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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best secondary weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The pistols and shotguns you should have at your side in Black Ops Cold War.



Secondary weapons are extremely effective in Black Ops Cold War, so here are the best weapons and attachments you can be using.

For the first time since Modern Warfare 2, shotguns are a secondary weapon in multiplayer. Being able to carry a shotgun in your pocket to dominate in a close-range situation is a very powerful addition. Pistols have also seen a buff since Modern Warfare, with Cold War’s slower time-to-kill (TTK) allowing pistols to keep up with other weapons at close-range.

While any of the secondary weapons are viable in Cold War, these are the most effective you can carry.

Best secondary weapons


This classic pistol packs a serious punch in Black Ops Cold War. After pistols being lackluster with Modern Warfare’s fast TTK, Cold War’s slower TTK allows the 1911 to shine.

Make sure to equip the STANAG 14 Rnd magazine, SWAT 5mm Laser Sight, and 6.53″ Task Force Barrel to maximize its potential. The rest is up to you.

You could also opt to dual wield the 1911, making it especially effective at close range but almost unusable from further away.

Hauer 77

This Pump Shotgun is almost unbeatable in close-quarters situations. With the right build, the Hauer will be able to one-shot enemies in almost all indoor areas. Being able to carry an Assault Rifle as a primary, then having a weapon capable of one-shotting at close range is a deadly combination.

Equip the Hauer with the 21.6″ Heavy Reinforced Barrel, Duckbill Choke, Swat 5mW Laser Sight, and Shotgun Stock. These attachments combined will make the shotgun fast and powerful up close, with a boost to range allowing for a quick two-shot kill. The fifth attachment depends on your playstyle.

Gallo SA12

Commonly known as the SPAS-12, this semi-auto shotgun has quickly become a ‘meta’ weapon in Cold War’s multiplayer. While it doesn’t have the same one-shot potential as the Hauer, its fire-rate more than makes up for it.

At close range, the Gallo can outgun SMGs and Assault Rifles. With the right attachments, it can even be effective at mid-range as there is very little time to react to this shotgun’s fast fire-rate.

Attachments needed for the Gallo are very similar to the Hauer’s. Make sure you’re using the 21.4″ Heavy Reinforced Barrel, Duckbill Choke, Swat 5mW Laser Sight, and STANAG 12 Rnd Tube. These attachments make the shotgun more accurate when firing from the hip and also boost its range.

Cigma 2

With the prevalence of Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War, it’s worth having a loadout dedicated to taking out enemy Air Support.

The Cigma 2 rocket launcher is capable of locking on to enemy Air Support, giving it the edge over the RPG. Run the Cigma with the Cold Blooded Perk equipped to help your team out against Scorestreak-induced spawn traps to take away the enemies’ advantage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to get new Legacy Prestige Icons in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has brought a new batch of Legacy Prestige Icons to unlock, so here’s how to get your hands on them.



Black Ops Cold War Legacy Icons

With Black Ops Cold War Season 2 comes new Emblems, Calling Cards, and Icons from previous Call of Duty games that players can unlock and equip – here’s how to obtain them.

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War introduced the Prestige Shop, which combines the traditional Prestige System with the new seasonal progression. The shop allows players to purchase Emblems, Calling Cards, and Icons from previous Call of Duty titles.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has expanded the pool of available Legacy Icons up to Prestige 11. Here’s how to get your hands on them.

How to obtain Legacy Prestige Icons in Season 2

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has added a plethora of new Legacy Icons and Calling Cards for players to purchase. The new season allows you to purchase Icons and Calling Cards up to Prestige 11 from past Call of Duty games.

Blackout prestige 10 calling card in black ops cold war

To unlock these new Legacy Icons, you need to hit Prestige Master at Season Level 200. This is done by leveling up regularly, completing missions, and utilizing Double XP events and tokens. To maximize your time, you can check out our guide on how to level up fast.

For every 50 levels up to 200 in Season 2, you’ll unlock and wear Black Ops Cold War Prestige Icons. Once you have reached Prestige Master, you’ll gain access to the Prestige Shop. From here, you can purchase Calling Cards, Emblems, and Icons with Prestige Keys – you’ll get a new key every 50 levels.

Once these Legacy cosmetics have been purchased, you can equip them directly from the store.

MW2 prestige 10 emblem in cold war

Many players have been awaiting the prestigious tenth Prestige skull from Modern Warfare 2, which is now available to purchase and wear. And for hitting the higher rungs of Season 2’s progression, you’ll be able to unlock rare Legacy Calling Cards, such as the Blackout Prestige 10 card for hitting level 500.

