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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

BOCW glitch resets Sledgehammer progress making it difficult to unlock

A Black Ops Cold War glitch is preventing players from completing the challenge required to unlock the Sledgehammer.



The Sledgehammer has become available for players to unlock through a Black Ops Cold War challenge. However, a bug is resetting player progress, stopping them from acquiring the melee weapon.

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 is in progress, which means that you have many new weapons available to you. The Sledgehammer is the second melee weapon from Cold War that you can now unlock.

If you want to get your hands on it, then you need to a complete a challenge that has get double kills with your knife. The difficulty of this task has been compounded by a glitch that is resetting players’ progress without any prior warning.

Sledgehammer Glitch keeps resetting player progress

The exact parameters of the challenge require you to score 15 double kills with the knife in separate matches. Completing this in multiplayer, Warzone, or Zombies should unlock the Sledgehammer, but this isn’t functioning properly.

Many players have reported the the game randomly resetting their progress when they were far into the challenge. This caused them start the whole challenge all over again, and kept them from acquiring the weapon.

Several threads have been posted in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War subreddit, where fans are coming together to express their frustration with this glitch. You can view one of these posts below.

Reddit user Klankson wrote: “I was trying to do the challenge and got to 10/15 but when I checked my progress it went down to 5/15. It’s not a big deal but it’s still annoying.”

This glitch is frustrating and makes the whole challenge feel like a needless grind. You can still use the Sledgehammer’s blueprint even if you haven’t unlocked it but it’s in a $20 pack, and you won’t get any weapon level progress until you complete the challenge.

How to get around the Sledgehammer glitch

The exact cause of this problem isn’t known at the moment, but a few players have suggested playing a full game on all 15 kills in order to avoid resetting your progress in the challenge. One useful tip came from donny126.

“Everyone. You have to play the full game on all 15 or it resets your progress. In fact you have to play one game after the 15 where you equip it and play to completion too if you want to guarantee it doesn’t disappear. Ducked up game”

A few players have tried this solution, and it’s seems to have worked. It’s not going to be easy, so you’ll need to rack up those double kills fast. The best way to do that is to play in Nuketown ’84 with the knife as your primary.

Also make sure that you have the right class equipped to get the drop on your enemies, such as Ninja or or Tracker. This map is small enough for you to encounter foes on a more frequent basis, so be ready for a fight. Doing this will eventually get you the Sledgehammer.

Although this problem is being faced by several players across the community, there isn’t any planned fix for it listed on the Black Ops Cold War Trello board. So fans will have to stick with using the workaround for a while.

It’s likely that Treyarch and Raven Software aren’t ware of the bug yet. Hopefully, they’ll announce a fix for it soon, and we’ll be sure to update you when they do.

Image Credits: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Easily finish Diamond camo for the M79 in Black Ops Cold War

A TikToker has discovered a way to easily achieve the Diamond camo on the M79 in Black Ops Cold War through a secret spot on Nuketown.



A TikTok video by North Texas shows players how to easily achieve gold camo on the M79 special launcher in Black Ops Cold War.

Launcher challenges in Black Ops Cold War are brutal and time-consuming. Often, they require perfect circumstances to achieve, and it can take several games to get the right conditions. In the previous Call of Duty titles, launchers would be time-consuming and difficult as well, but Black Ops Cold War is especially difficult.

Due to the low damage values and effectiveness of Flak Jacket, some launchers can take up to 3 shots to kill enemies in hardcore modes, which is problematic for obvious reasons. Players need to achieve longshots, double-kills, and even killstreaks to master each respective launcher.

One of the most difficult launchers in Black Ops Cold War is the M79. Luckily, a player has discovered a spot to get easy longshots and feeds with the weapon to expedite the tedious process.

It appears that TikToker North_Texas has found a spot on the A-Side spawn in Nuketown that makes longshots a breeze with the M79. If you position yourself precisely in the garden area, aim all the way up, and fire, you’ll send shots perfectly aimed at the B flag.

All kills will register as longshots due to the range from this area. You may even score some easy double-kills off spawn from players attempting to capture B. If enemies are using Flak Jacket, you still may get a kill with the next shot.

