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Black Ops Declassified Official FAQ



Activision has just posted an official FAQ on Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. This game is exclusive to the PS Vita and will be launching November 13th – alongside Black Ops 2.

Here’s the FAQ:

What will the multiplayer and single player experiences be like on the Vita?

  • Call of Duty® Black Ops: Declassified complements the strengths of the Vita with both the multiplayer and singleplayer experience. The title offers an action-packed multiplayer mode that includes classic Call of Duty-style features like Create-a-Class, Challenges, Care Packages, Killstreaks, Perks, Prestiging, XP and more, all adapted for the Vita. Accommodating competitive 4-vs-4 multiplayer functionality via Wi-Fi, gamers can play in fan favorite Call of Duty modes across a variety of maps on the go. The single player mode delivers intense, objective-and survival-based missions that offer a new story, which takes place between Treyarch’s original Call of Duty®: Black Ops and this year’s upcoming Call of Duty®: Black Ops II.

Will this be a console-style Call of Duty® experience adapted for the Vita?

  • Yes. The development team has been focused on creating for the Vita the familiar mechanics and controls fans know and love from Call of Duty on console.

Will we see any gameplay features exclusive to Vita’s unique functionality?

  • Vita’s unique features allow the team to bring an all-new level of engagement, while maintaining the familiar and classic Call of Duty experience players expect.
  • Vita gamers can utilize Touchscreen capabilities with weapons like grenades. Drag the grenade to direct the toss, or simply cook a grenade until the last second before throwing. Players can also leverage Touchscreen for melee to deliver the ultimate knock-out. The title offers support of Near® technology for items like multiplayer load-outs, allowing players to send friends a boost wherever they are.

Will Declassified take place in the future?

  • No. Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is set between Treyarch’s original Call of Duty®: Black Ops and this year’s upcoming release Call of Duty®: Black Ops II. The Vita title delivers a new story inside the Call of Duty: Black Ops universe featuring some familiar faces.

Who is the developer on Call of Duty® Black Ops: Declassified?

  • Nihilistic Software.

When is the game launching?

  • November 13, 2012

Is the title exclusive to Vita?

  • Yes, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is only for PlayStation® Vita.



How to get your Twitch 2020 recap

Here’s how you can get a full 2020 Twitch recap, showing you your most watched games, streamers, most-popular emotes, and more.



Here’s how you can see your complete Twitch year in review for 2020.

Twitch 2020 recaps are here! These short recaps feature your top watched channels, streamers, game categories, total channel points gained, most popular emotes, and more. These recaps are sent out via email and will be sent out to users throughout today, January 15.

The email will even come with the option to export an image to share to social media, highlighting your yearly recap.

You can see an example image below, from streamer TheOceaneOpz.

All recaps seem to be unique in variety, so you’ll likely get a solid mix of stats to show off to your friends. You may be surprised just how much time you’ve spent on Twitch this year, which is sure to have gone up when compared to 2019 due to quarantine measures around the globe.

If you don’t have your recap in your email connected to your Twitch account quite yet, don’t worry. Recaps are still being sent out to users in large waves, so you might just need to wait a bit longer.

Be sure to share your Twitch recaps with us on Twitter, @CharlieIntel. Here’s to another year of good times on Twitch!

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Blizzard releases huge update for January 2021

Blizzard has recently released the first major update to the Call of Duty launcher, client for 2021.



Blizzard has released the new client, which brings a slick new interface to Call of Duty, Overwatch, and all of their other games.

Today, January 15, Blizzard announced a huge front-end update to It offers players a cleaner and easier to navigate user interface on the client, with much-needed visual overhauls.

The client update should be releasing periodically across North America, with more regions in the coming weeks.

New Client Features

According to Blizzard, the new improvements are the following:

  • Improved navigation and layout – you can now favorite your games and arrange them for ease of access.
  • A much more expansive layout for news and game content in a full-page view.
  • A revamped social pane so you can better see your friends and what they’re up to on each game tab.
  • Major accessibility improvements—we’ve added the ability to navigate most of the app with your keyboard, increased our screen reader support, and improved the color contrast.
  • A new, consolidated notifications hub for messages and download status.

How to get the update now

If you’re outside of North America and want to get the update now, you can join the beta program for the client. To join, navigate to your settings (click on the logo on the top left) and then click on the beta tab.

From here you can join the beta client. You’ll have to do a small download first. When the full release comes to your region, you can opt-out of the beta client.

Image Credit: Blizzard

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Apex Legends dev explains why Airdrop Escalation won’t be permanent

Respawn Entertainment addressed player concerns that the Airdrop Escalation LTM would be permanent in Apex Legends.



Airdrop Escalation LTM in Apex Legends

The new Airdrop Escalation LTM has brought some changes to the supply drops in Apex Legends. Some players are concerned about how this would affect care packages, so the devs responded.

The new Fight Night Collection Event finally went live on January 5 and brought many changes to Apex Legends Season 7. This includes an heirloom for Gibraltar and a brand new LTM called Airdrop Escalation. 

The LTM has replaced the normal game mode and will provide you with an increased number of supply drops containing different tiers of fully-knitted weapons. This can lead to players receiving extremely powerful gear in the midst of battle.

Some fans were worried that this system may stay in the game for good and cause it to become unbalanced. The developers took notice of this and addressed fan concerns.

Apex Legends supply drop
Respawn Entertainment

The Airdrop Escalation LTM isn’t permanent in Apex Legends

The quality of the gear that you can obtain from the LTM’s supply drops increases later in the match. While you might get something useful early one, the drops will contain Evo Shields and high tier guns that give the wielder a huge advantage during late-game.

This serves as a major change to the loot game of Apex Legends. The LTM will reward players who find supply drops later in the match by making them more powerful than others. While this works as a temporary feature, some players don’t want it to stick around for good.

Reddit user shiba219808 shared a YouTube comment complaining about how Airdrop Escalation “breaks late-game fights,” with the hopes that the developers will take notice. This caught the attention of Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein, who then chimed in.

“We really don’t wanna mess with the loot game of the base BR to this degree permanently,” said Klein. “There are issues that we’re seeing now already around high saturation of red guns deciding late-game fights.”

The devs made it clear that this is not a permanent feature. “The loot game is the beating heart of a BR,” says Daniel. “You better have a really good reason to make a change of this magnitude, and I don’t see one.” 

A few players mentioned that the game mode is still enjoyable, but could use some fine-tuning to improve upon its current issues.

“I actually enjoy the game mode,” said one user, “-but maybe to quell some of the issues you should make it that it only goes up to purple, and then reverts to regular care packages after that round? I feel like early and mid-game it is fine as is, but late game they shouldn’t be dropping.”

Luckily, Respawn Entertainment currently has no plans to shake up the loot game of Apex Legends anytime soon. With Fight Night well underway, we’re getting plenty of close looks at what to expect in the future, such as a new Legend.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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