Unfortunately, as players have discovered in Season 2, you won’t be able to wear your purchased Icons at the beginning of Season 3.

As levels are reset for new seasons, you lose your status as Prestige Master and must reach it again to access your purchased Legacy cosmetics.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch has made some big changes to Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks in Season 2

The Season 2 update of Black Ops Cold War & Warzone has led to Treyarch changing some of the game’s most notable Scorestreaks.



cod bocw season 2 scorestreaks

Some significant changes have been made to several of Black Ops Cold War’s biggest Scorestreaks in Season 2, thanks to Treyarch.

Scorestreaks are one of, if not, the most effective ways of turning the tide in Call of Duty. A team can find itself being absolutely decimated by the other team in Team Deathmatch, but only one player needs to step up to change the game.

One well-coordinated attack later and you’re in control of a Gunship that is leveling the other team mercilessly. Treyarch did expand upon the game’s large repertoire of Scorestreaks recently with the addition of the new Death machine scorestreak.

Now they have made some interesting changes that could alter the dynamics of Call of Duty in Season 2.

attack helicopter scorestreak cod bocw season 2

Not one, not two, but three of Black Ops Cold War’s Scorestreaks have been tinkered with. Their firepower and potency have not been reduced, but more so the conditions required to obtain them.

These are the Scorestreaks in question that have been changed, and by how much.

  • Air Patrol: Originally cost 2700 points, now costs 2400
  • Attack Helicopter: Originally cost 5000, now costs 4500
  • VTOL Escort: Reduced cost 7000, now costs 6500

Whilst some of these don’t appear to be gargantuan reductions, an extra 500 points off the usual cost really could be the edge that a team needs.

Arguably the weakest of the three scorestreaks is Air Patrol, as it’s a less attack-minded scorestreak and even when the time calls to use it, it can be difficult to take full advantage of.

vtol escort scorestreak cod bocw

The two most noteworthy revisions come in the form of the Attack Helicopter and the VTOL – especially the latter. The Attack Helicopter is your classic, personal, roaming sky sniper that will pick off enemies. It’s a great scorestreak for the price, but it can be susceptible to launchers as you have no control over who, or what, it fires at.

We believe the biggest difference-maker is going to be the VTOL, which was already undervalued when compared to its damage capabilities. 7000 was always a very attainable score if you went on a decent streak and dabbled in the objective, but now it’s very achievable.

It’s hard to say why Treyarch has singled out these particular streaks, or why they’ve decreased the points needed. It’s not even the only change they’ve made as Season 2 has also welcomed a Shot Tracker System, and allowed players to view their Operator and weapon more closely.

In any event, the Black Ops Cold War skies could be about to become a lot busier.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players call for changes to Prestige Master Icons

Players are calling for change after their purchased Prestige Icons are locked until they reach Prestige Master in Cold War Season 2.



BOCW Season 2 emblems

Players can’t use their purchased Prestige Icons in Black Ops Cold War Season 2 until they reach Prestige Master. This has left a sour taste in their mouths, forcing them to call for change.

Black Ops Cold War’s Prestige Shop is designed to combine the traditional Prestige system with the new seasonal progression. For every Prestige a player hits in a season, they will unlock a Prestige Key which they can spend on classic icons, emblems, and calling cards from previous Call of Duty games.

You can only purchase and use these icons once you hit ‘Prestige Master’ at level 200. Because progression has been reset for Black Ops Cold War Season 2, players have lost access to their purchased icons, and they’re not happy.

black ops cold war prestige icon locked

A post by Reddit user dgadano called out Treyarch, asking: “so you are telling me that I leveled up 200 levels, got my custom prestige icons and now I can’t use them til I level up 200 levels again?”

As reaching level 200 takes a considerable amount of playtime, some players may not have reached the Prestige Master until the end of the Season. As a user in the comments explains: “I spent so long the last two weeks grinding from level 100 to 200 just to unlock my favourite black ops 2 prestige icon and now I can’t even use it?”

For those who have grinded to unlock the Legacy Icons, it’s a kick in the teeth for them to be taken away at the start of the new season.

Players in the comments have reported progression has been considerably slower this season than last, so leveling up and getting access to already-purchased items again may take even longer in Season 2.

As the Prestige Level has been raised this season, it’s likely that the intention was for Season 2’s Prestige Icons to be used until players have hit Prestige Master. However, players who have spent time and effort unlocking their favorite icons are understandably frustrated and would like it changed.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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