Treyarch deployed another hot fix for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Private Beta on all platforms.

Here’s the latest on it:


  • General Fixes
    • General Stability and Performance Improvements.
  • Scorestreaks:
    • General
      • Increased the delay at the start of a round before you can activate certain lethal Scorestreaks.
    • Strike Team
      • Doubled the health of each Strike Team squad member. This should help the Strike Team survive and react in situations where they are taking fire from several enemies at once.
    • Mantis
      • Fixed a text string on the Care Package containing the Mantis.
  • Maps:
    • Gridlock:
      • Fixed an exploitable location near the bath house which allowed players to look across the map.

Treyarch also says that following the beta weekend, they will post a comprehensive re-cap of the beta and what they’re working on for launch, including detailing “a few design changes that are on the horizon.” So stay tuned for info on that.

SOURCE: Treyarch


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