During the Twitch #TheRace interview with Mark Lamia and David Vonderhaar, they talked about how Black Ops 3 will be the first game which truly integrates all the modes into one whole entity. Features from the multiplayer modes have been integrated into campaign (with co-op play) and Zombies (with new XP progression system). And, features from campaign have been integrated into multiplayer (Specialist soldiers, which provide personality to MP characters) and Zombies (which will feature its own storyline). Black Ops 3 basically features ‘three games in one,’ says Mark Lamia. 

Fans will be able to seamlessly switch between all the modes on the fly – if you’re playing multiplayer with group of friends and want to play some co-op campaign, you’ll be able to take the party from MP directly into campaign mode without additional blockades, they said. Or if you want to play Zombies with the same group of friends, you’ll be able too. There’s no breaking of the modes like how Black Ops 2 had. It’s all integrated to make the experience more enjoyable. 

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