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Treyarch has released a new Game Settings Update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Today’s updates include Pandemic updates, sliding adjustments, and more.

Here’s the details:

Pandemic Updates, Sliding Adjustments, and Zombies Weapon Tuning

In today’s maintenance update, we’ve made new adjustments to Pandemic thanks in part to community feedback and internal data. Zombies will now respawn faster and have more of a fighting chance against the living, and all surviving squads will now properly see the Victory screen if they make it to the end of the match.

In MP, we’ve begun rolling out updates to restore the original slide velocity for all Specialists, with corrections for Battery, Crash, Firebreak, Prophet, Recon, Ruin, Zero, Torque, Nomad, and Spectre now live. Due to technical limitations, adjustments for Seraph, Ajax, Outrider, and Reaper will be incoming in an update next week.

In Zombies, we’ve increased the headshot damage for fully Pack-a-Punched versions of the Vapr-XKG, Swordfish, and Havelina AA50 with High Caliber equipped. See below for the full list of changes.CWL Champs is Almost Here!

The biggest Call of Duty World League event of the year kicks off on August 14, with the world’s best pro teams battling it out for the 2019 season championship in Los Angeles. Watch all the action in the in-game live event viewer on PS4 and at Twitch.tv/CallofDuty.

Here’s what’s new today:

Post image


  • Pandemic
    • Gameplay
      • Reduced zombie respawn timer from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Reduced chances for zombies to spawn outside of the circle.
      • Increased range of zombie melee attacks.
      • Zombies can no longer destroy doors from a distance.
      • All squads that survive the horde will now get a Victory screen.


  • Weapons
    • Havelina AA50
      • Increased headshot damage when fully Pack-a-Punched with High Caliber equipped.
Post image


  • Gameplay
    • Corrected slide values for Battery, Crash, Firebreak, Prophet, Recon, Ruin, Zero, Torque, Nomad, and Spectre.
    • Sliding corrections for Ajax, Outrider, Reaper, and Seraph incoming in a future update.


  • Weapons
    • Vapr-XKG
      • Increased headshot damage when fully Pack-a-Punched with High Caliber equipped.
    • Swordfish
      • Increased headshot damage when fully Pack-a-Punched with High Caliber equipped.
    • Stability
      • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when loading into the lobby or Armory.

SOURCE: Treyarch

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