More leaks from the PC version of the Black Ops 3 beta have arisen, this time in the form of names for multiplayer maps. So far, Treyarch has officially confirmed four maps: Hunted, Evac, Combine, and Stronghold.

  • mp_apartments
  • mp_spire
  • mp_chinatown
  • mp_sector
  • mp_rise
  • mp_ethiopia
  • mp_havoc
  • mp_stronghold
  • mp_veiled
  • mp_biodome
  • mp_nuketown_x
  • mp_redwood
  • mp_airship

Now, do note that these names could be internal dev names for the maps. The map names could change by launch. For example, ‘Ethiopia’ is the code name for Hunted.

SOURCE: r/BlackOps3

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