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“Call of Duty 10” appears on Amazon (Germany)



Nothing to get too excited about here folks. Someone over at Amazon is probably just making the safe assumption that everyone on the internet is making, that another Call of Duty is in the works.

For those curious about the “10” in the title, the next Call of Duty will be the tenth Call of Duty to come out (Black Ops 2 was CoD9). We follow all the Call of Duty rumors/leaks on the web, and so far there is NOTHING credible on the next Call of Duty. Rumors regarding Cpt Price’s voice actor going to Los Angeles for MW4 proved to be inaccurate as he was probably just recording lines for the trailers on CoD: Online which hit the web last week. Everything you currently read about on the web including this site are just assumption. But that can all change if theres another leak like there was for MW3..

Here are our predictions/assumptions:
1) Next-gen consoles are coming out this year and Call of Duty could be a launch title. Infinity Ward and Sledghamer Games has been hiring for next-gen programmers etc.

2) The next Call of Duty game is in the works by either Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven, Neversoft or all of the above.

3) “Modern Warfare 4” will most likely NOT be the title since it could be easily confused with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

4) Fans will count the days and praise the next Call of Duty game until it comes out but then theyll start complaining about lag compensation and OP weapons.

5) Most popular fan-rumors so far are that it will be a prequel to the MW series. Keep in mind these rumors have been around since before MW3, and also all the plot rumors for BO2 were wrong.

These are just our opinions, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE: Via @xMaccabix


Activision acquires Digital Legends studios as Call of Duty mobile development expands

Activision is expanding its mobile development teams to release a new unannounced Call of Duty mobile title.



blackout in cod mobile season 8

Activision has announced they have acquired a mobile game development studio, Digital Legends Entertainment, which will work on mobile games for Activision Publishing.

Digital Legends studio is based out in Barcelona, Spain and is the developer behind many successful mobile game titles, including The Respawnables.

Activision says Digital Legends will be a wholly-owned, independent studio team as part of the Activision Publishing family. The group includes Beenox, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Demonware, Sledgehammer Games, Toys for Bob, Activision Shanghai Studio, High Moon Studios, and Raven Software.

Digital Legends will work with Activision’s teams to produce a new unannounced Call of Duty mobile title that is currently in development.

“This is an incredible team of development pros at Digital Legends, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the Activision team,” said Rob Kostich, President, Activision. “This is a great step forward as we continue to build additional world-class development resources focused on creating exciting and innovative content for our players.”

“Digital Legends’s tenure developing highly-polished mobile titles is unparalleled,” said Chris Plummer, Head of Mobile, Activision. “More importantly though, our teams already have been collaborating very closely for much of this year. We are building a world-class mobile development roster of talent and teams, and we look forward to what’s to come.”

Becoming part of the Activision family is an exciting time for us at Digital Legends,” said Xavier Carrillo-Costa, CEO and Founder, Digital Legends. “The addition of our team with years of expertise in high-quality mobile titles for mobile composed by industry veterans and emerging talent will only bolster Activision’s growing mobile talent pool. We’re very excited for the opportunity to work on one of the greatest franchises in the world.”

Activision says that Digital Legends has already been working closely with their teams on mobile development all year long, and now the team is officially integrated into the Activision Publishing family.

A new unannounced Call of Duty mobile game has been in development and mentioned by Activision executives for months now. The company recently established a new internal mobile games studio, which now has an official name: Solid State.

The new Call of Duty mobile game is in development by Digital Legends, Solid State, Beenox, and Activision Shanghai Studios.

Images from Digital Legends / Activision (Call of Duty: Mobile, released in 2019)

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Activision Blizzard CEO takes pay cut, announces new workplace changes as lawsuit continues

Activision Blizzard CEO has announced five changes to the company’s policies as lawsuit controversy continues.



Activision Blizzard has published a new letter from CEO Bobby Kotick on October 28 outlining changes the company is making in regards to the workplace environment of the company, including reducing his own pay while the initiatives are enacted.

