Activision has announced that a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial event is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Fans on PS4 and Xbox One who want to try out Infinite Warfare can visit their console’s store now to download and play all three modes of Infinite Warfare for free.

On PS4, visit the PlayStation Store and search ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial.’ On Xbox One, visit the Infinite Warfare Game page on the Xbox One Store and click the Trial Button to start the download.

The Infinite Warfare Free Trial features 2 campaign missions, allows players to level up to 15 in MP, and up to level 3 in Zombies.

If you do plan on buying the full game after the trial, all of your progress will transfer over.

The trial is a full game download, so it requires 60GB of space. For PS4, PlayStation Plus is required for MP and Zombies; for Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is required for all modes.

An end date for the trial has not been announced.

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