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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Beta ‘Reserves’ mention is leftover code, Battle Pass main focus



UPDATE: An Activision rep has sent a statement providing further clarification on the bug that was found in the beta.

Activision says that Black Ops Cold War will follow the ‘same system’ used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which, basically means no loot boxes.

Here’s the full statement from an Activision rep:

As Treyarch clarified, this was a placeholder legacy bug from BO4. This was an error on our part and has been updated. The battle pass system in Black Ops Cold War will work the same as Modern Warfare, which includes free post launch content and events. We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will launch on November 13, but the Battle Pass system will begin with Season 1. The ultimate edition of the game includes enough Call of Duty Points to get a Season’s Battle Pass bundle.

More info on Black Ops Cold War Post Launch content to come.

Original Story:

Players have found references to ‘Reserves’ in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta menus.

When connecting a keyboard & mouse to your PS4 and accessing the Black Ops Cold War beta, a menu pops up on the message of the day referring to “Black Market,” and other store related items, as seen in this image:

However, Treyarch’s Community Manager has commented on Reddit saying that this is leftover code and menu from Black Ops 4. A glitch has caused this leftover menu to appear when connecting a keyboard and mouse to the console.

Here’s the statement from Treyarch’s CM:

For context, this was a bug where placeholder UI from Black Ops 4 was leftover in a Message of the Day template.

Activision has already announced during the MP reveal that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will feature a Battle Pass system.

Modern Warfare, released in October 2019, brought changes to the magnetization system of Call of Duty. The game ditched the Season Pass and Loot Boxes in favor of free DLC and a free and paid Battle Pass system.

Activision also confirmed in September that new weapons for Black Ops Cold War will be free to unlock through gameplay.

All new Black Ops Cold War functional content, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked by playing Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

With Modern Warfare ditching Supply Drops, we don’t see Activision bringing it back this year at all. Battle Pass system is the way forward for the company, with free and paid tiers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Gunfight Tournaments could be headed to Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War’s popular Gunfight mode looks set to be bolstered by the return of intense tournaments to declare the ultimate duo.



cod bocw gunfight tournaments

2v2 Gunfight action is about to become even tougher and more meaningful in Black Ops Cold War. One gamer’s CoD glitched and revealed a screen that suggested Gunfight Tournaments are set to return.

Gunfight has been a revelation since its inception in the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot. Focusing on close-quarters combat between two teams of two, Gunfight provides a random loadout that both teams have to utilize to survive.

Each round then boils down to sudden death circumstances and it keeps going – with new loadouts – until one team wins.

Modern Warfare eventually introduced tournaments that you could compete in and progress through to earn lots of XP and bonuses. Thanks to a new BOCW glitch, it seems like the concept will be returning soon.

gunfight tournament in call of duty

Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Tournaments leaked

Some of the glitches seen in Black Ops Cold War as of late have usually been of the detrimental variety, including some horrific hit-registration issues and a thermal scope glitch.

But this new glitch, thankfully, casts a spotlight on something more positive. In the below image, Reddit user theManJ_217 is clearly in the process of finding a new game in BOCW. However, a random action results in a glitchy screen that blends both the matchmaking screen and a previously unseen Gunfight Tournament notice.

The nature of the image is a bit suspect because it is just an image, but it looks convincing nonetheless. It’s a rational idea, anyway, as Gunfight is continually expanding as seen with the recent Gunfight Blueprint playlist that was added.

Given that Gunfight was only added with the launch of BOCW Season 1, it would make sense to not rush all the content out too quickly.

Gunfight tournaments could likely be one of the marquee features of Season 2 and we may even see another variation of the mode in the future.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone devs respond to incorrect Cold War weapon attachment descriptions

Developers have confirmed a fix for Black Ops Cold War weapon attachment descriptions being incorrect in Warzone.



