not the end of Modern Warfare, however. Season 6 ends on November 23. After that, fans will have to wait until December 10, when Modern Warfare and Warzone integrate with Black Ops Cold War.

This integration will bring a new progression system to the game. Read on to find out how the new progression system works and what’s next for Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare progression

On December 10, progression will become unified between Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone. This means that you’ll now have one rank for all three titles. No matter which game you’re playing, you will rank up on all of them.

This new progression system combines Modern Warfare’s seasonal progression with the classic Prestige system. Every season, once you hit the maximum season level, you will begin your Prestige levels. Season levels will reset every Season, but your progress will resume from the highest Prestige you achieved in the previous Season. 

Your current level on Modern Warfare will be scrapped once integration begins. Your Black Ops Cold War rank will now become your rank on Modern Warfare. As you play either Cold War, Warzone, or Modern Warfare, your rank will increase.

Future of Modern Warfare

usually, once a new Call of Duty launches, the population of the previous game begins to dwindle. The majority of players move onto the new game, and only a hardcore few remain on the previous title.

Unified progression might change this. With Warzone being the connecting mode between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, weapons from both titles can be used in Warzone.

Warzone is free-to-play and allows players to use weapons from both games, even if they don’t own them. Leveling up weapons and unlocking camos is much easier in multiplayer, so players may return to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer to get attachments for use in Warzone.

Although Black Ops Cold War has released, it’s certainly not the end for Modern Warfare.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War UK opening week sales lower than Modern Warfare



The first full week data from the UK on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War sales are out, and the numbers are not as high as 2019’s sales.

The UK game charts, via GamesIndustry, reveals that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s digital downloads were up 39% over Modern Warfare’s 2019 opening.

However, the game’s physical sales were down almost 64% compared to Modern Warfare.

The first week UK charts saw Assassins Creed Valhalla debut at #1 in terms of physical game sales. Some report that this is due to Black Ops Cold War’s digital purchase incentives, and that the game’s physical edition was not available in certain retailers.

Combining the digital and physical sales from launch week, Black Ops Cold War debuts at #1 in the UK charts. But the game’s overall sales didn’t match Modern Warfare’s opening week in the UK.

Data shows the game’s first week sales are down 16% compared to Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare is one of the best selling Call of Duty games of all time. The game’s opening weekend in October 2019 saw $600 million in revenue. The title has gone on to sold well over 30 million copies to date.

And it’s become clear that Warzone’s success could’ve impacted sales for the new titles. Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War is set for December 10. It could be that after the integration, Activision will see higher premium upgrades from players interested in the entire game’s experience.

Activision has not released opening week data for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The company only has said that the game’s day one digital sales were the ‘highest’ in franchise history.

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