Reports are coming in that three new weapons (Blunderbuss, STG44, and SVO) for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Blunderbuss – The Blunderbuss is a short range shotgun that packs a punch. Delivering a great amount of damage up close in a wide spread, it has the drawback of a slow reload speed between the single shots.
  • STG44 – The STG44, Known for its solid accuracy and manageable fire-rate, the STG44 works great for medium range combat situations.
  • SVO – SVO is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle with great accuracy the trade-off being increased recoil.

In order to unlock the base weapon of the Blunderbuss, STG44, and SVO, players must earn one of the weapons’ variants in either a Regular or Advanced Supply Drop. The variants will be available in the Supply Drop rotation. The Blunderbuss has 10 different variants available while the STG44 and SVO have 5 variants available. Players can checkout the different variants in this video here.

Sledgehammer Games has also stated that this is the first release of weapons for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. AK47, M16, and CEL-3 will be available at a later date on PS4 and PC.

NOTE: These new weapons will not be available on last-generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) because of hardware limitations. For more info on this, please read Michael Condrey’s fireside chat here.

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