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Call of Duty: Warzone

Bizarre Warzone Sentry Gun glitch is teleporting players around the map

Warzone is no stranger to the occasional glitch, and the latest one is teleporting players around the map when they place a Sentry Gun.



Sentry Gun shooting in Warzone

A strange new glitch has hit Warzone Season 5 Reloaded, which is randomly teleporting players around Verdansk when they place a Sentry Gun.

The community is always key in unearthing new problems in Warzone, and the same is true in Season 5 Reloaded. An issue was found recently which gave players the win despite one enemy being left, and fans have even called the supposed lack of gunplay variety.

Now, a new and particularly bizarre glitch is causing players to be blipped around the map when they try and place down a Sentry Gun.

Warzone players shooting a helicopter

Reddit user ‘connoisseurofmemes69’ uploaded a video highlighting the bug. In it, they climbed to the top of the tower close to Prison, before going to place a Sentry on the highest floor in an attempt to score kills from the window.

After three attempts of trying to set the killstreak down but there not being enough space on the ground, the player deployed the Sentry before jumping next to it.

Suddenly, the player is teleported back down to a lower floor of the building without warning. The video doesn’t seem to suggest that they fell through the floor, but rather they were immediately jumped to another part of the structure.

Other users have reported similar experiences when using a Sentry, and the glitch appears to be triggered when players use the killstreak to corner themselves against a wall. However, others reported that they were sent to entirely different buildings.

“The same thing happened to me but on a rooftop,” said one fan. “When I placed the sentry gun trapping myself into a corner it teleported me to another roof.”

It remains to be seen if Raven will address this issue in a future patch, but until then other fans have said they will be trying out the weird bug for themselves.

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Image credits: Activision