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Best camera settings for Rocket League

Here are the best camera settings you can use in Rocket League, allowing you to see more of the pitch and have better control over the ball.



Rocket League camera settings

Having the best camera settings makes a huge difference to your Rocket League gameplay, so here are the best settings for movement, ball control, and spatial awareness.

Rocket League is one of the biggest free-to-play games out there, with millions of players logging in every day. Cross-play is enabled so there will be tough competition, and you’ll need the best settings to succeed.

Rocket League offers players a ton of customization, but this can be a double-edged sword. Having the wrong settings can make the game unnecessarily difficult, so we’ve got the best Rocket League camera settings based on what the pros use and what works best for us.

Best Rocket League camera settings

  • Camera Shake: Off
  • Field of View: 110
  • Distance: 270
  • Height: 110
  • Angle: -3.0
  • Stiffness: 0.45
  • Swivel Speed: 5.0
  • Transition Speed: 1.2
  • Invert Swivel: Off (personal preference)
  • Ball Camera Mode: Toggle

First thing’s first, you should turn Camera Shake off in Rocket League. This is an unnecessary visual effect that will only be a distraction, so turning it off will make your game as smooth as possible. Plus, make sure you scroll along to the ‘Controls’ tab and ensure Ball Camera Mode is set to Toggle.

Next, you should try turning your Field of View all the way up to 110. This will allow you to see much more of what’s around you, allowing you to keep an eye on both the ball and where the other players are positioned.

The same goes for Distance and Height, setting them to 270 and 110 respectively will allow you to see both your car and the field, offering much more control over the game. And most pros use a Camera Angle somewhere between -3.0 and -5.0, so we recommend starting at -3 and experimenting from there.

Camera Stiffness, Swivel Speed, and Transition Speed are all down to personal preference and won’t have a huge bearing on your gameplay. We recommend putting Stiffness in anywhere from the 0.4 to 0.6 region, Swivel Speed at 5.0, and Transition Speed at 1.2.

Finally, Invert Swivel is completely down to what you’re used to — it will only change the way you move your right stick to move the camera up and down.

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Image Credit: Epic Games / Psyonix

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 brings massive change to Battle Pass challenges

Apex Legends Season 14 is bringing a huge quality of life upgrade to Battle Pass challenges that gives players more freedom.



The Apex Legends Battle Pass challenges will be getting a major change in Season 14 that allows players to complete them freely.

Apex Legends Season 14‘s brand-new Battle Pass has been revealed by the devs, showing off a collection of rewards that players will be grinding for.

While players get to grips with Vantage and Kings Canyon map changes, they will be attempting to complete challenges in order to level up their Battle Pass and unlock rewards.

That said, sometimes players attempt challenges for game modes that they don’t want to play, leaving them demotivated to level up their Battle Pass. Luckily, the devs have decided to change the system to alleviate this issue in Season 14.

Starting from August 9, the Apex Legends Battle Pass challenges will now feature a Battle Royale and non-Battle Royale option, so that no matter what game mode players choose they can complete their challenges.

For example, a player could have a Battle Royale challenge that requires the player to deal 500 damage in a single match. However, this challenge will have a non-Battle Royale counterpart that requires the player to get 750 damage in a single match, which could be through Arenas or perhaps an LTM.

Jordan Rapp, the Game Designer for Apex Legends, presented the change on Twitter, showing off some examples and expressing his excitement to have helped bring this change.

The dev states that they hope the change allows all players to “have more fun and flexibility” when completing the Battle Pass in Season 14.

For more on Apex Legends Season 14, check out all of the weapon and Legend changes coming in the new season.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 buffs & nerfs: All Legend & weapon changes

Every season Apex Legends brings buffs and nerfs to Legends and weapons. Here are all the changes players can expect for Season 14.



Apex Legends Season 14 will bring a plethora of changes to the game. As well as new content, the update will also bring buffs and nerfs, so let’s get into what players can expect.

