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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War November 2 update patch notes: Hammer & Sickle, Zombies updates, more

Treyarch Studios have given Black Ops Cold War players an early look at what the November 2 update patch notes will have in store for them.



Black Ops Cold War November 2 update patch notes

The Black Ops Cold War November 2 update patch notes will be making some major changes and additions to the first-person shooter, and we have the early look at what they will entail covered for you.

Season 6 has been an exhilarating time for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with The Haunting Event and various weapon buffs and nerfs, bringing plenty of new experiences for players to enjoy.

However, Treyarch Studios continues to provide players with new pieces of content and updates for Black Ops Cold War to improve the overall experience, which is the focus of the Cold War November 2 update patch notes.

The complete set of Black Ops Cold War November 2 update patch notes have been officially revealed, and you can find them all below:

Black Ops Cold War Update Patch Notes

Black Ops Cold War November 2 update patch notes


With The Haunting behind us, we’re bringing a new batch of Season Six content to Black Ops Cold War in our 9PM PT update, including the new Hammer & Sickle Melee weapon, 100 Percenter Challenge rewards, new Prestige Shop content to unlock, and the launch of Onslaught in Zombies on all platforms for everyone to enjoy!

In Multiplayer, 18-player Infected continues this week, and we’re bringing back Nuketown 24/7, 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only, and Throwback Moshpit, featuring Nuketown ’84 and our remastered classics from Black Ops and Black Ops II. In addition to the Hammer & Sickle, the LAPA SMG can now be unlocked in Multiplayer and Zombies via weapon unlock challenge in case you missed it during The Haunting, and new rewards have been added for winners of our latest Gunfight Tournament.


For all you completionists out there, we’re adding new “100 Percenter” Challenge rewards for Multiplayer, Zombies, and Campaign as an added bonus on top of all the extra XP you’ve earned along the way. Players will now be rewarded with new Animated Master Calling Cards when they complete 100% of all Challenges in each mode, excluding Dark Ops Challenges.

If you’ve already completed all Challenges in any given mode, your Animated Calling Card will be rewarded retroactively. Check your inventory at the Barracks and update your Calling Card Showcase to show off your Black Ops Cold War mastery.


The Prestige Shop is getting a new batch of content to unlock with this update! Trade in your Prestige Keys for the new “Vicarious” Tactical Rifle Weapon Blueprint, new Legacy Calling Cards, and additional Animated Calling Cards from previous Call of Duty games.

Note: You’ll continue to earn Prestige Keys in Black Ops Cold War at every 50 Season Levels after Season Six ends and Call of Duty®: Vanguard Season One begins. All earned Prestige-related content will also remain unlocked, and your Prestige Master Ribbon progression will carry over into Vanguard, with six new Prestige Master Ribbons being added to the system to immortalize your Prestige Master progress.


With Season Six fully released and our next Zombies chapter just days away in Vanguard, we’re proud to have provided the most diverse offering of Zombies experiences in a Black Ops game to date over the past year, including:

  • 4 unique round-based maps
  • 8 Outbreak Regions
  • 6 Main Quests
  • 23 Onslaught maps
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3
  • New Zombies modes: Cranked, Jingle Hells, Outbreak Survival, Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, Dead Ops Arcade: First-Person, Onslaught Containment, Onslaught Mystery Munitions, Onslaught Accelerated, Onslaught Diminishing Light, Onslaught Elite & more.

In our 9PM PT update, we’re excited to bring Onslaught to Zombies players on all platforms, packed with 20+ maps and tons of Dark Aether narrative Intel to unlock. Jump into Onslaught and Onslaught Containment for intense 2-player experiences where the undead surges increase in intensity as the rounds go up. Keep the Dark Aether Orb powered up with the souls of your enemies and don’t get left behind in the Phase!


In round-based maps, we’re cranking up the Rampage Inducer’s effects all the way up to Round 55 for those hungry for a more intense experience beyond the original 20-round limit. To fit the new round cap, we’re tweaking the Rampage Inducer’s chance to spawn Super Sprinters based on community feedback. The Super Sprinter spawn rate will now begin at 20% (formerly 50%) and increase by 5% every five rounds (25% chance at Rounds 5-9, 30% chance at Rounds 10-14, etc.) to make earlier rounds slightly more manageable before things get truly wild.

