Activision has just released released a FAQ for the Black Ops 3 beta that begins next week. Some of the new details revealed were that the file size will come in at 15gb, although its unclear if the file size is the same for all platforms or just the Playstation 4. We now also have confirmation of when codes will be emailed out, codes will begin “rolling” out to Playstation 4 at midnight pacific time the day of the beta. Check out the rest of the FAQ for more details..

How big is the Beta file?
To make the Beta a fun and valuable experience, we’ve packed it with a lot of content. Therefore, the file is approximately 15 GB and download times will vary based on location, server traffic, and connection speed.

What’s the difference between my Beta code that I received and my Beta token?

Your pre-order Beta code reserved your spot for the Beta and is redeemed at Once you have registered, a Beta token will be emailed to you on a rolling basis beginning at 12:00 AM PST on August 19th for PS4 users and on a rolling basis at 12:00 AM PST on August 26th for Xbox One and PC users. This Beta token will allow you to download the Beta from the platform you have designated in the registration process.

SOURCE: Activision Blog

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