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UPDATE 14 – April 16th: A new 7 second video clip has been uploaded.

UPDATE 13 – April 16th: A new 3 second video clip has been uploaded.

UPDATE 12 – April 15th: A new 10 second video clip has been uploaded.


UPDATE 11 – April 15th: A new 4 second video clip has been uploaded.

UPDATE 10 – April 13th: A new 10 second video clip has been uploaded.


UPDATE 9 – April 13th: A new 4 second video clip has been uploaded…”The human mind holds many mysteries.”

UPDATE 8: A new 8 second video clip has been uploaded.. “Our greatest barrier is our own fear….our own doubts.”  


UPDATE: 7: A new 6 second video clip has been uploaded…no voice over on this one.



UPDATE 6: A new 3 second video clip has been uploaded showing birds flying around…  

UPDATE 5 – April 8th: A new 6 second video clip has been uploaded..no voice over this time.

UPDATE 4: A new 10 second video clip has been uploaded… “Imagine somewhere calm..imagine somewhere safe…imagine yourself in a frozen forest.”

UPDATE 3: A new 2 second clip has been uploaded. Adding some filters to the image (seen on the right), appears to reveal the text “Dr Salim” above the moon:

Minor UPDATE: The account name on Snapchat has been updated to “Dr. Salim.”

UPDATE 2: A new Snapchat story is now live with another 10 second teaser…saying “Let your thoughts drift…let the bad memories fade…let peace be upon you.”

UPDATE: The first Snapchat is now live with a 10 second teaser saying “listen only to the sound of my voice…”


Original Story:

The hype train is leaving the station earlier this year, it looks like the next Call of Duty reveal is imminent so get your social media accounts ready.

Black Ops 2 received a tiny update earlier today (which was even hinted by David Vonderhaar), and now Drift0r has just uploaded a new video showing certain posters on two maps in Black Ops 2 have a new “ghost icon,” which happens to look like the snapchat logo. In fact, it’s actually a Snapchat QR code. Upon scanning the QR code within the Snapchat app, it says “callofduty is already your friend” (if you already added them). If not, it starts following them on your account.

It seems as if this may be related to Call of Duty 2015. We’ll update as we learn more… Stay frosty 😉

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