We’re also updating the Mystery Box and Trials rewards to include weapons from Seasons Four and Five, and Outbreak players will now start the match with 1,000 Essence (previously 500). In “Firebase Z,” we’ve addressed an issue where the Orda was pretty much unkillable with three or four players during Assault Rounds, as well as various other bug & stability fixes. See below for the full list of additional incoming Zombies updates.


With Adler deprogrammed and Perseus’s plans interrupted, there’s nowhere left to run. Woods, Mason, Hudson, and Adler rush to Verdansk to confront Stitch and discover the true whereabouts of Perseus. Watch the Season Six Outro Cinematic to see how it ends, and check out the new Cinematic Archive in the Barracks to watch story cinematics from previous seasons.

As Season Six draws to a close, a new chapter is about to begin…


Vanguard arrives Nov. 5th, delivering the continuation of the Dark Aether story with “Der Anfang,” developed by Treyarch. Check out our new gameplay guide for all the details on the Dark Aether entities, Covenants, Artifacts, Perks, Weapon Tiers, Custom Loadouts, and new narrative voices coming to Zombies to get ready for launch.

As a reminder, all XP earned in Vanguard during the Preseason will also apply to your Season Six progression and Battle Pass in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, so you’ll never miss out on progress across games while you’re playing Vanguard Zombies. See you in-game on Friday!

In the meantime, here’s what’s coming to Black Ops Cold War starting at 9 PM PT:



  • Hammer & Sickle
    • New Melee weapon now available via weapon unlock challenges in Multiplayer and Zombies, or via Store bundle.
  • LAPA
    • New weapon unlock challenge added to Multiplayer and Zombies for the LAPA SMG.


  • 100 Percenter Rewards
    • Added “100 Percenter” Challenge rewards for Multiplayer, Zombies, and Campaign.
    • Players are now awarded an Animated Calling Card when they complete 100% of Challenges in each mode.
    • Dark Ops Challenges are not required to earn 100 Percenter Calling Cards.
    • Players who have already completed all Challenges in a given mode will be awarded the Calling Card retroactively.

Prestige Shop

  • New Weapon Blueprint
    • Added new “Vicarious” Tactical Rifle Weapon Blueprint to the Prestige Shop.
  • Legacy Calling Cards
    • Added new Legacy Calling Cards and Animated Calling Cards to the Prestige Shop.

Cinematic Archive

  • Added new Cinematic Archive to the Barracks where players can watch cinematics from previous seasons.

Uninstall Management

  • Players will now be prompted with an option to uninstall the Black Ops Cold War Campaign to free up disk space.
  • All Campaign save data will be retained and the mode can be reinstalled at any time.



  • Throwback Moshpit
    • Added updated Throwback Moshpit playlist featuring Nuketown ’84 and remastered maps from Black Ops and Black Ops II.
  • Gunfight Tournament
    • Added new rewards for the latest Gunfight Tournament.

Featured Playlists

  • Nuketown 24/7
  • Throwback Moshpit [NEW]
  • Infected
  • 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only [NEW]
  • Face Off 6v6
  • Party Games
  • Multi-Team



  • All Platforms
    • Onslaught available on all platforms starting at 9PM PT Nov. 2nd, including 23 maps across Onslaught and Onslaught Containment:
    • Onslaught
      • Apocalypse
      • Cartel
      • Checkmate
      • Collateral
      • Crossroads
      • Deprogram
      • Drive-In
      • Echelon
      • Express
      • Garrison
      • Miami
      • Moscow
      • The Pines
      • Raid
      • Rush
      • Satellite
      • Standoff
      • Yamantau
    • Onslaught Containment
      • Game Show
      • ICBM
      • KBG
      • Nuketown ‘84
      • U-Bahn
  • Challenges
    • Addressed an issue where progress for the Onslaught Containment challenge “Contained” was being tracked when playing standard Onslaught.

Round-Based Maps

  • Rampage Inducer
    • Rampage Inducer effects now last until Round 55 (previously ended on Round 20).
    • Adjusted chance to spawn Super Sprinters based on community feedback. Super Sprinter spawn rate now begins at 20% (originally 50%) and increases 5% every 5 rounds while Rampage Inducer is active (25% chance at Rounds 5-9, 30% chance at Rounds 10-14, and so on).
  • Gameplay
    • Addressed an issue in “Firebase Z” where the Orda was unintentionally difficult to kill during Assault Waves from Round 30 onward in 3-player and 4-player games.
    • Addressed an issue where players could lose control of the ARC-XD when driving near the underground facility entrance doors on “Die Maschine.”
    • Closed exploits that allowed players to reach unintended locations in “Die Maschine,” “Firebase Z,” and “Mauer Der Toten.”
    • Closed various zombie pathing exploits in “Forsaken.”
  • Stability
    • Addressed various stability issues in “Forsaken” related to arcade games, the Main Quest, and the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.
  • Audio
    • Addressed an issue where certain audio was missing during Exfil in “Forsaken.”
  • Cinematics
    • Addressed an issue where Kravchenko’s knife was missing during the “Firebase Z” ending cutscene.


