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When Black Ops 4 released in October 2018, players were joyfully surprised to see how well the game was running. Developing a 100 player royale mode in under 20 months is one herculean feat.

However, while performance is getting better by the day, more and more bugs are being discovered faster than they can be squashed.

The lastest Blackout bug comes from Reddit user “Lacis_Gaming” who discovered an issue with Trauma Kits and Molotovs.

In a video posted to the BlackOps4 subreddit, he shows himself running into a pool of fire from a Molotov, taking damage from 150 down to 70, and then quickly applying a Trauma Kit.

Once the kit is fully applied, his health correctly shows 200, until a few seconds later where it drops down to the standard 150.

While this example was shown in a custom match, many users in the comments reported the same issue occurring in full public matches as well.

Since this bug can be replicated pretty easily, it is best to avoid using Trauma Kits immediately after getting lit up on fire by a Molotov. If the situation demands it, it may be worth having the full, momentary, 200 health, but if the enemies have been cleared out, it’s best to just heal with bandages for the time being.

PSA! DO NOT use Trauma Kits right after being hit with a Molotov. Your health will reset to 150. from r/Blackops4

Treyarch have yet to address this bug, but we will update you when there is more information.

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