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Call of Duty: Warzone

Best secondary weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1

Here are the best secondary weapons you can use in Warzone Season 1 so you run the Ghost perk at all times.



Warzone Strela-P

If you’re looking for a backup weapon to run with the Ghost perk in Call of Duty: Warzone, these are the best secondary weapons the game has to offer.

Ghost is an essential perk in Warzone as it keeps you off the minimap and hides you from heartbeat sensors. However, you lose out on carrying two primary weapons as it’s in the same slot as the equally important Overkill.

If you prefer to run Ghost at all times, you need a secondary weapon that will be of use. Most pistols and melee weapons are pretty useless in Warzone, as most weapons will easily outgun them. However, some standout choices might even be better than carrying two primaries.

Here are the best secondary weapon to use in Warzone Season 1.


If you’re looking for a pistol that’s both powerful and easy to use, the Diamatti is the one for you. Even without attachments, this Black Ops Cold War burst-firing pistol can take down enemies extremely quickly.

Warzone Diamatti

Once you unlock the Akimbo attachments, you’ll find yourself with one of Warzone’s best close-quarters weapons.

When Warzone Season 1 first launched, Akimbo Diamattis were the meta. Even after their nerf, they’re almost unstoppable at close range. If you’re running an Assault Rifle as a primary and need a weapon for CQB, the Diamatti is the best choice.


The Strela-P has extremely high rocket velocity, making moving vehicles extremely easy to hit. The rocket travels insanely fast, so no matter if you’re shooting a Most Wanted player in a helicopter or blowing up a car driving past, the Strela-P is the launcher for you.


Cheaters aside, there’s nothing more frustrating in Warzone than a rooftop camper. The JOKR is essentially the Javelin from the previous Call of Duty titles, where you mark a location and a rocket will fly into the air and land on that location.

Although designed for taking out aerial support, the JOKR is especially effective against rooftop campers. When you call in a Cluster Strike or Precision Airstrike, the enemy will be notified of the incoming strike. But with a Javelin, they’ll never see it coming.

Kali Sticks

Warzone Kali Stick

If you’re looking for speed with your Ghost class, you can’t go wrong with the Kali Sticks. You’ll run extremely fast, and these melee weapons can knock down enemies in only a couple of hits.

If you feel like being extra annoying to your opponents, you can pair the Kali Sticks with a Riot Shield and Stun Grenades. Enemies will be left powerless after being stunned, then you can run up on them with the sticks for a quick beatdown.

Next time you’re building a loadout with the Ghost perk in Call of Duty Warzone, consider taking these weapons as your secondary.

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone glitch results in easy wins for Rebirth Island

A glitch exists in the Warzone Rebirth Island map, which is awarding players with free wins by simply not playing.



Warzone's Rebirth Island

There is currently a glitch on the Rebirth Island Warzone map which awards players free wins.

Warzone’s Season 2 is off to an exciting start with brand new content such as the addition of the Outbreak mode, Fara 83 Assault Rifle, and LC10 Submachine Gun.

Of course, with any new update comes a fair share of unintended bugs, and Warzone Season 2 is off to an interesting start, specifically for the Rebirth Island map.

According to YouTuber Errl Shatter, there appears to be a game breaking bug going on where players can achieve an easy win in Rebirth Island… without even playing the game.

We’re not exactly sure on how this glitch works, but we’re presuming it has to do with the respawn system on the map. In the Rebirth Resurgance mode, players are given free respawns as long as their time continues to survive the duration of the game.

When a player respawns, there is a brief pause between the player spectating and dropping back into the fray. We suspect that somehow during this period of time if a squad is wiped out, players will be stuck on a permanent screen that says “waiting for redeployment.”

bocw x warzone season 2
Warzone Season 2 art

During this time, to the game, the player is still technically alive, so if the squad continues to spectate until every player in the game is killed by gas, their squad will be rewarded the win.

It seems that the execution of the glitch is also seemingly random, so there isn’t anything you can do to intentionally do this. We strongly urge that if you do come across this bug to leave the game in order to ensure a fair game for the rest of the players.

After you’ve been a good sport, be sure to tweet us @CharlieIntel with your clip so we can see for ourselves.

Image Credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Best FFAR loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 2

BOCW’s FFAR is an Assault Rifle with an incredible fire rate, so here’s the best attachments to maximize its potential in Warzone Season 2.



