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Kills with Wonder Weapons, first room challenges, and more!

With the release of Ancient Evil creeping up on us, our first bits of information have been revealed. Before todays livestream or any patch updates, the trophies for the new Zombies map have begun popping up on the Playstation Network.

Viewable from the Trophies section on the PS4 dashboard, the brand new map will include 10 trophies (9 bronzes and one silver.) This is identical to the amount, and rarity, of trophies in the past two Zombies DLC.


The trophies are:

Greek Tragedy (Silver)

In Ancient Evil, finish what was started

Devoted Follower (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, survive the first 20 rounds without leaving the interior of the Temple of Apollo

A Worthy Tribute (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, fully reignite the Eternal Flame by round 15

More Mountains (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, impale 8 zombies with one charged attack from the Hand of Gaia

No Obol (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, drag 15 zombies to the underworld with one charged attack from the Hand of Charon

Too Close to the Sun (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, incinerate 20 zombies with one channel attack from the Hand of Hemera

A Mighty Wind (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, fling 20 zombies with one channel attack from the Hand of Ouranos

Fly Like an Eagle (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, free the Eagles without switching weapons

The Best Offense is a Good Defense (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, kill a Gegenees using only Apollo’s Will

Four Old Gods (Bronze)

In Ancient Evil, complete all the Primordial God Trials

What do you think of these trophies? Too hard, too easy? Let us know in the comments down below!

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