Ranked Play Season 2 goes live in Call of Duty: WWII at 9PM PT on January 31.

Here are the changes for Ranked Play Season 2:


  • Season 1 Rewards for the Masters tier top 100 players have been adjusted based on exploit data captured. The severity of those adjustments is dependent on the severity and frequency of exploits utilized.
  • Players can no longer exploit the party system to gain an unfair advantage against opponents.
  • Players will now earn a flat rate amount of XP based on whether they win, tie, or lose in matches: Win = 8,000 XP; Tie = 6,000 XP; Loss = 4,000 XP
  • We’ve made Season 2 placement more forgiving in early matches, and switched to continuous placement, rather than just dropping players into the middle of coarse tier-buckets.
  •  Regarding unranked players in matches: We’ve taken steps to keep unranked players out of upper tier matches as much as we can, but inevitably, players in lower tiers are going to play with and against unranked players. Unranked players need to play against ranked players both for placement accuracy and to keep modest wait times for new players.

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

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