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Best sword enchantments in Minecraft: Mending, Smite, and more

Enchantments in Minecraft are pivotal for progress, and here are the best enchantments to make your swords powerful.



Four Minecraft swords pointing towards an enchantment table

From collecting resources to defeating bosses, enchantments in Minecraft help players prepare for the toughest challenges. Here are the best sword Enchantments that you must get to have the strongest sword in Minecraft.

There are several aspects of survival to dissect in Minecraft. While animals like horses and cats have their own uses, you also need to have the best set of weapons for exploration and safety.

Apart from the material, the best way to improve the quality of your weapons is enchantments. Having said that, there are a ton of unique enchantments in Minecraft and this guide will list the best enchantments for your sword.

Five best sword Enchantments in Minecraft

5. Sweeping Edge

Sweeping Edge enchantment in Minecraft increases your sword’s sweep attack damage. This is quite useful in situations where you have to fight several mobs at once. The increase in damage is based on the level of Sweeping Edge, but to balance things out, the game does now allow you to use Sweeping Edge with other enchantments.

Swords already stand out in Minecraft owing to their sweep attacks, and Sweeping Edge makes this characteristic even better.

Minecraft sword with Sweeping Edge enchantment

4. Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect is inarguably one of the best enchantments in Minecraft. As the name suggests, anything you touch with an enchanted sword will catch fire excluding the mobs from The Nether.

Fire Aspect has several benefits. Many mobs die instantly from fire damage and even if they don’t, the damage from fire is long-lasting and massive. Moreover, when killed with a Fire Aspect sword, mobs drop cooked meat if they generally drop raw food items. This saves you the time and effort to cook a meal.

Minecraft sword with Fire Aspect enchantment

3. Smite

Smite enchantment in Minecraft increases the tool’s damage against undead mobs that are usually the hardest to kill. Although the use of this enchantment is quite situational, you can utilize it during a wide range of mob fights and especially when you’re facing The Wither.

Sharpness could have made this list, but Smite is simply more powerful and a majority of mobs in Minecraft are undead.

Minecraft Wither boss

2. Looting

Looting is a versatile enchantment in Minecraft that improves the quality and quantity of your loot. Even though this enchantment doesn’t work on some items like Totems of Undying, it can still cause almost all mobs to drop better loot.

Looting doesn’t benefit in combat, but if you already have combat-based enchantments on your sword, it is great for balancing things out.

Minecraft sword with Looting enchantment

1. Mending

Once you make Diamond and Netherite tools in Minecraft, the goal should be to instantly enchant them with Mending. This enchantment increases the durability of the tool with experience. This implies that you can have ever-lasting tools with Mending if you’re gaining enough experience.

Mending is best on swords because the weapon is primarily used for killing mobs which happens to be the best source of experience in Minecraft. Mending is often compared with Unbreaking but is considered better because tools enchanted with Unbreaking break eventually.

On the flip side, you can literally make indestructible tools with Mending and of course, proper planning. This explains why unlocking Mending is one of the toughest tasks in Minecraft.

Enchanted Minecraft sword

Those were the best Minecraft enchantments that you won’t regret using. For similar content, check out how to get a saddle in Minecraft, how to make a lectern in Minecraft, and how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.

Image Credits: Mojang