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PlayStation has put up the trophies for the fourth and final Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 DLC4 Zombies map a little earlier than intended and has revealed that the name of the map is Tag Der Toten, which translates to Day of the Dead.

The map is set to become available on PlayStation 4 starting Monday, September 23.

Here’s the trophies of the map:

Tag der Toten

Post image

Salvation Lies Above

In Tag der Toten, Ascend from Darkness

Post image

Everybody Freeze!

In Tag der Toten, freeze 10 zombies at once in a single match

Post image


In Tag der Toten, kill 5 Hellhounds with snowballs in a single match

Post image


In Tag der Toten, use all the ziplines without killing an enemy or going in to last stand in a single match

Post image

Going Green

In Tag der Toten, open all paths without turning on the power

Post image

Mile High Jug

In Tag der Toten, break the jar on top of the lighthouse with the Strife

Post image

Abnormal Energy Bill

In Tag der Toten, light up all the totems in a single match

Post image

Pack Your Bags

In Tag der Toten, pack a weapon in all Pack-a-Punch locations in a single match

Post image

Bell of the Snowball

In Tag der Toten, ring all four bells with thrown snowballs in under 12 seconds

Post image


In Tag der Toten, find the secret

Post image

SOURCE: Reddit

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