  • Players will now start with 1,000 Essence in Outbreak (previously 500).

Mystery Box

  • Weapons from Seasons Four and Five can now be acquired from the Mystery Box.


  • Weapons from Seasons Four and Five can now be acquired as possible rewards.


  • Addressed an issue where Chalices were being incorrectly awarded in limited-time modes.


  • PhD Slider can now be purchased in offline Local play.
  • The Hand Cannon and ARC-XD can now be crafted in offline Local play.

Featured Playlists

  • Outbreak (Endless and 3 Region)
  • Forsaken
  • Mauer der Toten
  • Firebase Z
  • Die Maschine
  • Onslaught (All Platforms)
  • Onslaught Containment (All Platforms)
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3 (Standard and First-Person)

The November 2 update will be going live at 9 PM PST/ 11 PM CST/ 12 AM EST (November 3).

Source: Treyarch Studios

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch Studios

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock the Scythe in Black Ops Cold War

The Scythe is a melee weapon that was seen in Black Ops Cold War. Here’s how you can unlock it for yourself.



scythe melee weapon black ops cold war

A brand-new melee weapon has been seen in Black Ops Cold War and here’s everything you need to know about the Scythe, including how to unlock it.

It can be fun to rack up kills from a distance with an Assault Rifle after hopping into a game of Black Ops Cold War, and sometimes it’s more exciting to use a melee weapon to battle your enemies up close.

Treyarch accidentally released the Scythe melee weapon in Black Ops Cold War in a surprise update on June 6. Here are the unlock challenges the Scythe appeared with for both Multiplayer and Zombies.

scythe melee weapon in black ops cold war

How to unlock the Scythe in Black Ops Cold War

The Scythe was accidentally added to Black Ops Cold War on June 6, 2022, and tasked players with melee-based challenges to unlock it. Unfortunately, this was accidental so it has now been removed from the game, but it should arrive soon.

Despite being removed, we expect the unlock challenge to be the same. Here’s how to unlock the Scythe in both Multiplayer and Zombies:

  • Multiplayer – Using a Melee weapon, get 2 kills while Ninja or Dead Silence are active in 15 different completed matches.
  • Zombies – Using a primary Melee weapon, kill 200 enemies while Insta-Kill is active.

Completing 15 multiplayer matches will take some time, so you might be faster jumping into a game of Zombies.

The in-game description says that the Scythe is a “quick swinging” two-handed melee weapon that allows you to “reap a bountiful harvest by cutting down all who stand in your path.”

For more Black Ops Cold War, you can check out how to unlock the UGR SMG as well as the best controller settings.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best UGR loadout for Black Ops Cold War

The UGR is a brand-new SMG in Black Ops Cold War, so here’s our best compelte with Attachments, Perks, and Equipment.



Best UGR loadout in UGR

The UGR is a brand-new SMG in Black Ops Cold War, and players can’t wait to try it out in multiplayer matches. Here’s our breakdown of the best UGR loadout to run in BOCW.

Even though CoD Vanguard is now in its third season, and Modern Warfare 2 is arriving this year, support for Black Ops Cold War is still going strong. After a huge Zombies patch on April 25, Treyarch have now added a remastered version of the Jungle map, as well as a new weapon.

The UGR SMG is an interesting close-range option, as it’s an “underwater rifle modified for improved land performance.” It doesn’t have the bullet velocity to take enemies out at distance, but it’s formidable in close-quarters combat.

If you’re looking to run it in multiplayer, you’ll need to know how to make the most of it. Check out our best UGR loadout for Black Ops Cold War.

Best Cold War UGR loadout attachments

Operator underwater using UGR
  • Barrel: 12.8″ VDV Reinforced
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Magazine: Explosive Flechettes
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock

We kick things off with the 12.8″ VDV Reinforced Barrel to seriously boost the UGR’s bullet velocity and damage range. The UGR is severely lacking in both departments, but this attachment makes it far more competitive in longer-range battles.

