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Both PlayStation and Xbox have promoted the 2019 Call of Duty teaser images that were shared earlier this year bringing into question which first party platform will have the deal with Call of Duty this year or if anyone will have a deal.

PlayStation updated the PlayStation Store today with a new tab under their featured section with just ‘Call of Duty’ and full blown image of the May 30th | 10AM PT reveal time.

Alongside this, both Xbox and MajorNelson Twitter accounts have retweeted the Call of Duty “Going Dark” teaser earlier today, which is not something that usually happens when one first party has the marketing deal.

But it is possible Xbox is just retweeting to get the news out on the new Call of Duty game, as Call of Duty is one of the biggest yearly releases for all platforms.

PlayStation has had the Call of Duty marketing deal, alongside with DLC first and esports partnership, since 2015 with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Since then, all Call of Duty DLC content has been first on PlayStation, the CWL has been presented by PlayStation 4, and Call of Duty betas have been available first on the PS platform.

Prior to 2015, from 2010 through 2014, Xbox had the marketing and esports deal with Call of Duty. Xbox presented the Call of Duty Championship yearly for several years, alongside getting all Call of Duty add-on content first on the platform up until Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

There’s no confirmed information that states PlayStation is no longer the marketing partner, but it does bring up questions as to what’s happening with the deal and if its continuing for this year.

Maybe we will find out more May 30.

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