Back in April when Black Ops 3 was first revealed, Treyarch confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 would run at 60FPS across platforms but only revealed the PS4 resolution of 1080p (and PC of up to 4k resolution). Treyarch stated that the resolution was to be announced for Xbox One, but that maintaining the 60 FPS would be the key factor in their decision in final resolution.

Today, EuroGamer has done their performance analysis on the Black Ops 3 beta on both Xbox One and PS4 and have confirmed that the Xbox One version is running at a resolution of 900p (1600×900). In comparison, last year’s Advanced Warfare launched with a resolution of 1360×1080. EuroGamer states that this lower resolution puts it behind the PS4’s version in that the textures are harder to see at longer distances.


The combination of the two isn’t great news for Xbox One though. Compared to the native 1080p PS4 version, buildings, foliage and distant objects appear considerably less defined with subtle normal map and texture details smudged over. This reduction in clarity also makes it harder to spot other players that are far away, particularly when they are crouched behind vehicles or lying prone within similarly colored scenery. Obviously, moving targets are easier to see, but stationary enemies tend to blur into the surrounding environment somewhat. Thankfully, the loss in visual sharpness isn’t enough to break the long-range gameplay – after all, everyone gets the same presentation on a fixed platform – but currently, based on what the beta has to offer, PS4 is the more preferable choice here, just as it was on Advanced Warfare.

However, the Xbox One version does beat out the PS4 version in one case – the FPS lock. The Xbox One version seems to be consistently at 60FPS, but the PS4 version has dropped to the lowest of 50FPS in the most intense multiplayer action.

This resolution on Xbox One can change before launch – Sledgehammer Games last year opted to, very close to launch, change Advanced Warfare’s resolution from 1600×900 to 1360×1080.


SOURCE: EuroGamer



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