Next up, we went for the Spetsnaz Grip to keep the recoil in check and make it far easier to control. Then we chose KGB Skeletal Stock and GRU Elastic Wrap for a decrease in sprint-to-fire time and ADS speed, allowing you to get shots earlier while rushing around the map.

Many were surprised to see that the UGR comes with explosive rounds, so we couldn’t resist equipping Explosive Flechettes to our loadout. Aside from the obvious boost in overall damage, they also increase ammo capacity which is vital in a fast-firing weapon.

Best Cold War UGR Perk & Equipment

Flak Jacket Perk in BOCW
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket & Tactical Mask
  • Perk 2: Scavenger & Assassin
  • Perk 3: Ghost & Ninja
  • Lethal Equipment: Semtex
  • Tactical Equipment: Stimshot

We think the UGR is still effective with only five attachments, so we’re equipping Greed Wildcard to use extra Perks in each slot in BOCW multiplayer matches,

Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask are incredibly important in the first slot, as they’ll keep you protected from incoming explosives and Gas Mines, which can be frustrating when running and gunning.

Next, we picked Scavenger to make sure you never run out of ammo, as well as Assassin to keep the Scorestreaks rolling in. In the final slot, we recommend Ghost to stay invisible on enemy radars, as well as Ninja to help with flanking, which you’ll want to do a lot of with the UGR.

In terms of equipment, Semtex is an easy-to-use lethal, while Stimshot will give you a handy health boost when things get tough out there.

How to unlock UGR in Black Ops Cold War

UGR in Warzone

To unlock the UGR SMG, players must kill an enemy revealed by their Spy Plane, UAV, or Field Mic with an SMG in 15 different completed matches. If you’re not a big multiplayer fan, it can be earned in Zombies by eliminating 1000 enemies while using an Epic rarity or better SMG.

You can also bypass the challenges altogether if you don’t mind spending 2,400 CoD Points on the new Lazar bundle.

Best alternatives to Cold War’s UGR

Black Ops Cold War has some powerful SMGs if the UGR isn’t working for you. The TEC-9 and LC10, in particular, remain incredibly strong in multiplayer matches and rank as two of the best weapons in the entire game.

For more, be sure to check out the best UGR loadout to use on Caldera in Warzone Pacific Season 3.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock UGR SMG in Cold War & Warzone

Here’s everything you need to know about the new UGR SMG including how to unlock the weapon in Cold War and Warzone.



UGR unlock Warzone cold war

Treyarch continue to release new weapons for Cold War and the latest is the UGR SMG based on the APS underwater rifle that will be making its way to both Cold War and Warzone. Here’s how to unlock the UGR in Cold War and Warzone.

Although Vanguard is now in Season 3 and 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 has been announced, Treyarch are still releasing content for 2020’s Black Ops Cold War. Alongside a ton of Zombies changes that arrived with the April 25 update, Treyarch confirmed the classic Jungle map and a brand-new weapon would arrive in the “coming weeks.”

On May 6, the new UGR SMG made its way to the game alongside a remastered version of the Jungle map. Here’s how to unlock the UGR in Cold War and Warzone.

UGR SMG in Cold War & Warzone

agr underwater rifle in call of duty ghosts

Those who played Call of Duty: Ghosts may recognize Cold War’s new UGR SMG as it’s based on the APS underwater rifle that appeared in the campaign. The in-game description says it’s a “full-auto submachine gun” and an “underwater rifle modified for improved land performance.”

The weapon is projectile-based with quite a low bullet velocity, so you won’t be beaming enemies at range with ease. Players were also surprised to see that it comes with explosive bullets.

How to unlock UGR in Cold War & Warzone

Players can unlock the UGR by killing an enemy revealed by your Spy Plane, UAV, or Field Mic with an SMG in 15 different completed matches. You can also unlock the UGR in Zombies if you eliminate 1000 enemies while using an Epic rarity or better SMG.

The new UGR SMG has the same unlock challenge for both Cold War and Warzone, so it’ll be up to you to decide which game you’d like to complete it in. In addition, you can also receive the UGR straight away by purchasing the new Lazar bundle for 2,400 CoD Points.

The Nikita AVT and M1916 have also arrived in Warzone with Season 3, so you can check out how to unlock the new Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle.

Image Credit: Activision

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