Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set in the year 2060…35 years after Black Ops 2. Countries around the world have developed a technology called DEAD (Directed Energy Air Defense) which has rendered air superiority useless. Military strength in this game is all on boots on the ground.

New technology includes the all new DNI. DNI is the Direct Neutral Interface, which gives soldiers complete control of their physiology. It will allow players to integrate with computer systems, like enhanced limbs. The title also features a new item called Cyber Cores, which are special powers that can be used at anytime in the campaign. Some examples of this are “immolation,” which lets you set things on fire; “remote hijack,” lets you take control of drones and other remote controlled items.

In addition, the leak on co-op player was accurate. The title’s campaign can be played with friends, up to four, online and features much more open style space and arenas.


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