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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War campaign lets you create your own character 



In a first for Call of Duty, the Black Ops Cold War campaign will let you create your own character to play as through the experience. 

The Create your Character menu will let fans create the character’s gender, name, identity, back story, and more. Players will create a CIA dossier for themselves, and can redact or un-redact parts of the history they want to while building the character. 

How you shape the gender of the character affects the voice over as well for your own dialogue lines. 

You can also pick your place of birth and develop a background for your character. Raven has confirmed that there are no gameplay advantages or bonuses of selecting characters in certain ways. 

This is a pure cosmetic play to give players more choice of their gameplay in the campaign. 

This is a first for Call of Duty, being able to design your own character in the campaign, and it’s an important decision by Raven Software.

Players will be prompted to create and design their character when they load into the Black Ops Cold War campaign menu. 

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