Confused Warzone player using XM4

Several attachments for Black Ops Cold War weapons ported to Warzone don’t match their in-game descriptions. Warzone devs have confirmed that a fix is in the works.

Call of Duty content creators such as JGOD have done extensive testing on all of Warzone’s weapons. They discovered that the MAC-10’s Gallantry blueprint performed vastly better than its regular counterpart and that Black Ops Cold War sniper scopes have no glint.

The broken MAC-10 has now been patched, but there have been serious inconsistencies with the BOCW attachment descriptions. Some have no effect on the weapon, and others do the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

Raven Software has confirmed that they are working on a fix for incorrect attachment descriptions, as well as certain attachments not unlocking.

gallantry mac-10 in Warzone season 1

Warzone devs to fix incorrect attachment descriptions

On Activision’s official Trello Board, a card reading CW weapon attachments: Certain attachments are not unlocking or working as intended’ was added with the tag ‘under investigation’ on January 21.

The card was added by Alexis Barth, the Communications and Community Manager at Raven Software, confirming they will be handling the patch.

With Warzone featuring a detailed Gunsmith system, you can choose up to five unique attachments that vastly change your weapon’s performance. Each attachment has a different description and stats to match. Meaning you can build your weapon any way you want.

However, many of the attachments for the Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone do the opposite of what they’re meant to, with some even having no effect.

For example, the Stoner 63 can be vastly improved by a barrel that supposedly gives extra ‘vehicle damage’ but actually increases bullet velocity. The Striker Grip for the SMGs also grants recoil control when it’s meant to increase melee damage speed.

Most players wouldn’t even think about attachments not performing as they’re meant to, so they could be wasting their valuable slots.

Raven also addressed they are working for a fix on weapon attachments not unlocking.

It may take Warzone devs a while to fix this issue as they have to test every Cold War weapon, so keep an eye on Charlie Intel for the best weapon loadouts, such as our guide for the best AK-74u.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War leaker reveals barbed wire & shield Field Upgrades

Black Ops Cold War could be getting some new Field Upgrades in the form of barbed wire & shields if a new leak is to be believed.



cod bocw barbed wire field upgrades leak

A Call of Duty leaker has found some files that would suggest barbed wire and shields could be coming to BOCW. If the leak is confirmed, they’re expected to be welcomed as new Field Upgrades.

The latest Call of Duty game has a lot of different weapons and equipment for players to use. Ranging from sticky Semtex grenades to motion-sensor triggered Proximity Mines.

The core focus, post-launch, has been the arrival of new guns, maps, and gameplay balancing. Though it seems that even more unexpected content is on the way. A CoD leaker has found evidence of two new pieces of tech for players to look forward to.

perks, equipment, and weapons in cod bocw

Leaker reveals new Black Ops Cold War Field Upgrades

In a post on Twitter, user Declassified has shown off some new photos from Black Ops Cold War that give us a glimpse into the future.

The message contains two photos that appear to be taken on the Raid map, and they each contain a different piece of equipment.

The first one appears to be a roll of barbed wire that looks like it stretches out to a meter or two. Barbed wire is not an uncommon appearance for a competitive FPS like Call of Duty. The item is used regularly in esports game Rainbow Six Siege to slow enemies down.

So whether it will be used to entangle enemies and greatly decrease their movement speed, or perhaps be a method of depleting someone’s health remains to be seen.

On the other hand, we also have a reinforced shield that will presumably be used to hide behind and take cover. Again, this is another popular item in Rainbow Six Siege as it’s a great piece of equipment to seek refuge behind and aid you in hiding and capturing objectives.

Declassified has leaked information about CoD previously and so whilst we must take these two pictures with a hint of trepidation, there’s also reason to suggest that these are accurate.

We are already approaching the beginning of Black Ops Cold War Season 2 and, like Season 1, we can expect to have new stuff to look forward. Will it include barbed wire and a shield? We’ll have to wait and see.

Image credits: Treyarch

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