In the letter published, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick outlined 5 changes the company is making as they continue to solve the workplace harassment claims, as well as providing an update on what is happening at the executive level.

Bobby Kotick apologized to the employees for the lack of action and for not providing a safe workplace for the team. He also thanked the employees for continuing their dedication to the players and working hard on delivering new content and more to communities.

Kotick outlined 5 changes the company is making to better position the business as “the best place to work” going forward. Months after the initial lawsuit dropped, the company’s executives are finally agreeing to one of the employee group’s demands: removal of forced arbitration.

The changes also include increasing the number of women and non-binary individuals employed at the company by 50% over the next five years.

Here’s the 5 changes Kotick announced in his email:

  1. We are launching a new zero-tolerance harassment policy company-wide – In the past, when we discovered and substantiated harassment, we terminated some employees and provided verbal or written warnings or different disciplinary actions to others. In retrospect, to achieve our goals for workplace excellence, this approach is no longer adequate. We need tougher rules and consistent monitoring across the entire company to make sure reports are being handled correctly and discipline is appropriate and swift. As a result, we are implementing a zero-tolerance policy across Activision Blizzard that will be applied consistently. Our goal is to have the strictest harassment and non-retaliation policies of any employer, and we will continue to examine and tighten our standards to achieve this goal everywhere we do business.

    Any Activision Blizzard employee found through our new investigative processes and resources to have retaliated against anyone for making a compliance complaint will be terminated immediately.

    In many other instances of workplace misconduct, we will no longer rely on written warnings: termination will be the outcome, including in most cases of harassment based on any legally protected category.

    Future employment contracts and equity awards will be clear: termination for these reasons will result in the immediate forfeiture of future compensation.

    We also want to ensure that employees who file reports are encouraged, protected, and heard. For all reports of harassment and retaliation, we will investigate the allegation and whether the Activision Blizzard personnel who received the report of such behavior took the appropriate steps to protect the integrity of our compliance processes.

    There may be some places around the world where local law may restrict some of these measures. In those cases, we will apply the highest permissible standards and the strongest possible discipline.
  2. We will increase the percentage of women and non-binary people in our workforce by 50% and will invest $250 million to accelerate opportunities for diverse talent –Today, approximately 23% of our global employee population identifies as women or non-binary. Building on the success that King and other business units have achieved, we will seek to increase our percentage of women and non-binary professionals by approximately 50% – to more than one-third across the entire company – within the next five years and hopefully faster. Each franchise team, business unit, and functional area will be expected to have plans to help fulfill this ambition.

    With respect to diversity, while we perform better than our peers with 30% of our U.S. workforce from diverse or under-represented communities, broadening this progress will continue to be a significant focus of mine as well as company, business unit, and franchise leadership.

    To further this commitment, we’ll be investing an additional $250 million over the next 10 years in initiatives that foster expanded opportunities in gaming and technology for under-represented communities. This commitment includes inspiring diverse talent to pursue career opportunities in gaming through an ABK Academy that includes partnerships with colleges and technical schools serving under-represented communities, mentorships for participants, and a rotating apprenticeship program that leads to game development jobs, similar to the programs we began with the United Negro College Fund and Management Leadership for Tomorrow. We will also provide learning, development, and advanced degree opportunities for current employees to increase the number of women and those from under-represented communities in leadership positions across the company and in our industry.

    In the coming months, Brian Bulatao, Julie Hodges, and I will share details about how we are operationalizing these goals and implementing and measuring this expanded investment.
  3. Based on feedback from employees, we are waiving required arbitration of sexual harassment and discrimination claims – For any Activision Blizzard employee who chooses not to arbitrate an individual claim of sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, or related retaliation arising in the future, the company will waive any obligation to do so.
  4. We will continue to increase visibility on pay equity – As described in the recent note from our President, Daniel Alegre, and our Chief Administrative Officer, Brian Bulatao, the company continues to focus on pay equity for employees. In fact, our U.S. analysis showed that women at the company on average earned slightly more than men for comparable work in 2020. To ensure transparency on our continuing commitment to pay equity, we will report these results annually.
  5. We will provide regular progress updates – We will be monitoring the progress of our business units, franchise teams, and functional leaders with respect to workplace initiatives and we will provide a status report quarterly. We also will be adding a dedicated focus on this vital work in our annual report to shareholders and in our annual ESG report with information on gender hiring, diversity hiring, and workplace progress.

