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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Dec 8 Update Patch Notes: Crash Fixes & More

New patch update incoming with much needed fixes.



A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will go live on Tuesday, December 8 on all platforms. 

Treyarch announced the new updated patch release schedule last week alongside the new Season One release date.

This update is live on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC:

  • PC: 12.8GB
  • PS4: 12.7GB
  • PS5: 23.6GB
  • Xbox One: 14.6GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 24.1GB 

The update brings a number of quality of life improvements and get the game ready for the Season One launch on December 16. 

The next update will arrive on December 15 for Black Ops Cold War and December 16 for Warzone.

Treyarch has provided the patch notes for the new update. 


It’s almost here! In preparation for Season One’s arrival in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone on December 16th, today’s incoming Black Ops Cold War update will include several quality-of-life improvements, stability and bug fixes, game mode updates, weapon and Scorestreak adjustments, and plenty more. As a reminder, you can also check out some of the issues we’re currently tracking at our Trello board.

This is our first major game update in the lead-up period before Season One drops. You can expect additional gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and more in our next major update in Black Ops Cold War on Dec. 15th, and in Warzone on Dec. 16th when Season One launches for all players.

In addition to a host of gameplay improvements and fixes in Zombies, this update also adds new Season One Intel to “Die Maschine” and Onslaught as a sneak peek of what’s to come for Zombies players. Happy hunting!

Free Bundles Available Dec. 8th

To thank everyone for their patience as we make the final preparations for Season One, we’re gifting free personalization items to all Black Ops Cold War players in one Pre-Season offer! Simply log in between 10AM PT Dec. 8th and the start of Season One to claim your items, including:

“Field Research” Bundle

  • 1 Epic Operator Skin (Park)
  • 1 Epic SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Epic Reticle
  • 1 Epic Calling Card
  • 1 Rare Weapon Charm

“Certified” Bundle

  • 1 Epic Operator Skin (Garcia)
  • 1 Rare Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Epic Reticle
  • 1 Epic Weapon Charm

Motherland Moshpit and 2XP + 2WXP Weekend Incoming

As part of this update, we’re introducing our new Motherland Moshpit playlist featuring TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint on Moscow and Crossroads Strike. Hardcore Motherland Moshpit will also be available in Quick Play, featuring Hardcore TDM, Domination, and Kill Confirmed.

Jump in starting tomorrow – and no worries, Nuketown fans: Nuketown ’84 is still available in Core and Hardcore map lists, and the Nuketown 24/7 playlist will return with a special twist in Season One.

We’re also bringing an extended 2XP + 2WXP Weekend to everyone in MP and Zombies this Saturday, Dec. 12 until the start of Season One! Here’s your last chance to reach Prestige 3 and earn those Prestige Keys before Season One begins.

Here’s what to expect:



  • Added crash fixes related to ray tracing on next-gen consoles.
  • General stability improvements.


  • Addressed an issue where Prestige Levels and Prestige Icons could display inaccurately in lobby menus.
  • Addressed an issue where the Prestige 1 icon could display in place of the Commander rank icon in the After Action Report.


  • Addressed multiple issues for breadcrumbs appearing incorrectly throughout lobby menus.
  • Addressed an issue where the reward animation could sometimes appear corrupted in the After Action Report.



  • Motherland Moshpit
    • TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint on Moscow and Crossroads Strike.
    • Hardcore Motherland Moshpit also available in Quick Play (TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed).
    • Available Dec. 8 until the launch of Season One.


  • Camos
    • Addressed an issue where Mastery camos were not progressing properly for some players, despite being earned.
    • Reduced the number of kills without dying from 3 to 2 for launcher and M79 camo Challenges.

