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Black Ops 3: “Glitch” Teleport Ability – How does it work? Specialists & Skill Based Matchmaking (Part 2)



By now we should all have seen the recently Black Ops 3 reveal, along with many unanswered questions.

Black Ops 3 is set to introduce a wave of changes, refinements and additions to the franchise and ultimately deliver the ‘Treyarch’ experience that many of us have come to expect. We recently caught up with MrDalekJD who had the opportunity to play Black Ops 3 for several hours at the Treyarch Studio.

Below is Part 2 (Part 1 here) of our group discussion where we explore some of the upcoming changes within Black Ops 3. In this episode, we focus on the “Glitch” ability which allows you to teleport backwards in time, Specialists and Skill Based Matchmaking.

Watch the talk below, and let us know what you think in the comments section. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to be ready for Part 3 where we discuss even more!

Thanks to: MrDalekJD, Wizzite, UnknownPlayer03 and BennyCentral for joining. Be sure to check them out.