We recommend lobby-surfing for hardcore games with players who aren’t running Flak Jacket, as this will make the process much faster. After a few kills, players may enable the perk, so you can feel free to leave the game and try again in another lobby.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War player achieves insane feat of prestiging without killing anyone

One player has demonstrated incredible patience to prestige in Black Ops Cold War without killing even a single person in the game.



bocw prestige no kills

One dedicated Call of Duty player opted to prestige in Black Ops Cold War in a very unconventional way. They managed to achieve the maximum levels necessary without scoring even a single kill.

Call of Duty actively encourages its players to score as many kills as possible and offers all kinds of incentives for doing so. Playing the objective and cooperating with your team is encouraged also.

But the glory, and XP, is all in the kills.

So it seems remarkable that someone has been able to persevere for 37 hours of in-game time to achieve this, steering clear of any assist-giving damage and taking great care to avoid any accidental kills.

prestige system in cod bocw

Prestiging without killing anyone in BOCW

People might wonder what the point of doing this is. At the end of the day, the person has paid for the game and can approach it however they want to. Plus, it’s a bit different, isn’t it?

We can imagine it was liberating for Reddit user Pilgore1 as they knew they could play each game without having to worry about maintaining their K/D. Plus, in certain modes, it was great news for their teammates as Pilgore1 primarily focused on taking down enemy scorestreaks and completing the objective.

One of the most eye-opening statistics was their Win/Loss record which was surprisingly high. It took 37 hours and 200 matches to prestige, but their final record was a positive 1.27 Win ratio.

Objectives and “Clearing the sky” were the keys to victory and you’d have to imagine they didn’t focus too much on Team Deathmatch and kill-heavy modes. Instead, opting for Hardpoint and other similar environments where hard work and grafting really pays off.

This probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea in terms of enjoying Call of Duty, but you can’t argue how unique it is. They clearly weren’t too much of a burden to their teammates either with such a high W/L record too.

We’re not saying that everyone needs to stop camping in a corner for a Sentry Turret (you’ve all done it), but it just goes to show that people can find new ways to enjoy Black Ops Cold War.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War glitch hints at Sniper’s Nest scorestreak coming soon

The Sniper’s Nest scorestreak may be arriving in Black Ops Cold War soon after a player’s video showed the existence of it.



bocw sniper's next scorestreak

Despite the addition of the H.A.R.P scorestreak with Season 1, it seems that Treyarch could be welcoming the return of the Black Ops 4 Sniper’s Nest killstreak into BOCW.

Black Ops Cold War already has a wealth of scorestreaks for players to use in matches, from the tactical Spy Plane to the simply devastating Gunship.

With the launch of Season 1, Treyarch added the H.A.R.P — a scorestreak that reveals the position of every enemy and the direction they’re running — but it seems it won’t be the last added to the game.

Thanks to a strange glitch that appeared in-game, we could see the Sniper’s Nest scorestreak become part of the scorestreak armory in Black Ops Cold War.

sniper's next scorestreak in cod

New BOCW scorestreak hinted at

Whether it’s due to unused assets from a previous Call of Duty, or because of future content that has conspicuously been left in, there is a likelihood that Sniper’s Nest does exist.

The MW2 OG Twitter page has been sent a video showing how one player managed to reveal this piece of information. It doesn’t even require any strange glitches or convoluted instructions to appear either.

In the video, the player calls in a Care Package into a game on Nuketown. As the mysterious box of killing-potential is being delivered to the map, the player then decides to mark their territory by tagging it.

Upon doing this, a prompt appears on the left side of the screen saying that they “Marked Sniper’s Nest”. The package arrives with a VTOL Escort, which is great in itself, but it’s not Sniper’s Nest.

Debuting in Black Ops 4, the Sniper’s Nest scorestreak allowed players to call in a helicopter with two absolutely pin-point marksmen that could laser enemies with one shot.

As with most scorestreaks, the vehicle is susceptible to enemy fire and can easily be brought down using a combination of weapons and anti-scorestreak devices.

It’s not exactly a necessity in Black Ops Cold War right now. If it does appear, then Treyarch may just hold off until the launch of Season 2 before throwing it into the mix anyway.

Image credits: Treyarch

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