Game Modes 

  • Hardpoint
    • Checkmate
      • Adjusted spawns for zones 1, 3, and 4.
      • Resolved an issue where the Hardpoint could be captured behind a crate on zone 4.
    • Garrison
      • Zone 1 adjusted to provide more balanced cover for both teams.
      • Adjusted spawns for zones 2 and 3.
    • Crossroads Strike
      • Adjusted spawns for all Hardpoint zones.
      • Moved zone 4 to the adjacent tents to provide more opportunities for the attacking team.
    • Moscow
      • Removed spawns near back statue for zone 3.
  • Control
    • Moscow
      • Adjusted attacker spawns to reduce travel time to objectives.
      • Additional attacker spawns added closer to mid-map when B has been captured.
    • Miami
      • Adjusted attacker spawns to reduce travel time to objectives.
    • Checkmate
      • Adjusted attacker spawns to reduce travel time to objectives.
  • Fireteam: Dirty Bomb 
    • Gameplay
      • Reduced spawn protection time to reduce frequency of protection nullifying explosives (e.g. War Machine) for extended periods of time.
      • Addressed an issue where players could collide when redeploying from a Squad Wipe.
      • Addressed an issue where players could land on each other and die if they waited until they were auto-deployed during Infil. 
      • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck by mantling in certain spots on Alpine.
      • Addressed an issue where Containers could spawn inside objects.
    • Scorestreaks
      • Reduced spawn rates of the Gunship, Chopper Gunner, and VTOL Escort.
      • Addressed an issue where the Cruise Missile HUD effects could be seen in the Redeploy menu.
    • Vehicles
      • Addressed an issue where the Hind could exit the playable space in Alpine.
    • HUD
      • Addressed an issue where dust and threat perception effects could display on the overhead camera.
    • Party Invites
      • Addressed an issue with Party invites in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.
  • Combined Arms
    • Adjusted the interact radius on mounted turrets to be easier to get onto.
  • Custom Games
    • Added options in Custom Games Scorestreaks settings for Score Reset On Death and Scorestreak Death Penalty, allowing players to set the percentage of score lost on death from 0% (Disabled) to 100% (all score lost on death).
  • Round-Based Modes
    • Addressed an issue where players could be kicked for inactivity while spectating in round-based modes.


  • Visuals
    • Added polish to visual kickback when hip-firing weapons.
  • Hauer 77
    • Addressed an animation issue with the Hauer 77 when firing the last shot while aiming down sights.
  • Launchers
    • Addressed an issue where launchers could lock onto Stationary Turrets in Combined Arms.
  • Optics
    • Addressed an issue that could prevent thermal scopes from showing a thermal overlay when riding a vehicle. 


  • Care Package
    • Care Package explosion will no longer damage teammates in Hardcore.
    • Addressed an issue that could cause the Care Package to go through the roof in Checkmate. 
  • Combat Bow
    • Addressed an issue where the Tactical Mask icon would incorrectly display when damaging enemies with the Combat Bow.
  • Cruise Missile
    • Addressed an issue where damaging a Cruise Missile would not display a hit marker. 
  • VTOL Escort
    • Addressed an issue with the VTOL Escort camera when it would be destroyed from going out of bounds.
  • Chopper Gunner
    • The Chopper Gunner will now follow its correct shorter path on Crossroads Strike instead of its wider path from Combined Arms. 


  • Crossroads
    • Parachutes can now be activated where applicable in all modes in Crossroads.
    • Added a unique 6v6 intermission camera on Crossroads Strike.
  • Armada
    • Parachutes can now be activated where applicable in all modes in Armada.
  • Garrison
    • Addressed an issue where one of the explosive barrels would never detonate in Garrison.

Field Upgrades

  • Trophy System
    • The Trophy System will now destroy incoming Trophy Systems.
    • Addressed an issue where the Trophy System occasionally would not destroy incoming projectiles.
    • Addressed an issue where shooting your own Trophy System could show enemy infantry hit markers.
  • Assault Pack
    • The Assault Pack will now be destroyed if an enemy uses it. 
  • Field Mic
    • Addressed an issue where a player could earn double score events if two Field Mics were overlapping. 


  • General
    • Added a new Helicopter Aiming Mode option.
    • Addressed an issue where the camera could clip through the player’s head when switching from driver to passenger while aiming down sights in a vehicle.
    • Addressed an issue where players could spawn with corrupted animations if they squad-spawned onto a Dirt Bike as a passenger.