Apex Legends Season 14 is bringing exciting new content to the game, including Vantage, an overhaul to Kings Canyon, and the new Laser Sight attachment.

While some may be disappointed to hear that Season 14 will not be bringing a new weapon, there are a variety of changes coming to the game to spice up the meta for both Legends and weapons.

As well as a change to the Care Package guns, the devs are also bringing buffs and nerfs to existing content. With that said, let’s get into the details for all of the buffs and nerfs coming to weapons and Legends in Season 14.

Wingman & Spitfire changes

Arguably the biggest changes to weapons coming in Apex Legends Season 14 are for the Spitfire and Wingman.

Starting in Season 14, both the Wingman and Spitfire will no longer be Heavy weapons. The Wingman will become a Sniper weapon, taking Sniper ammo and attachments, while the Spitfire will become a light gun.


  • Wingman now uses sniper ammo and magazines.


  • Recoil adjustments to increase vertical barrel climb.
  • Spitfire now uses light ammo and magazines.

Valkyrie nerfs

Due to her rise in popularity, it’s no surprise to see Valkyrie take some nerfs in the Season 14 patch notes, and they’re pretty significant too, targeting all parts of her kit.


  • VTOL Jets
    • Acceleration on activation decreased by about 8%.
    • Fuel consumption on activation increased by 33%.
    • Aerial boosting & strafing take a 20% debuff when hit by slowing effects.
    • Added a third orange state to the fuel meter UI between green (>60%) and red (<30%).
  • Missile Swarm
    • Aim/turn slow removed.
    • Move slow duration decreased from 2.5s -> 2.0s.
    • Reducing the explosion radius from 175 -> 125.
  • Skyward Dive
    • Height reduction of 25%.
    • Launch time reduced from 5.5s -> 5.0s. Coupled with the height reduction, players in Valk ult now travel upward at a slightly slower speed.

Apex Legends Legend buffs and nerfs


  • VTOL Jets
    • Acceleration on activation decreased by about 8%.
    • Fuel consumption on activation increased by 33%.
    • Aerial boosting & strafing take a 20% debuff when hit by slowing effects.
    • Added a third orange state to the fuel meter UI between green (>60%) and red (<30%).
  • Missile Swarm
    • Aim/turn slow removed.
    • Move slow duration decreased from 2.5s -> 2.0s.
    • Reducing the explosion radius from 175 -> 125.
  • Skyward Dive
    • Height reduction of 25%.
    • Launch time reduced from 5.5s -> 5.0s. Coupled with the height reduction, players in Valk ult now travel upward at a slightly slower speed.


  • Black Hole: Adjustments to N.E.W.T’s hitbox to make destroying it more reliable.
  • Black Hole: N.E.W.T. takes 50% more damage from explosives.


  • Improvements to Perimeter Security placement system.


  • Retrieve the Wounded:
    • Increased move speed during revive by 25%.
    • Reduced turn slow while reviving by 50%.
    • Increased White Knockdown shield health from 150 -> 200.
    • Increase Blue Knockdown shield health from 250 -> 300.
  • Mobile Shield:
    • Increased hp from 350 -> 500
    • Doubled max movement speed.
  • Castle Wall:
    • Added turn slow to electrical barrier effects and increased the severity of the slow effect to movement.

Mad Maggie

  • Riot Drill:
    • Projectile Launch Speed doubled.
  • Wrecking Ball: 
    • Will travel twice as far while dropping the same amount of magnets.
    • Duration increased from 5 sec → 10 sec.
    • Magnet Spawn delay increased from 0.4 sec → 0.8 sec.
    • Wrecking Ball will deal damage to enemy placeable objects: Black Market, Castle Walls, Exhibit, Death Totem, Mobile Shield, Black Hole, Amped Cover, and Gas Barrels. It will also destroy Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.
    • Fixed Wrecking Ball not blinding and slowing enemies.


