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Bullet drop has seen a lot more attention in this years Call of Duty. Use this guide to be better prepared in your next encounter. 

Since players will be dealing with much longer distances in Blackout than they would normally be used to in Multiplayer, it’s important to know how far their guns can shoot. While this may have been a hard thing to test out early in Black Ops 4’s life, the inclusion of Custom Games make it a whole lot easier.

Youtubber “TheXclusiveAce” does just that and breaks down every gun in Blackouts bullet drop with and without attachments. He does his testing near the Turbine area of the map by shooting a wind turbine from afar.

Beginning with sniper rifles, the Outlaw, Koshka, Paladin, and SDM all have the same bullet drop. They also have the least bullet drop of any gun in the game.

Coming in at second place, the VKM 750 and Essex Model 87 are tied for the second place in terms of least bullet drop. A little under that is the rest of the Assault Rifles, Tactical Rifles, and LMGs.

The rest of the guns coming from the SMG and Pistol classes all have remarkably more bullet drop and can be seen in the graphic below.

Ace was surprised to find out that when using the suppressor the travel time and bullet drop did not change at all. It does reduce range however, but very slightly.

When using Extended Barrel, Ace discovered that bullet drop is reduced by 40-50% and travel time is reduced by 25-30% based on weapon. “This will make it much easier to hit targets while moving” Ace says.

To check out Ace’s full breakdown, watch the video below:

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