  • Stability
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a player was dismembered by an explosive. 
  • Finishing Moves
    • General clean-up and bug fixes for Finishing Moves.
    • Addressed an issue where performing Finishing Moves on enemies while being downed would not count toward the Stone Operator unlock challenge. 
  • Gestures
    • Added voiceover to first-person Gestures.
  • Mouse and Keyboard
    • Addressed an issue when Jump and Mantle were bound to the Mouse Wheel.
    • Addressed an issue with mouse navigation in Theater.
    • Addressed an issue with mic status icon not displaying properly in the Party tab.
    • Addressed an issue with Voice Chat Volume setting functionality.
    • Improved mouse rotation controls for Weapon Inspect.
  • Audio
    • Addressed an issue where a character’s exert audio for a weapon melee could be delayed.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Addressed an issue where players were not immediately killed when being downed while in water.



  • Progression
    • Addressed an issue causing progress on the Trapper Challenge to get stuck at 255.
    • Addressed an issue that caused incorrect Mastery camo progression information to display.
    • Addressed an issue where incorrect Prestige Icons could display in Zombies menus.
    • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused the player’s primary weapon camo to appear on a Knife equipped as a secondary weapon.
  • Combat Record
    • Addressed an issue with incorrect Engagement Range data for some weapons for Zombies.
    • Killing Blows will now register properly for Zombies in Combat Record.
    • Elite Eliminations will now register properly for Zombies in Combat Record.
  • UI
    • Addressed issues with text overlapping or extending outside the panel in the Intel menus.
    • Addressed issues with 3D models not properly orienting in Intel menus.
    • Addressed an issue where additional Create-a-Class slots were not appearing in the Zombies lobby on PlayStation platforms.

Die Maschine

  • Stability
    • Added various stability fixes.
  • Intel
    • Added new Season One Intel to discover in “Die Maschine”.
  • Gameplay
    • Closed various exploit areas.
    • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused zombies to get stuck inside a spawn location.
    • Addressed an issue that caused zombies to incorrectly use their ranged attack in specific locations.
    • Addressed an issue that caused zombies to path incorrectly when Decoys were used in specific locations.
    • Addressed an issue that caused the incorrect floor of the mini-map from appearing after spectating.
    • Addressed an issue that caused shadows to appear incorrectly on a quest character when viewed with the flashlight.
  • Weapons
    • Addressed an issue that caused ammo to be incorrectly deducted from the D.I.E. Electrobolt while using Aether Shroud.
    • Addressed an issue that caused the incorrect weapon rarity to appear for the player’s weapon after respawning.
    • Addressed an issue that caused the duplication of weapons using the Arsenal under specific circumstances.
  • Trials
    • Addressed an issue that caused the Take Damage and Recover Health Trial from granting progress when recovering the bonus health granted by Jugger-Nog.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented a specific Trial from granting a reward.
  • Mystery Box
    • Addressed an issue that prevented some weapons from appearing in the cycle animation when using the Mystery Box.
  • Main Quest
    • Addressed a rare issue that could cause the Main Quest to stop progressing at the Decontamination step.
  • Ping
    • Addressed an issue that caused incorrect icons to display when pinging certain weapons.
  • Audio
    • Addressed an issue that could prevent certain voiceover lines from playing.
  • UI
    • Addressed an issue that could occur where the Pause menu couldn’t be closed when interacting with the Arsenal.
    • Addressed an issue that caused a mix of visual effects from different Ammo Mods to display when navigating the Skills menu.

Dead Ops Arcade

  • Stability
    • Added various stability fixes.
  • Gameplay
    • Added Room of Judgment event.
    • Added various enemy AI tuning changes.
    • Added various weapon tuning changes.
  • General
    • Added Host Migration to Dead Ops Arcade.
    • Added options to turn off various UI elements and features.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5)

  • Intel
    • Added new Season One Intel to discover in Onslaught.
  • Gameplay
    • Added various enemy pathing fixes.
    • Addressed a rare issue that could cause a redundant Perk to be granted from power-ups.