  • Now ignores friendly collision on Amped Cover placement (i.e. placing walls around teammates will feel more smooth).


  • Fixed gas ramping bug where transitioning from friendly to enemy gas would initially damage for more than intended.


  • Mirage Decoys will now be scanned by Valk when skydiving.
  • Mirage Decoys will now be picked up by Seer’s Heart Seeker.
  • Fixed a bug where Mirage Decoys were picked up by Seer’s Exhibit as AI and not players.


  • Death Totem will now show a placement preview when activated instead of placing immediately.

Apex Legends weapon buffs and nerfs

Laser Sights

  • New attachment to replace barrels for SMGs and Pistols.
  • Reduced hipfire spread.

Crate Rotation

  • G7 Scout returns to the floor.
  • Volt SMG returns to the floor.
  • Bocek Compound Bow enters the crate.
  • Rampage LMG enters the crate.

Crafting Rotation

  • Wingman returns to the floor.
  • CAR SMG returns to the floor.
  • Devotion LMG enters the crafter.
  • RE-45 + Hammerpoint combo enters the crafter.

Gold Weapon Rotation

  • Longbow DMR, G7 Scout, Mozambique, R-99, Hemlok


  • Base hipfire spread increased.

Assault Rifles

  • Base hipfire spread increased.


  • Recoil improvements.
  • Now takes stocks.
  • Removed 1 pellet from blast pattern.
  • Fire rate increased to 2.3 from 2.0.
  • Pellet damage increased to 7 from 6.
  • Bolt rate of fire bonuses increased. 
    • White: 1.1 to 1.1.
    • Blue: 1.15 to 1.2.
    • Purple: 1.2 to 1.3.

Bocek Compound Bow

  • Damage at full draw increased to 70 from 60.
  • Tempo draw speed increased to 0.38 from 0.32.
  • Shattercaps pellet damage increased to 12 from 11.
  • Fired arrows can no longer be collected.
  • Arrows spawns have been removed from the floor.

Rampage LMG

  • Damage increased to 28 from 26.
  • Rampage comes with a Thermite Grenade.

Volt SMG

  • Damage reduced to 15 from 17.


  • No longer takes barrel attachments.

G7 Scout

  • Damage reduced to 34 from 36.
  • Headshot multiplier reduced to 1.75 from 2.0.
  • Double Tap hop-up burst fire delay increased to 0.4 from 0.375.


  • Increased projectile speed. 
  • Increased number of shots before overheat at base to 24 from 20.
  • Removed bright red flash when hitting non-armored targets.


  • Increased ironsight FOV to 70 to be consistent with other pistols.
  • Increased strafe speed by 5% to be consistent with other pistols.


  • Wingman now uses sniper ammo and magazines.

Sniper Ammo

  • Sniper ammo inventory stack increased to 28 from 24.
  • Sniper ammo boxes now contain 14 rounds instead of 12.


  • Recoil adjustments to increase vertical barrel climb.
  • Spitfire now uses light ammo and magazines.

30-30 Repeater

  • Dual Loader has been worked into the base 30-30 Repeater.
  • Now takes Skullpiercer Rifling.


  • Projectile growth reduced.
  • Base fire rate reduced to 1.1 from 1.2.
  • Dual Loader removed.


  • Deadeye’s Tempo has been worked into the base Sentinel.

Arc Star

  • Reduced stick damage on armor to 10 from 40.
  • Remove aim slow on stick, remains on detonation.
  • Detonation damage increased to 75 from 70.

That’s all for the Apex Legends Season 14 buffs and nerfs. For more, check out what the devs had to say about a new Apex Legends gifting system being in the works.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Leveling changes, skill games, more

FIFA 23’s Pro Clubs mode introduces several new features, like skill games, season progression changes, and new Perks.



Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23’s Pro Clubs mode including the latest news on cross-play inclusion, changes to leveling and progression, as well as the new skill games feature.

