Yesterday David Vonderhaar has tweeted:

This means that in 8 weeks, we might be getting Black Ops 2 MP Details (8 weeks from now is August 14). The day after, Aug 15th is Gamescom, and Treyarch already confirmed they have something special planned for that event in Germany.

Vahn also went on to say, “I will single handily make your timeline bleed in agony and drown in facts. Might want to find the unfollow button. Just in case.”

For those keeping track, last year on June 30th Activision announced the reveal date for MW3 which was to take place durring CoD:XP (September 2nd). This means we would get a Black Ops 2 MP reveal 2 weeks earlier than MW3. We’re hoping for a more official announcement some time soon..

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

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