  • Stability
    • Added various stability fixes.
  • General
    • Addressed an issue with text wrapping in Windowed mode.
    • Addressed an issue that could cause a blurry screen with NVIDIA Ansel when using a sniper scope.

Stay tuned as Season One approaches.

SOURCE: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War player uses bizarre Superman glitch to score a kill

An incredible bug in CoD: Cold War has been found that can turn players into Superman. One player did this to score an amazing kill.



cod cold war fireteam deploy

Everyone has dreamed of being Superman at some point, and one Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player was able to do just this thanks to an insane glitch.

CoD: Cold War has had its fair share of weird and wonderful moments that defy the physics and mechanics of the game. From leaving players quite literally legless to turning the game into Lord of the Rings, Cold War has had a few oddities.

But if you thought those were slightly peculiar, then you need to feast your eyes on this crazy glitch that saw one CoD: Cold War player take flight. Not only that, but they even had the audacity to capitalize on this by pulling off an unbelievable no-scope in midair.

cod cold war fireteam

The moment of madness comes courtesy of Reddit user OhhZio who took advantage of the truly freakish bug they encountered during a game of Black Ops Cold War.

During a game of Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, the player parachuted down as normal to deploy into Alpine, and they flew straight into a ladder.

They didn’t cling to it and ascend or descend to reach a part of the building, they instead jumped off and headed off in a different direction – parachute still engaged.

The next sequence was remarkable as the player was able to fly directly into several trees, bounce off of them, and gain elevation in doing so. They seemingly had the power of flight and took full advantage by quickly equipping their Sniper Rifle and delivering a killing blow to an enemy through a house window – whilst no-scoping.

The top comment for the clip said, “In all my years of playing and watching Call of Duty, this is the best clip I have ever seen.”

We’d be hard-pressed to disagree as the footage is fantastic, but it does raise a question as to why players are suddenly able to transform into Superman without donning his cape.

Whether this is a one-off or a repeatable bug, it’s probably something Treyarch will need to look into to avoid having a Fireteam lobby resembling the DC Universe.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

When is the next Cold War & Warzone Double XP event?

We have the dates and times for the next CoD: Cold War and Warzone Double XP event to help rank, weapon, and Battle Pass progression.



cod bocw warzone double xp

With so many Prestige levels, different weapon levels, and Battle Pass levels in Cold War and Warzone, it’s only natural to want more XP. Here’s when the next CoD Double XP event is going to be.

XP has been a vital component of Call of Duty’s multiplayer for many years. It’s the quintessential upgrade mechanic that allows you to increase your in-game level and provide you access to better gear and attachments.

Every now and again CoD will throw out some awesome Double XP events that allow players to increase their earnings and level everything up faster. Season 2 of Cold War and Warzone has already provided lots of new content to help the race for XP, and now another ample opportunity is being offered.

This will be the final one for Season 2 as Season 3 is set to begin shortly.

cod black ops cold war warzone season 2

How to get Double XP in CoD: Cold War & Warzone Season 2

It’s been announced that Call of Duty’s next Double XP promotional event will officially start on April 16 and will expire on April 19.

PlayStation players will actually get a head start on Xbox and PC players by a full 24 hours. Meaning that PlayStation users can start earning Double XP from April 15.

What time does CoD: Cold War & Warzone Double XP start?

Here’s a full list of the event’s start time & dates in some of the key timezones:

  • EST – 1pm
  • CST – 12pm
  • PST – 10am
  • GMT – 5pm

Double XP will be available on Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer and Zombies, and all currently available playlists in Warzone.

As well as your player level, the boost will also apply to the Season 2 Battle Pass too.

These special Double XP Events usually occur during a weekend, and this one is no different. It naturally gives players the most free time as it’s away from school hours and generally when people are off work.

If you’ve got those last few items to clean up on the Battle Pass, or you’re a touch shy of Prestige Level 200, then this is a great opportunity to try and do just that.

Don’t miss out on leveling up and getting the new Season 2 additions, the FARA 83 and LC10, added to your best loadouts!

