Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have heard about the Advanced Warfare Pre-order Bonus which consists of a Bullet Brass Exoskeleton & EM1 Quantum Weapon.

SHGames/Activision followed the announcement by releasing a trailer detailing the Pre-order bonus and it’s contents. Although many people caught on to the words of Michael Condrey within the trailer, some were left questioning whether the pre-order bonus would appear in anything other than Single Player.

To clarify, the Advanced Arsenal Pre-order bonus will work within Single Player, Co-op and Multiplayer.

The EM1 Quantum is a direct energy weapon driven by battery power, essentially giving you unlimited ammo assuming you don’t overheat the weapon or deplete your battery.

Additionally, if you were watching the trailer close enough, we may have seen our first potential sighting of a multiplayer map within Advanced Warfare. It’s nothing drastic, and it might have nothing to do with the final game.

In the images below, you can see the EM1 Quantum being used to destroy a sentry gun and a drone of some description.

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