Treyarch has launched the latest Limited Time Mode in Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4 with the new Game Settings Update.

As part of Operation Grand Heist, the new Hot Pursuit LTM is now live in Blackout for players on PS4 to play! The new mode features a game of Cobs and Robbers trying to get money stashes. This new mode features the debut of a new police themed vehicles into Blackout.

Additionally, Operation Grand Heist introduces a new Blackout mode called Hot Pursuit, available now on PlayStation 4 and other platforms to follow. Hot Pursuit is fast-paced and frenetic, and debuts three new vehicles – SUV, muscle car and PBR assault boat, all in special variants themed to Operation Grand Heist – as squads race to supply drops placed around the map containing high-level armor, weapons and grenades to dominate their opponents.

Patch Notes:

Here’s what’s new today in Black Ops 4:

  • Hot Pursuit mode added as Featured Playlist in Blackout on PS4.
  • Close Quarters Frenzy Quads added as Featured Playlist in Blackout on Xbox One and PC.
  • Parties no longer disband after League Play matches in the World League Hub.
  • Additional support for new “MKII” weapons added to Zombies on PS4.
  • Black Market progression improvements planned for an update later today.

The following updates are live today on PS4, with other platforms to follow:


  • Hot Pursuit
    • Hot Pursuit added as the Featured Playlist on PS4.
    • 3 new vehicles added: SUV, PBR, and Muscle Car, as well as police variants of the helicopter and ATV.
    • New vehicles have special abilities to give players a competitive advantage at the risk of greater exposure.
      • Muscle Cars have the ability to spot nearby Supply Stashes and Supply Drops.
      • Police vehicles have built-in Sensor Dart functionality when their police sirens are activated, as well as the ability to detect enemy-occupied Muscle Cars.
    • Supply Stashes and Supply Drops occur more frequently than normal.
    • Players respawn with each circle collapse as long as one teammate is still alive when the next Collapse occurs. Respawns are disabled at the final Collapse.
    • Last team standing wins the game.
  • Prestige
    • Addressed an issue where the “Battle Hardened” Calling Card would lock after Prestiging.


  • Outrider
    • Improved the reticle transition while aiming down sights with the Sparrow.
  • Game Modes
    • One in the Chamber
      • Time limit will now reduce to 60 seconds if only 2 players are left, unless time limit is already under 60 seconds.
      • Cleaned up UI elements that aren’t used in One in the Chamber from the HUD.
  • Maps
    • Casino
      • Closed exploits on Casino that would allow players to get outside of the map.

World League Hub

  • League Play
    • Parties will no longer disband after completing League Play matches.


  • Additional “MKII” Weapon Support
    • Added support for new “MKII” weapons in Zombies (Swat RFT, Daemon 3XB, KAP 45).
  • Gauntlets
    • Death-Con Five
      • Addressed and issue that could cause players to experience a progression break if they downed themselves in Round 6.


  • Featured Playlist
    • Close Quarters Frenzy
      • Close Quarters Frenzy Quads added as the Featured Playlist on Xbox One and PC.
      • Take on enemies using only SMGs, pistols, shotguns, melee attacks, and launchers while fighting to survive an even faster Collapse.
      • Last team standing wins.


  • Daily Calling Rewards
    • Future additional Tier Skips now properly awarded for completing Daily Callings.


  • Prestige
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from earning Weapon XP or camo progress after using a Prestige Token to unlock a weapon.
  • Stability
    • Various stability fixes.

SOURCE: Treyarch

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