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Call of Duty

Supply Drops are back in Black Ops 4 with the Blackjack’s Reserves system



As part of the new Operation Grand Heist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch has updated the Black Market system and how the overall system works, including the addition of new items in Reserves.

Players can get certain items exclusively through Blackjack’s Reserves. Reserve items are earned through getting “Reserves” at certain points throughout the Tier system in Black Ops 4’s Black Market.

As part of the new update, Treyarch is also offering Reserve items in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in Cases – the new Supply Drops. Cases can be earned through playing MP and Blackout or by purchasing them in the Market. One Reserve Case costs 200 Call of Duty Points.

The Reserve items feature:

New Reserve items include playable zombie Blackout characters, Vacation Hudson sporting a Hawaiian shirt and tie, Mastercrafts for the KN-57 and Outlaw, and much more. Items from Reserves in past Operations will be available in Blackjack’s Reserves, including the Mozu Replicant and SG12 Boombox Mastercrafts.

In addition, the new update has included a trailer video showcasing the new items that can be earned in the Reserves.

Here’s the trailer showcased in game: