For the first time in Call of Duty history, multiplayer servers are scheduled to launch on Nov. 13th when the game releases. The main logical question should be, midnight on which timezone?

The first official launch should take place at midnight in Australia (or New Zealand). Which should be:

West Coast: 5am (PST) Monday
East Coast: 8am (EST) Monday
UK: 1pm (GMT) Monday

The only confirmation we received was “midnight Nov 13th” but we find it hard to believe they’ll turn on servers based on your timezone. There’s always a chance Treyarch can change their mind and launch just before midnight to test the system. Either way, this is the first time they’ve been turned on so close to launch. This could also be in response to the number of pre-sold copies floating around. With MW3, people were playing multiplayer 1-2 weeks prior to launch and stats were never reset. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes…

UPDATE: Treyarch has decided to flip the switch early! Multiplayer servers are now online for the lucky people that got the game early. This is the longest they’ve waited before turning on MP for a Call of Duty game. Good hunting..


SOURCE: Call of Duty Status Page

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