Treyarch’s Director of Technology Cesar Stastny (@pcdev), has recently confirmed via Twitter that Treyarch is stepping up this year when it comes to supporting the Call of Duty PC community. With all the PC drama that began with MW2, it’ll be interesting to see what direction they’ll take with Black Ops 2. This is a great start though:

-“[Black Ops 2].. developed by a dedicated PC team simultaneously with the other platforms.”
-“BO2 built from the ground up to catch cheaters”
-“Ability to detect and ban based on lessons learned on Black Ops.”

Still no word on how dedicated servers will be handled this year. It’s clear fans have beens asking for dedicated ranked servers fo a while now, we’ll let you know the second we receive more PC intel from Treyarch..


Also, the Black Ops 2 “Paused Game Screen” was recently spotted during a Treyarch Interview:

SOURCE: @Pcdev Via CallofDutyWikia

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