Image credits: Treyarch / Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

When does Warzone & Cold War Season 3 start? Season 2 end date

Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 2 has finally dropped, but when will they end, and when will Season 3 commence?



cod warzone season 3

We’re fast approaching the end of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 2, so when does Season 3 begin and what does it have in store?

Ever since the integration of Black Ops Cold War into Warzone, we’ve seen a vast number of additions and changes to both games. The subsequent updates have allowed Verdansk to expand with Rebirth Island, and even incorporate Zombies into Warzone.

Warzone Season 2 has also introduced some other pretty hefty changes to the games including some pretty interesting map changes to freshen things up, and also two new weapons from Black Ops Cold War, the FARA 83 Assault Rifle and the LC10 SMG, that could shift the meta.

We’re already hearing mumblings and murmurs of potential new content for the future though, with Warzone Season 3 spying a huge revamp in April. So we begin to wonder, how long will Season 2 actually last for, and when can we expect CoD to drop Season 3 of both Black Ops Cold War & Warzone?

cod warzone season 3 adler

Warzone & Cold War Season 3 start date

Previous seasons of Modern Warfare and Warzone, before its numbered season reboot, usually lasted around 10 weeks, and this has proven to be the case for Warzone & Black Ops Cold War.

Season One officially began on December 16, 2020, with the newest season beginning on February 25, 2021. This is approximately a 10-week gap between both which is in keeping with type.

cod cold war warzone season 2

The current Battle Pass has presented a set date it’s expected to end, and a new season usually starts shortly after last season’s Battle Pass has expired. With the information we currently have, we can expect Season 3 to begin on April 22, 2021.

This lines up with the confirmed season end date of April 21, given in the first Warzone nuke event teaser. It says the event will go live at 12 PM, as Verdansk will be completely overtaken by the undead.

Cold War Season 3 weapons

Call of Duty leakers have discovered some upcoming weapons in Warzone’s game files. Since these files are usually only added when weapons are in the final stage before release, we might see them arrive in Season 3.

Among them was a fast-firing burst Assault Rifle that could potentially be a Tactical Rifle like the M16 and AUG. Another weapon in the files seemed to be an SMG described with ‘spray,’ which probably means that it boasts a high fire rate.

The classic Ballistic Knife from the original Black Ops will also be arriving in Warzone and Cold War in the upcoming season. This projectile melee weapon has become a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, so it’s an exciting addition.

The data miners also stated that a new full-auto pistol and a Baseball Bat melee weapon might be joining the game in the Season 3 Reloaded update or in Season 4.

Ballistic Knife from Black Ops

Warzone & Cold War mid-Season 2 update

While we waited for Black Ops Cold x Warzone Season 3, Activision released a mid-Season update with a ton of new content on March 29 at 9PM PT.

This brought three new maps to the game’s multiplayer, with Golova for Fireteam, Mansion for Gunfight, and Miami Strike for 6v6. Also, for the Zombies fans out there, Sanatorium will be joining the roster of Ural Mountains maps available in the Outbreak game mode.

The ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle has also arrived, along with a load of weapon balancing in Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Miami Strike

1980s revamp leaked for Warzone Season 3

We got a first look at what the next evolution of Verdansk will be in a celebrity commercial that was posted to Twitter. It showed the map getting a 1980s makeover with a specific focus on a few key areas.

Stadium, Dam, Airport, and the surrounding forestry were the highlighted locations in the video, along with some changes in Downtown. Later, another possible teaser was discovered in Verdansk’s Superstore in the form of a poster for the 1980s Moscow Summer Olympics.

We expect more teasers for Season 3 to pop up around Verdansk and Cold War’s multiplayer, and the ones that have been found make Warzone’s 1980s overhaul seem all the more likely.

We’ve still a bit of time to go until Season 3 and Activision will be busy concentrating on making Season Two the best it can be. They have already rolled out large-scale ban waves to accounts that are found to be guilty of cheating.

Speculation will already be ongoing as to what we’ll see in Warzone Season 3, including a massive event that could change Warzone forever.

Image credits: Activision

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