Even more surprisingly, Kotick also has requested the board of directors of the company reduce his pay to California’s minimum wage of $62,500/yearly until the company meets the standards of fixing its workplace situation.

Kotick says, “I have asked our Board of Directors to reduce my total compensation until the Board has determined that we have achieved the transformational gender-related goals and other commitments described above. Specifically, I have asked the Board to reduce my pay to the lowest amount California law will allow for people earning a salary, which this year is $62,500. To be clear, this is a reduction in my overall compensation, not just my salary. I am asking not to receive any bonuses or be granted any equity during this time.

Kotick was expected to receive a $200 million bonus at the end of this year thanks to the pay package that was approved in his name. This would be on top of his normal yearly salary. Kotick remains one of the highest-paid CEOs with over $36 million in salary, excluding the additional pay he gets in stock options, with shareholders in the past questioning why he gets paid so much.

He ended his letter apologizing to anyone at the company who was been hurt – or directly experienced harassment – while working for the company and promises to make additional changes.

“I truly wish not a single employee had had an experience at work that resulted in hurt, humiliation, or worse – and to those who were affected, I sincerely apologize. You have my commitment that we will do everything possible to honor our values and create the workplace every member of this team deserves.

I am grateful for how much people care about this company, and I appreciate that many past and present employees have reached out with their thoughts, concerns, complaints, and suggestions. Your experiences, so courageously shared, serve as reason and reminder for why it is so important for us to do better. And we will.”

This announcement comes just a week before the company’s biggest release with Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5.

The company is also hosting a Q3 Investor Call on November 2, where more information on this situation and the reasoning behind some of the decisions will come to light.

We’ll keep everyone updated as more information is shared.

Source: Activision Blizzard

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Sledgehammer Games open new UK Studio to support CoD: Vanguard seasons

Sledgehammer Games have announced they are opening a new studio in the United Kingdom to support Vanguard’s live seasons.



Sledgehammer Games logo

The developers of the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games, have announced they will be expanding with a new studio in Guildford, UK.

Sledgehammer Games has grown drastically over the past couple of years, opening a new studio in Melbourne, Australia in 2019, hiring 150 new people to the team in 2020, and opening another new studio in Toronto in May.

With only a few weeks until Call of Duty: Vanguard’s launch, Sledgehammer Games has now announced they’re opening another studio in Guildford, England, to support Vanguard’s live seasons and “future projects.

Call of Duty Vanguard character using 1911

Sledgehammer Games announced on October 14 that they’re growing yet again with a new studio in Guildford, which will support the existing studios in the Bay Area, Melbourne, and Toronto.

“I’m just really excited to bring our studio brand to the UK, along with the incredible franchise we get to work on,” said Andy Wilson, COO of Sledgehammer Games.

“It’s another opportunity to do our own small part to grow the industry, in a place where there’s a huge number of talented developers. As we have done in our other locations, we will be looking to build partnerships with schools and universities to help nurture and grow the next generation of talent. It’s not just about finding people who already work in the industry, it’s about providing pathways for those who are looking to get in. I remember that daunting feeling very well and it makes me happy to be providing opportunity, especially as we emerge from a historic pandemic.” 

Sledgehammer is looking for team members in various roles, including Technical Artists, Senior Level Designers, and VFX Artists.

They said they are looking for “various levels of seniority” but will also be “prepared to create roles when great talent comes along.”

This news comes soon after Activision officially announced their new kernel-level anti-cheat software, RICOCHET, which may even detect Cronus users.

Expect more Operators, maps, weapons, and more from each season of Call of Duty: Vanguard, with the first bringing a new Pacific-themed Warzone map.

Source: Sledgehammer Games

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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