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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War campaign developed by Raven



The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign is a direct sequel to Black Ops 1, Raven has confirmed.

During a virtual brief of the title, Raven Software’s Creative Director spoke at length as to how the studio built Black Ops Cold War’s campaign. 

Treyarch’s Dan Bunting said that in order to get this game out in time for next-gen launch, they partnered with Raven on making the campaign. 

Raven was already in the process of designing a Cold War based campaign. The Know Your History Call of Duty teaser trailer was actually the very first set/mood piece Raven created for this game years back. Treyarch says the campaign Raven is creating is ‘worthy’ of the Black Ops name. 

Black Ops Cold War campaign will feature what players expect out of a Black Ops game: the conspiracy theories that drive the player through the story with the mind-bending moments as usual. 

With the campaign being set in 1981, it laid out the perfect time period to tie in the essence of Black Ops to it. The conspiracy around the Presidential election, the arms race, fear of WW3, and more all contribute to the overall story of the title. 

Raven says that 1981 has everything “we need to create an immersive narrative” with “covert operations to high action.”

With the partnership in mind, Raven is focused on the campaign aspect of Black Ops Cold War, while Treyarch is focused on the other modes of the game. 

Raven continues to work on Call of Duty: Warzone as well.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best weapons and perks to use in Black Ops Cold War’s Nuketown ’84

The chaos has ensued in Nuketown ’84, so we’ve put together the weapons and perks you should be using to dominate this classic map.



The classic map Nuketown has arrived in Black Ops Cold War, and the mayhem has ensued. Here’s everything you need to get an upper hand on your opponents.

Nuketown ’84 is almost identical to the classic map from 10 years ago, but with a new style and updated visuals. As it’s new to Cold War and there is currently a Nuketown 24/7 playlist, the map will be extremely populated with players of all skill levels.

These are the best weapons and Perks to help you dominate in Nuketown.

Following this guide might make the enemy team hate you, but that’s part of the fun.



The AK-74U is a great all-rounder SMG.

It has a fast time-to-kill (TTK) and is effective at all of the ranges you will encounter in Nuketown. Either push up to the enemies’ spawn or hold down mid and you’ll find yourself at an advantage in most engagements.

Burst-fire rifles

The AUG and the M16 are solid choices for Nuketown ’84.

These weapons are capable of killing enemies in one quick burst, giving them one of the fastest TTKs in the game. They are especially useful when watching long lines-of-sight at the sides of the map, and taking out pesky snipers in the windows of the houses.

Gallo SA12

You should pair your primary weapon with this semi-automatic shotgun.

While in the houses inside of Nuketown, you need a weapon capable of tearing through enemies at extremely close quarters. Attach a laser to increase hip-fire accuracy and you’ll clear the buildings in no-time.


Forward Intel

It’s almost as if this Perk was designed for Nuketown. Forward Intel increases the size of your mini-map and reveals enemy spawn locations. With how often spawns flip, knowing where enemies are spawning is valuable intel. While in the center, you’ll be able to see both spawns on your mini-map.


While playing in the mayhem of Nuketown, you’re likely going to be constantly in firefights.

If you have a killstreak going, you’ll run out of ammo fast. With Scavenger equipped, running over dead bodies will resupply your ammunition.

Gear Head

Field Upgrades are especially useful in Nuketown.

Chuck down a Proximity Mine inside the houses for guaranteed kills, or place Field Mics to keep an eye on the enemies’ movement. With Gear Head, your Field Upgrades recharge faster, and you can hold two at a time. Double the Mines, double the kills.

Flak Jacket

Whether in spawn or holding down mid, expect a barrage of Frag Grenades, Semtex, and rockets to be flying at you.

The Flak Jacket Perk will allow you to survive hits from explosives, which is invaluable to staying alive in Nuketown.


Gung-ho improves your effectiveness while moving, which makes it the perfect choice for this small map.

You’re able to fire, use equipment, and reload while sprinting, which is perfect for keeping the enemies guessing where you are. It also allows you to swap weapons faster, which is great for quickly switching to your shotgun when attacking the houses.

