It appears the Call of Duty: WWII Beta servers on PS4 have gone back online, and now back offline, for some reason and gave players access to Custom Games option, alongside public matches.

Inside of the Custom Games option, a new map (which was announced but not playable in beta), Flak Tower is playable.

The online playlists also shows Gridiron in the list of modes.

Here’s Gridiron (beta version) in action:

Another video showing off the map Flak Tower in WWII:

Users are also reporting that while they tried to find a public match, you can actually see additional unannounced maps, like Battleship, Village, and Wolf’s Liar. For those maps, players were not able to play a game because it will request additional content files which you cannot download.

Awaiting additional information. Stay tuned.

Thanks @ImWicked_, @Touridion, @Turnup2ez for the info!

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