EA Sports are set to deliver new features across each of FIFA 23’s game modes including Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs. As the final iteration of the iconic franchise to boast the FIFA branding, expectations are high for FIFA 23.

While Ultimate Team tends to receive the bulk of the attention from players, Pro Clubs is a well-liked mode with a passionate community that enjoys teaming up with friends online.

FIFA 23 is set to deliver some changes and improvements when it comes to Pro Clubs, and here’s a breakdown of what you should expect.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs post-launch cross-play

Fans of Pro Clubs were shocked and appalled when they discovered that FIFA 23 would exclude the highly requested cross-play feature from impacting the mode’s gameplay. It’s the first time that a FIFA game will have cross-play and Pro Clubs players were furious with the exclusion.

The backlash from the decision to exclude Pro Clubs from cross-play functionality has led to a statement from EA.

The statement confirmed that EA “recognize what cross-play functionality could mean to the Pro Clubs mode with the potential for improving matchmaking and allowing friends from different platforms of the same generation to play together. “

It’s a positive sign to see the devs address player concerns. They reaffirmed that while FIFA 23 will not have cross-play for Pro Clubs at launch, it is something they’re working on: “As we look at our cross-play future, we’re focused on matchmaking in Pro Clubs, VOLTA, and FUT Co-op, as well as cross-platform lobby invites and ultimately cross-platform Pro Clubs.”

However, there’s no confirmation if the future they refer to is one that will affect FIFA 23 post-launch or rather the next footballing title they produce.

Pro Clubs leveling changes & new Perks in FIFA 23

EA have amended the method to level up your player in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. After continuous player complaints of slow progression over the years, EA have finally decided to make the grind a more simple and rewarding task.

You’ll receive more XP after a match to ensure “fair distribution of XP for supporting players who contribute to success without putting the ball in the back of the net themselves.”

Here are the changes to leveling you will experience in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs:

  1. The amount of XP required to move from level to level has decreased considerably.
  2. The amount of XP required to reach the maximum level has been decreased.
  3. The maximum level has been increased from 25 levels to 100.
  4. Players can earn a maximum of 185 Skill Points.
  5. All Perks will be unlocked through the course of the first 25 levels. Beyond level 25, players will continue to unlock more perk slots, and earn more Skill Points.

These changes have been implemented to reduce the effort needed to max out your level.

In addition to these leveling changes, EA are also introducing four new Perks to Pro Clubs. Perks can be utilized to alter your performance on the pitch so unlocking valuable ones can lead to more success.

Here are the four new Perks and what they do:

Attacking Perks

  • Poacher – Increases your all-around finishing (including boosts to Volleys, Finishing, and Heading Accuracy) when inside the box.

Chance Creation Perks

  • Light Passes – Increases your teammates’ ability to trap and control your passes.

Defensive Perks

  • Interceptor – Improves your ability to intercept & disrupt your opposition’s passes & shots when defending and in close proximity to the ball.
  • Chase Down – Increases your pace when defending immediately following a loss of possession. The perk will deactivate after 40 in-game seconds if you have not regained possession.

Pro Clubs & Volta shared seasonal progression

For the first time, Pro Clubs will adopt a season progression system in FIFA 23. This new seasonal system will share its progress with the Volta experience. Playing either mode will level up your player and you’ll earn shared seasonal progress as a result.

Furthermore, players will be able to earn rewards in Volta, such as player cosmetics, and bring them back to equip in Pro Clubs matches. This is great news for FIFA 23 players as you’ll have more chances to progress through the six-week season.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs skill games

The new skill games feature will give players something to do while waiting for their Pro Clubs teammates to come online. Completing these skill games will contribute to your player’s growth.

You can also compete with your teammates for bragging rights within your club as you attempt to land the highest score possible in each of the mini-games.

Ultimately, you’ll experience less wasted time than ever in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs as there will always be a method to earn XP even when your teammates are offline.

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Image Credit: EA Sports

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