Treyarch is bringing big innovations to Call of Duty eSports with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The title features new Ban and Protect system as well as the Specialist Draft. These two features are exclusive to Arena and competitive matches.

Ban and Protect


With Ban and Protect, players on each team get to switch off taking turns in banning certain items and protecting certain items. Treyarch has clarified that the new bans and protect system will work on top of rules and guidelines that tournaments may┬áset standard for all matches. Vonderhaar said on Twitter, “You can restrict items AND you can decide what is in ban/protect list AND you can set anything to only be bannable.”

Specialist Draft:


The Specialist Draft allows Black Ops 3 to remain balanced even with the new specialist abilities. With the draft, each players on each team can only be a certain specialist. There cannot be more than one specialist type on a team.

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