According to UK’s Official Xbox Magazine today, Activision’s secretly acquired the domain name www.blackops2.com back on May 2010 when the first Black Ops was officially announced.


The owners of the domain originally had their privacy-protected by Whois until it was lifted this week.

BlackOps2.com is now in the custody of brand protection company MarkMonitor, which caters to over half the Fortune 100, including the Modern Warfare 3 publisher.


This isn’t exactly proof that the game is in development however. Activision could have just purchased it in case they decided to do a sequel if the first Black Ops sold well, which it did. It also could have been done just to protect the brand name.

According to the website Fusible, Activision has also registered the following websites: CODBlackOps3.com, CODBlackOps4.com, CODBlackOps5.com, CODBlackOps6.com, BlackOps4.com, BlackOps5.com, BlackOps6.com, CallOfDutyBlackOps3.com, CallOfDutyBlackOps4.com, CallOfDutyBlackOps5.com, CallOfDutyBlackOps6.com, CallofDutyMW5.com, and CallofDutyMW6.com.



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