In a new press release from Activision, they have detailed what fans that are attending E3 can experience from Call of Duty: WWII during the event.

Players can go hands on with the new MP divisions, which fundamentally changes how players will create their soldiers for the game. The five divisions in the game have also been revealed here.


In addition, players can also play the new War narrative based PVP mode for Call of Duty: WWII MP at E3. This mode has been in development by Raven Software for the game.

And finally, the new social space in Call of Duty: WWII will also be shown at E3: Headquarters. A small teaser was shown for this during the game’s reveal, but more details on how it will work will be announced at E3. Activision says, “Headquarters, a franchise first reimagining of the Call of Duty Multiplayer ecosystem, giving the community entirely new ways to connect, compete and engage.”


SOURCE: Activision

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