Cold Blooded

In the chaos of Nuketown, you’re unlikely to get much use out of Ninja or Ghost.

With the new Scorestreak system and the amount of score you can rack up in Nuketown, air support is extremely common. To avoid getting killed by Cruise Missiles and helicopters, keep yourself hidden with Cold Blooded.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War leaks suggest the return of this fan-favorite perk

The first batch of upcoming Black Ops: Cold War perks have been leaked, suggesting this fan-favorite perk could return.



Datamined images from the files of Black Ops Cold War reveal new perks that may be coming to the game.

In a post by dataminer TheGhostOfMW2, it appears that two perks are hidden away in the game’s code that may be coming to Black Ops Cold War in a future content update.

Most notably, it appears that the first perk (pictured to the left) is Lightweight, a returning perk from several Call of Duty titles.

Some may think at first glance the perk is Marathon (which gave players unlimited sprint), but since Black Ops Cold War comes with built-in unlimited sprint, this perk would be useless in the game.

A common complaint for Black Ops Cold War is the sprint speed, so having lightweight would be a welcome addition to the perk 3 category. If true, the perk 3 category would consist of the following perks:

  • Cold Blooded
  • Ninja
  • Gung-ho
  • Spycraft
  • Ghost
  • Marathon

As for the perk pictured on the right, no one knows exactly what it could be. Some have speculated it could be the return of the “Team Link” perk from Black Ops 4, that would allow you to see enemies your teammates have spotted on your mini-map.

This theory comes from the icon having a sword, just like how the Team Link perk did in Black Ops 4 (pictured below).

We doubt that this would be the perk, though, considering Forward Intel is in the same perk 1 slot and gives you the locations of where enemies spawn, on top of making your mini-map larger.

If these perks were added in the future, they would be the 6th perk for both the perk 1 and perk 3 slots. Perk 2 would still be left with 5 perks.

There’s no guarantee these perks will be added to the game, as they could be cut content from development. Of course, they could also be planned content coming later in the game’s lifecycle.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Nov 24 Update: Nuketown & 2XP

Nuketown ’84 has arrived. Free for everyone. Let the mayhem begin!



Treyarch has released a new map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, free for everyone.

The new map & more is live as part of the new in-game update that went live in Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

To celebrate the return of Nuketown, Treyarch has added in Nuketown 24/7 playlist so that fans can experience this new map exclusively for a limited time.

November 24 Patch Notes:


2XP + 2WXP

  • Double XP and Double Weapon XP enabled in Multiplayer and Zombies through 10AM PT Monday, November 30th.



  • Nuketown ‘84
    • Added Nuketown ’84 to 6v6 map rotation in Quick Play Core and Hardcore playlists.
    • Added Nuketown 24/7 featured playlist.
    • Added Nuketown ’84 to Custom Games map list.
  • Crossroads Strike
    • Addressed an issue in Crossroads Strike that allowed players to contest a Hardpoint and Control zone outside of the intended objective boundary.


  • Addressed an issue where incorrect images would show for Diamond & Gold weapon camo rewards in the After-Action Report.
  • Addressed an issue where Knife camos would not progress if in the primary weapon slot.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur in Domination.



  • Addressed an issue that could prevent zombies from attacking the player after teleporting from the Dark Aether.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to leave the gameplay space when teleporting back from the Dark Aether.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a main quest item from timing out, causing a progression break.


  • Addressed an issue that could cause the player to sometimes lose functionality at the pause menu if the Gunsmith remained open after the intro cutscene.


  • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused an incorrect Pack-a-Punch camo to appear on weapons obtained from Trials.


  • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused incorrect Revive UI to appear at the end of a match.


  • Added various stability fixes.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5)

  • Added Nuketown ‘84 to the Onslaught map list.
  • Added a new Onslaught Challenge with a unique Weapon Blueprint reward.

Double XP & Double Weapon XP will be live in game through Monday, November 30 at 10AM PT to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Nuketown ’84, Double XP, and Double Weapon XP are live in Black Ops Cold War on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Jump into the game now and level up those weapons on the fan favorite map!

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