The FFAR is a Black Ops Cold War Assault Rifle with an exceptional rate of fire, so here’s the best loadout to maximize its potential in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2.

Although being an Assault Rifle, the FFAR is one of the strongest ground-loot weapons in Warzone Season 1 and it has an excellent rate of fire with manageable recoil. It also acts similar to Modern Warfare’s RAM-7 which has been a popular choice in previous seasons. It can melt armor at close range while also being able to beam at longer ranges.

Thanks to the recent nerfs dished out to popular META weapons in Warzone such as the DMR and Mac-10, the FFAR has once again become a popular option for players to use. We believe we have the optimal loadout to make the best use of this blisteringly powerful gun.

Here are the best attachments to maximize the FFAR’s potential in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Best FFAR Warzone loadout

  • Barrel: 21.2″ Ranger
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Stock

We’ve built this FFAR to dominate at medium range. It can also be a surprisingly useful gun at close-range too. Nerfs have meant that the MAC-10 and akimbo Diamattis are still pretty good in close-quarters, but the FFAR can go toe-to-toe with them now.

Pair this Assault Rifle with a Sniper Rifle such as the LW3 – Tundra, or the Kar98k, and use it for medium-range engagements and you’ll have great success with the FFAR.

Note: As of 2/26/21, the Agency Suppressor is heavily nerfed for Cold War Assault Rifles. As a result, we do not recommend running this weapon with that attachment until a patch is released by Raven.

FFAR Stock

For attachments, we’re starting with Raider Stock. Slap this beast of an attachment on for increased strafe speed and aim-down-sight speed for medium and close-range engagements.

FFAR Barrel

Next, you should add the 21.2″ Ranger Barrel. This barrel has the best bullet velocity for the FFAR, making medium-range and even some longer-range engagements a breeze.

FFAR Underbarrel

The FFAR does bounce around while firing, so we’ve added the Field Agent Foregrip to help keep it under control. Pull down on your thumbstick or mouse and you won’t have too much trouble controlling the recoil.

FFAR Ammunition

For ammunition, we’ve gone with the Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag. This extended magazine will reduce your need to reload so you can take down multiple enemies in quick succession. With the prevalence of Self-Revive in Warzone too, finishing a knocked player could be the difference between a win and a loss.


The iron sight is unobtrusive, so an optic won’t be necessary. Instead, we’ve added the Airborne Elastic Wrap for increased aim down sight speed and overall weapon handling so you’ll be ready for any gunfight.

Pair this FFAR with a Sniper Rifle and you’ll find this loadout to be extremely strong in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Image Credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Season 2 brings significant changes to some Cold War Weapons

It appears that Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 has broken & fixed many of the Black Ops Cold War weapons in its arsenal, per YouTuber JGOD.



Warzone weapon changes Season 2

CoD: Warzone Season 2 is out now, and brings some heavy changes to Black Ops Cold War weapons, for the better and the worst.

Warzone Season 2 includes some much-needed tuning to weapon stats, which were previously unreliable, as weapon attachment pros and cons were inaccurate in the menus, as revealed by YouTuber JGOD.

As of the new update, it appears that Raven Software has taken the initiative to fix things, but yet also break a few things in the process. Per a Tweet from JGOD, it appears that the Agency Suppressor for Cold War weapons is currently broken, giving players reduced bullet velocities on select Assault Rifles.

This is troubling for players, as the Agency Suppressor has unique Warzone-only traits (separate from Cold War), which gives players extra range on their weapons.

Per JGOD’s Tweet, this basically “ruins” Cold War guns in Warzone for the time being, as Agency Suppressor is a pivotal attachment at ranges. Since this was revealed, Raven has publicly acknowledged this issue via a Tweet, and vows to fix it in a future update.

Fortunately, though, it does appear that Cold War barrel attachments are now accurate to the stat changes indicated in-game, a long-running issue that we’ve seen since the Black Ops Cold War X Warzone integration back in November.

As per bug fixes this update, it appears that the glint issue for Cold War snipers still exists within Warzone. When players use a 4x and 20x scope on these snipers, there is no distinguishable glint for other players to see at long range – an important sign that an enemy is targeting them.

For all of the new stat changes to weapons, we recommend watching JGOD’s video below to get into the loop.

As for bug fixes, you can keep an eye out on Treyarch’s and Raven’s public Trello board, or stay tuned @CharlieIntel for any updates.

Image Credits: Activision

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